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Aeroscraft Cargo Logistics 2014
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Aeroscraft Cargo Logistics 2014


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  • 2.  Aeros has pioneered the design, development and assembly of high technology airships that offer the prospect of revolutionizing parts of the global cargo and logistics market  The Aeroscraft is designed to carry up to 250 tons of cargo, features a cargo hold with cubic footage exceeding 40 times that of a 747-8 Freighter, cruises at speeds of over 100 mph, operates at altitudes of up to 12,000 feet and achieve vertical take-off and landing at max payload AEROSCRAFT
  • 3. TRANSFORMING GLOBAL LOGISTICS  New vertical global transportation system without restrictions  Delivery of cargo to any point on the globe  The ability to move greater weights and higher volumes – 250 tons and one million cubic feet  Vertical take-off and landing (“VTOL”) capabilities reduces infrastructure dependency (airports, etc.)  Provides access to remote and austere locations that other transport carriers cannot provide  Airlifts standard ISO containers AEROSCRAFT IS A UNIQUE VEHICLE WHICH WILL PROVIDE AN UNPRECEDENTED STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE The Aeroscraft PrototypeGame Changing Logistics Solutions The Aeroscraft will rapidly become a meaningful player in the $6 TRILLION global logistics market* *IATA Annual Review 2013
  • 4. THE AEROSCRAFT IN ACTION Source: H2 History Channel
  • 5. Distribution patterns driven by Changing Economic Geography Continued Globalization Impact of eCommerce Fundamental Trends in Logistics GROWTH DISTRIBUTION LOGISTIC: NEW DIMENSIONAL WORLD Yesterday’s Logistics 21st Century Logistics Orders Predictable Variable Order Cycle Time Weekly Daily or hourly Customer Strategic Broader base Customer Service Reactive, rigid Responsive, flexible Replenishment Scheduled Real-time Distribution Model Supply-driven (push) Demand-driven (pull) Demand Stable, consistent More cyclical Shipment Type Bulk Smaller lots Destinations Concentrated More dispersion Warehouse Reconfiguration Weekly or monthly Continual, rules- based Logistics: Corridor Hub and Spoke Aeroscraft Network Logistics: Flexible Routing Constant shifts in logistics operations in the economy require new freight distribution and network strategy
  • 6. SIMPLIFYING THE LOGISTICS SUPPLY CHAIN  Point-to-point single mode transportation network, taking the “chain” out of supply chain  Reduces loss factor of perishables and consumer goods due to delivery delays  Able to transport large equipment in an efficient, cost effective manner with no infrastructure
  • 7. Dependent Upon Extensive Infrastructure Geographically Restricted and Dependent Upon Extensive Infrastructure $0.03 $0.04 $0.15 $0.20 $0.40 Cost per Ton-mile Speed(mph) 500 $0.90 40 60 65 100 A UNIQUE POSITION IN THE TRANSPORT LANDSCAPE Aeroscraft will offer an innovative transport solution without infrastructure or geographical restrictions
  • 8. REDUCED OPERATING & SUSTAINING COSTS  Compared to conventional airplanes, the Aeroscraft does not burn fuel to create lifting power – only to propel itself forward  Diesel-powered generators produce electricity to drive electric motors (propellers)  Reduced fuel consumption compared to other modes of air transportation  Approximately 68% less carbon emissions per ton-mile than a Boeing 747  Creates less noise pollution —Take-off for an Aeroscraft is approximately 60-65 decibels, versus 130-150 decibels for a Boeing 747 Payload Ton-mile per Gallon of Fuel 7 8 23 42 51 73 334 483 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 C-5 Aircraft C-17 Aircraft 747-8 66T Aeroscraft Truck 250T Aeroscraft Rail Large Containership PayloadTon-Mile/Gallon ofFuel
