Alibaba Singapore Post eCommerce 2014


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Alibaba Singapore Post eCommerce 2014

  1. 1. Enabling eCommerce – the SingPost journey
  2. 2. Agenda • Brief overview of SingPost • Our First eCommerce Offering • Other experiments • Our Current Offerings to enable eCommerce
  3. 3. 28% regional revenue 2007 postal liberalisation 2003 IPO 12 countries footprint 4,700 size of workforce S$2.5B market capitalisation > 150 years of serving Singapore > 3 million mail items delivered each business day SingPost Group at a glance 1 Retail & Financial Logistics eCommerce Mail Digital Services
  4. 4. vPOST Our First eCommerce Offering
  5. 5. vPOST Globeshopping without Globehopping Lets you shop at more than 300,000 websites
  6. 6. vPOST Globeshopping without Globehopping Use vPOST in 3 easy steps!
  7. 7. vPOST Globeshopping without Globehopping Air freight to SG, Customs Clearance Delivery to customer Merchants delivery to US address Processing / Palletizing
  8. 8. vPOST Globeshopping without Globehopping 500,000 members 100,000 Kg per month $100M order value 480,000 packages
  9. 9. vPOST - Enabling other Posts to offer same service White Labelling the vPOST service allows Posts to increase traffic and service offering for their customers A few ASEAN countries have signed up and we are in discussions with others
  10. 10. vPOST Our Other eCommerce Experiments
  11. 11. Running a Luxury Goods Store 11 Helping customers set up online store
  12. 12. SPeCommerce - Enabling and supporting eCommerce
  13. 13. 12 Logistics Centers 3 Call Centers 220+ countries via Mail Delivery & Courier Driving eCommerce In Asia HQ *Rating report by Standard & Poor 13 200+ eCommerce Clients
  14. 14. vPOST International shipping engine for global online shopping 4 Managed eCommerce & Fulfillment Offer Enterprise Customized Managed eCommerce Solutions Marketplace Regional marketplace & expansion of vPost direct sales SME Standard Managed eCommerce & eFulfilment Solutions 1 2 3 KeyEnablers 6 Digital & Offline Marketing eCommerce Platform & Technology Operations / Customer Service / Content Business Development
  15. 15. Some of Our Clients 15
  16. 16. Delivery & Returns Warehousing Warehousing Solutions Delivery & Returns eCommerce Technology & Payment Managed End-to-End eCommerce Solution Digital Marketing Regional Customer Care Platform 16
  17. 17. Showcase Build, Launch & Manage adidas online stores in Asia
  18. 18. eCommerce Technology Fully integrated proprietary enterprise grade platform built to scale Customer Site User Experience Integrated Control Panel Order Management System Warehouse & Delivery Management System Harnessing Business Intelligence, we constantly monitor & analyze performance 18
  19. 19. LOGISTICS WMS (HighJump) Supplizer Order processing Vendor management Returns processing INFRASTRUCTURE Big Data Scalable Highly Available Secure Open API Partner Ecosystem CALL CENTER EMAIL MARKETING ANALYTICS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOCIAL User/Role Database 1:1 Marketing / Promos Products / Categorie s Shopping Cart Checkout Shared catalog Payment web service Pricing Fraud web service Tax web service Storefront manager Content manager WEB STOREFRONT Tracking Shipments Orders Returns Orders Inventory Orders Customers SP eCommerce Technology Architecture 19 End to End monitoring across the supply chain & MAP price control
  20. 20. 20 SP eCommerce Mobile Site Capabilities Features: xxxx We also build and develop fully functional and responsive mobile sites
  21. 21. SP eCommerce Platform Deployment 21 • Reliable, Scalable and Secure • 100% uptime, multiple levels of redundancy • Global but still local • Local payment methods • Platform for growth • 60 - EC2 • 10 - RDS • 150,000 - S3 Objects • Chef deployment • eCommerce Platform: Own • Middleware: MuleSoft • OMS & Fulfillment: Own • Integrated with Exact Target, RJ Metrics, Gigya Full implementation in just 3 months! Endorsed by CTO
  22. 22. 100% Uptime Since April 2013 Our infrastructure is reliable, secure, flexible and scalable 22
