eBay Corporate Strategy 2010


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eBay Corporate Strategy 2010

  1. 1. 1Click for GrowthThe E-commerce ManifestoJean-François Van Kerckhove,VP Corporate Strategy, eBay Inc.Click for Growth – Brussels, 9 June 2010
  2. 2. 2Why We Are Here Today?• Contents item 1• Contents item 2• Contents item 3– Contents item 3a– Contents item 3a• Contents item 4
  3. 3. 3Using the Web to Better Connect Buyers and SellersBuyers SellersBuyers Sellers• 25M sellers/ 350K B2C EU retailers• 70K UK/DE/FR SMEs joined since ‘08• 1.3M people making living on eBay• 200M live listings/ multiple formats• >100K websites accept PayPal• 150M+ unique visitors• €50B of goods bought• 3M items bought daily on eBay• 34 currencies/ 190 countries• €59B in payment volume
  4. 4. 4Agenda• EU Momentum For a Digital Internal Market• Our Growth Manifesto• E-commerce…Why it Matters and What Is Next• Teeing Off a Good Discussion
  5. 5. 5E-commerce and Digital Agenda – a EU Policy Priority20102009 Communication on Cross-Border Business toConsumer, COM(2009)557Commission Report on Cross-Border E-commerceMEP Echeverria Report on “Completing theInternal Market for E-Commerce”Monti Report on “Re-launch of the Single Market”3rd ed. of the Commission Consumer MarketScoreboardCommunication on a Digital AgendaEU 2020 StrategyMany EU Policy Reports on E-commerce/ Digital• E-commerce/x-border a priority• Consumer choice central• Understanding of barriers• Digital Agenda plan• Operationalizing?
  6. 6. 61. Safeguard Key Legislation2. Reliable and Sustainable Shipping3. Safe Payments4. Access to E-commerce5. Complete the Single MarketOur Growth Manifesto
  7. 7. eBay Inc confidential 7E-commerce …Why It Matters and What Is Next1. Internet & e-commerce “necessity”3. Online and offline blurring2. Value is King and Goes Dynamic5. Cross-border promise and pitfalls4. Mobile paradigm shift
  8. 8. 81. Access to Broadband Internet… a New NecessitySource: Cisco, 2008; JP Morgan; Morgan Stanley Economy/Internet Trends Dec 2008; Execution Primary ResearchTop 5 commodities least likely toget discarded during recession1. Broadband Internet2. Fixed-line phone calls3. Personal care4. Mobile phone5. Clothing, Shoes & AccessoriesInternetpopulationMillionBroadbandpopulationMillionConsumertrafficPB/Month2008201112001470370500156005400
  9. 9. eBay Inc confidential 9E-commerce Gaining In Importance60687786952008 2009 2010 2011 201232%37%2008 2009Source: Forrester, Eurostat (via Consumer Markets Scorecard - 3rdEdition)EU-17 Online Retail SalesBillion EuroE-commerce Adoption% of Adults shopping online
  10. 10. eBay Inc confidential 1010Not Limited To Urban AreasSource: Online Business Index, Summer and Autumn 2009
  11. 11. eBay Inc confidential 112. Value, Value, Value…Goes DynamicSources: Forrester; JP Morgan, Eurostat49%12%12%5%5%Main online purchase decision factor% of respondents, USPriceSelectionStoreexperiencePaymentoptionCustomerservice50%49%49%45%45%PriceLegalcertainty/guaranteesConvenienceUnavailabilityof goodsUser-friendlinessReasons for shopping online% of people indicating factor as very important, EU• New (dynamic)value formats•Targeting/ relevance•Cross border trade
  12. 12. eBay Inc confidential 123. Consumers online sooner in their decision processSource: Nielsen NetRatings, HitWise; Jupiter Research “US Retail Consumer Survey” Volume 1 2008Q: Which decisions had you already made before going toresearch your most recent purchase?152885722004 2008NoneAny-Item-Price-Store-Brand-When to buyPercent of respondents
  13. 13. eBay Inc confidential 13Offline and Online Commerce Blur and BlendTotal US Retail Sales by channel$BillionQ: Which of the following best describesyour research and shopping process?Percent of respondents56%53%40%28%22%Store visits and onlineresearch; purchase atstoreResearch online, buy atstoreLocal store for researchand purchaseResearch and buy onlineStore visits but onlineresearch and purchase-5001,0001,5002,0002,5003,0002006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Completelyoffline salesInternet-influencedoffline salesOnline sales- 4%17%13%Total Retail+3%Source: Web/Store Cross-channel Shopping Study, Krillion & e-tailing group, February 2008; Opinion Research Corp Survey, April 2009
  14. 14. 14Newecosystems“The internetof goods”Always on (me)IntegratedSensors4. New Mobile Paradigm ShiftAccess toemerging marketsSource: 2008 McKinsey iConsumer SurveyDigital wallet222269PCNon-users ofmobile internet197Users ofmobile internetMobilephone72Internet use by device and use of mobileinternetMinutes of use per day
  15. 15. eBay Inc confidential 15Mobile at the forefront of blurring online and offline shoppingUS m-buyers are changing behaviorsPercent of respondents, multiple answers42%39%33%29%28%28%62%Locate a store nearbyIn-store product researchIn-store price comparisonCheck order statusCoupon research /redemptionIn-store search forpromotionsPurchased item out-of-stockSource: ForresterMore to come…• Visual Product Search• Barcode scanning• Mobile PoS payments• Location/User targeting• …
  16. 16. eBay Inc confidential5. Cross-Border e-commerce - an EU ChallengeSignificant source of value/close availability gaps“>10% price reduction available on~50% of 100 popular products”Significant EU Opportunity… eBay as proof point€740M annual export sales fromUK and DE seller on eBay onlyGrowing Gap vs. Domestic e-commerce% of EU consumers28%34%6%8%Domestic2009Cross BorderSource: Commission Study ‘Mystery Shopping Evaluation of Cross-border E-commerce in the EU’, eBay data, Eurostat2008
  17. 17. Shipping and Fragmented Consumer Rights Are Key BarriersTop 4 Barriers to EU Online Trade% of eBay SME surveyedSource: UK/ DE Online Business Index, Autumn/ November 2009TAXESPOSTAL / DELIVERY SERVICECYBERCRIMERULES ON CONSUMER PROTECTIONSHIPPING COSTSCUSTOMS REGULATIONCOMPLICATED PROCEDURESDIFFERENCES IN CONSUMER PROTECTIONPROVISIONS53%36%38%42%61%33%56%44%UK DE
  18. 18. 18Value-Chain Morphes from Linear, Push, Static…
  19. 19. 19…to Non-Linear, Pull/Push, Dynamic, Customer-Centric
  20. 20. 20…to Non-Linear, Pull/Push, Dynamic, Customer-CentricSignificant roomfor innovation,jobs and value-creation!!
  21. 21. 211. Safeguard Key Legislation2. Reliable and Sustainable Shipping3. Safe Payments4. Access to e-Commerce5. Complete the Single MarketGrowth Manifesto – Removing the Barriers
  22. 22. 22Why We Are Here