  • 9. AEROSCRAFT - UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES Speed  Cruising speed of approximately 115 mph Range  Up to 3,100 nautical miles for the ML866; 5,100 nautical miles for the ML868 Fuel  Energy requirements and costs are approximately a third of traditional aircraft costs Maintenance  Maintenance of the vehicle will be easier and less expensive than traditional aircraft No “pressurization cycles” leads to a longer useful life Cargo Bay  The Aeroscraft’s weight payload and the dimensions of the cargo bay will lead the way to transport oversize or low density cargo via air VTOL and Infrastructure Independence  Capable of VTOL operations at full payload, rendering various infrastructure unnecessary Cargo Handling System  No ground loading or unloading equipment required at departure or landing points  ISO Containers will be shipped via Aeroscraft and avoid port and terminal bottlenecks
  • 10. CARGO BAY SIZE  The largest cargo aircrafts remain size-limited, leading to the necessary disassembly of large equipment shipments; in some cases, this even prevents firms from producing larger and better equipment due to the lack of economical, swift transport options  The Aeroscraft will offer a barge-like payload with aircraft range, helicopter speed and VTOL capability THE AEROSCRAFT’S OUTSIZED CARGO BAY CREATES MANY PREVIOUSLY UNFATHOMABLE OPPORTUNITIES IN THE OVERSIZE AND CONVENTIONAL CARGO MARKET ML866: 66-ton Payload ML868: 250-ton Payload Lockheed C5 Galaxy
  • 11. AEROSCRAFT MARKET SEGMENTS  Cost of carrier fleet  Cost of inventory in pipeline inventory reduction  ISO containers  Redaction modes or single mode  Manufacturing process  Automotive assembly parts  On-time delivery  Cost of a flexible infrastructure adjustable flexible routes  Increasing demand  ISO containers  Redaction modes or single mode  Consumer goods: small packages  Large shipments  West China online sales  Reduction on direct operating cost  Increasing volume (low density)  ISO containers  Redaction modes or single mode  General cargo  Footwear  Flowers  Size and weight  Lack of receiving, connecting and nodes infrastructure  Reduction of product complexity, off-service time and increasing performance  Redaction modes or single mode  Project cargo  Wind turbine  Large equipment  Next generation satellites  “Antonov 124 “  Infrastructure development cost  Time to start  Reduction of risk factor  Redaction modes or single mode  Transportation  Enabler  Oil/Gas exploration tower relocation  Mining operation  Integration of product in transition production process  ISO containers  Redaction modes or single mode  Redistributed manufacturing  Electronics products Market Segment Economical Effect Type of Operations Illustrated Case Logistics Pipeline Distribution Network Delivery Limitations Limited Time Logistic Operations Manufacturing Transportation ABILITY TO HANDLE SEVERAL TYPES OF PROJECTS THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNACHIEVABLE OR UNECONOMICAL VIA EXISTING AIR CARGO OPERATIONS
  • 12. TRANSFORMING GLOBAL LOGISTICS Several Limitations Including:  Infrastructure independence will substantially increase the size of the market  Ability to bypass multimodal logistics through direct delivery  Oversized cargo bay allows transport of products previously not transportable  Infrastructure limitations prohibit delivery either indefinitely or until time consuming and expensive  Multimodal logistics too costly and time intensive  Inability to transport certain oversized cargo results in partial manufactured products and assembly at final destination The Aeroscraft Solution *IATA Annual Review 2013 Today Aeroscraft Future Global Transportation and Logistics Market $6.4 Trillion* Aeroscraft New Global Transportation and Logistics Market Truck Ship Helicopter Airplane
  • 13. AEROSCRAFT & OPERATIONAL PARTNERS AEROSCRAFT CORP. WILL BUILD AEROSCRAFTS AND OPERATE THEM ON FLEET ACCESS LEASES INITIAL FLEET: 4 OF ML866 (66-TON) AND 18 OF ML868 (250-TON) Aeros Aeronautical Systems, Inc. Aeros Cargo Airline LLC Aeros Logistics LLC  Aeros Aeronautical Systems, Inc. – manufacturer of Aeroscrafts  Aeros Cargo Airline LLC – provider of crew, maintenance and insurance  Aeros Logistics LLC – charter operations and other logistics services