  23. 23. W-01 > Project Charter and high level plan. > Process for content and media asset creation and consumption. > Website flow, and customer journey - review with customer team. > Range planning for site launch. > E-2-E process design for Commercial, Marketing and IT. > Approval processes for content and creative. > Activate functional leads and teams . > customer data protection policies and relevant local laws review . > Develop the online store to agreed UI guidelines and flow. > Completion of Data and reporting requirements. > Initiate Security audit. > Content and media asset creation for launch. > Security audit completed. > User Acceptance Test. > Product data and pricing on system. > End to end dry run of all systems and processes. > Soft Launch with wider internal user testing. > Review tests, prepare for public launch. Kick-off W-02 Work streams set up W-05 E-2-E Process Review W-06 Data and Security review W-04 Functional Leads Activation W-07 Wareho use setup Stock Inbound W-11 Tech Training W-8 Sec- Audit initiate W-9 Sec Audit W-10 UAT W-12 E-2-E dry run W-13 Soft Launch W-14W-03 Solution Definition DeliverDevelopDesignDefine 23 SP eCommerce Platform Design Process Public Launch W-17
  24. 24. Examples of Web Stores by SP eCommerce 24
  25. 25. • Features an extensive range of products with focus on mid- to high-end brands Omigo B2C eCommerce Marketplace • Exclusive/highly popular products sourced from US, European, and Asian brands and merchants • Customers can rely on SingPost as merchant of record • Tap into SingPost overseas network for regional expansion • Extension of vPost service; leverage 600k registered customer base • Launch using large Consumer Electronics vertical, with planned expansion into other verticals: Books, Home & Living, Health & Personal Care, and Baby Products 25
  26. 26. Toshiba B2C Store - Homepage 26
  27. 27. Adidas B2C Store - Homepage 27
  28. 28. SingPost eCommerce and adidas SEA Phillippines online store launch 28
  29. 29. Omigo Transition 29
  30. 30. • >6,000 SKUs from the best-known brands • First dibs on the most popular gadgets not yet available in Singapore 1.widerangeofproducts • Free and reliable delivery for orders over $99! 2.freedelivery • 14 days free returns, no questions asked! (*Terms and conditions apply) 3.freereturns FREE!
  31. 31. End-to-end merchant offer • Listings, branding, CRM & demand generation. Payment, fraud, ops. • Warehousing, pick, pack & returns • Delivery and end-to-end tracking. Customer service
  32. 32. For Consumers • Range • Price • Reliable & Fast Delivery • Convenience For Merchants • Huge consumer base • Cost & End to end offer Key Success Factors for an Online Marketplace 34 6000 products sourced from SG, US &UK Focus on special offers or exclusive products Aggressive marketing Incl. warehouse and delivery Longer lead-time … Best in class eCommerce site & single Mo
  33. 33. Sell globally - Regional Distribution Center Model Store & Ship from our eCommerce Logistics Hub based in Hong Kong and Singapore We deliver to customers in Southeast Asia from the Hong Kong hub Manufacturer SP eCommerce Logistics Hub Customer’s Home Air Freight Drop Ship Warehouse 35
  34. 34. Delivery & Returns Warehousing Warehousing Solutions Delivery & Returns eCommerce Technology Managed End-to-End eCommerce Solution Digital Marketing Regional Customer Care Platform 36
  35. 35. Essential Marketing Trends 37 Marketing Costs
  36. 36. US AU SEA % of total retail vs. online retail by region US ~9% UK ~10% Australia ~6% SEA less than 1% Your Business Case 38
  37. 37. SP Marketing Methodology 39 Marketing Description PPC • Optimisation based on relevant and popular keywords to first drive awareness and then conversion Phase SEO • Site structure for higher rankings • Microdata & product rich snippets • Breadcrumbs best practices Display • Retargeting banners • Recapture funnel bounces • Ad performance optimisation Facebook • Facebook ads • Retargeting in Facebook Email • Abandoned cart recovery • Rewards and loyalty campaigns • Sales conversion channel Offline • Direct mail • Catalog mail • Partnerships Key KPIs • Cost per click • Click-through rate • Conversion rate • Keyword success • Average search ranking • % of revenue generated • Click-through rates • Assisted conversions • Conversion rate • Number of impressions • Click-through rate • Conversion rate • Open rate • Click-through rate • Conversion rate • Assisted conversions • Brand awareness • Lead generation • Lead generation • Lead generation • Conversion • Brand awareness • Lead generation • Conversion • Retention • Brand awareness • Lead generation Affiliates • Active affiliates • Conversion rate • Earnings per click • Affiliate network recruitment • Engage and educate affiliates • Affiliation incentivisation • Lead generation • Conversion
  38. 38. Range of marketing channels Multi-channelmarketingapproach Example Offline marketing big driver for high direct channel conversions e.g. Bank partnerships 40
  39. 39. Strategic multi-channel conversion approach to align current strategy to build up brand awareness Assisted conversions acrosschannels • Visitors will come from a variety of sources • Well calibrated multi-channel attribution avoids penalising channels that do not necessary provide last click conversions • Crucial for optimal / strategic budget allocation to align with overall business plan Example 41
  40. 40. Social Media Marketing Social media marketing as a medium to better understand customer base 42
  41. 41. 43 Customer Relationship Management Data Management Newsletter Non - EDM Loyalty Program Campaigns Telemarketing Lead Generation CRM • CRM strategy extends beyond Newsletters • Aim is to provide customized content via customized channel outreach to provide most relevant experience to each customer
  42. 42. Onsite optimization is crucial for high conversion rates to leverage traffic from respective channels Onsite optimizationacrossconversion funnel Visit homepage Catalog page Add to cart Check out Success Product detail page Landing Page Optimization Category Management Banner Optimization Payment Funnel Optimization Optimization Levers Onsite A B Overall objective is to increase the conversion on every step to increase overall onsite conversion rate Onsite funnel 44
  43. 43. Onsite optimization is crucial for high conversion rates to leverage traffic from respective channels Elaborationon onsiteoptimizationlevers A BLanding Page Optimization Category Management • All landing pages are categorized to provide meaningful aggregated performance results across the following KPIs • Bounce rates • Conversion rates • Exit rates • Proper tracking of KPIs allows for easy detection on common LP issues e.g. broken inventory, dead links, seasonality changes • Category management is key link between merchandizing and marketing • Product performance is measured using 2 dimensions (# of product views vs. Conversion rate) • Performance can be analyzed across multiple levels i.e. SKU level, brand level, category level • Objective is to guide optimal matching of marketing resources to products 45
  44. 44. Google Analytics Google Analytics is an effective & free tool to gather data and drive actionable insight 46
  45. 45. 47 Daily SEO Reporting & Competitive Insight
  46. 46. ExactTarget Analytics 48
  47. 47. Daily KPI Reports are essential 49
  48. 48. 50 Sample EDMs
  49. 49. SP Partnerships & Press 51 TODAY newspaper is Singapore second most-read newspaper in Singapore. The adidas Online Store was featured in Elle Magazine’s August 2013 edition
  50. 50. Delivery & Returns Warehousing Warehousing Solutions Delivery & Returns eCommerce Technology Managed End-to-End eCommerce Solution Digital Marketing Regional Customer Care Platform 52
  51. 51. Regional Customer Care Platform Nothing but the best multi-lingual customer support for your online shoppers Scalable Infrastructure From Self-service FAQs to email and local call support. Highly Trained Staff Contingency & Escalation Fluent in English, Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian & Thai. Dedicated Business Contingency team. Audit, Monitor & Review Social Media monitoring and case audit/review. 53
  52. 52. SP eCommerce Regional Customer Care Platform 54
  53. 53. > Information requirement document to be shared to client. > Data collection about as-is process of customer care. > Review existing customer issues and pain-points. > Define transition team and timelines. > Develop the existing as-is process to be suited to an outsourced model. > Finalize transaction forecasts, capacity planning, and delivery locations. > Create training and quality plan, content, curriculum and collaterals > Actual training of the call centre delivery location. > Develop quality monitoring practices for the contact center. > Set up call and email routing. All cases to be documented, routed and tracked through Salesforce application. > Finalize escalation process, both internally and with the client. > Go-live of the call center. > Scheduled daily/weekly/ monthly reporting setup > Review of live call center performance for a 90-day period, before transition sign-off. DeliverDevelopDesignDefine Customer Care Training 55
  54. 54. Delivery & Returns Warehousing Warehousing Solutions Delivery & Returns eCommerce Technology Managed End-to-End eCommerce Solution Digital Marketing Regional Customer Care Platform 56
  55. 55. Warehousing Solutions Globalretailersrelyonustostore,pack& delivermillionsofparcelseveryday Local Distribution Regional Distribution
  56. 56. Local warehouses in 12+2 countries assist with fulfillment and last mile delivery Asia’s eFulfillment Specialists 1. Singapore 2. Malaysia 3. Vietnam 4. Thailand 5. Philippines 6. Hong Kong 7. Taiwan 8. India 9. Australia 10. New Zealand 11. Japan 12. South Korea Portland, Oregon (USA) Egham, Surrey (UK) 58
  57. 57. Delivery & Returns Warehousing Warehousing Solutions Delivery & Returns eCommerce Technology Managed End-to-End eCommerce Solution Digital Marketing Regional Customer Care Platform 59
  58. 58. Returns Management 60 Client Web store Customer purchases online Customer sends returned item(s) with RMA form to Local QS office Address via a track-able service (courier) QS country receives returned item(s) with RMA Form, acknowledges Perform basic QC, put away Eligibility for refund Customer returns due to • Damage/defect • Wrong size/quantity • Remorse /any other reasons Customer contacts customer service • Customer service generates RMA form and return shipping label • Sends email to customer QS country Team Consolidate and return to RDC Disposition to be determined by Client 1 2 3 4 5 6 Refund • All countries have access to RMA system to process returns, upon which returns become eligible for refund. • Returns disposition to be decided by Client - consolidated and ship back to RDC / local sale / scrapping. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  59. 59. Conclusions
  60. 60. Market Sell Grow Own 1 2 3 4 Ship direct or Leverage on vPOST Market to vPOST’s 600k customer database. Reward your customers and find out what sells. Onboard Marketplace Gain headway into the Asia-Pacific market and get more recognition for your brand. Outsource Logistics With 13 regional and local distributions centres all over the region, you can focus on growing your business while we handle your warehousing and logistics.Set-up Shop in Asia From online platform to digital marketing, call centres to fulfilment and returns, get an end-to-end e-commerce solution for your brand to set up shop in Asia. Helping Companies Ease Into Asia 62
  61. 61. SP Partnerships & Press 63 The global edition of the Financial Times covered SingPost and its tie-up with adidas SEA
  62. 62. SP Partnerships & Press 64 In order to get valuable data, you have to be able to pull in data from many systems…You need to create a 360-degree view of the customer," said SingPost's Mr Wessler. “ ” Business Times, September 2013 (SP eCommerce) was able to build an e- commerce store for Adidas in Singapore in less than three months, taking only about a quarter of the time it would have traditionally required. “ ”Business Times, July 2013 Our strategy is to be an enabler. We want to help US or European brands to establish online presence in Singapore as an e-commerce hub for their Asian business. “ ”Strait Times, July 2013 The goal is to facilitate brands’ entry into the eCommerce markets of the region…where such partnerships can be challenging to identify and navigate. “ ”Forrester, July 2013
  63. 63. A Final Thought: eCommerce is NOT “normal” postal business …. … But there are opportunities… 65 LEE Hon Chew Director, InternationalAffairs Singapore Post Limited