Adv.mop open house 2011 2012


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Adv.mop open house 2011 2012

  1. 1. AdvancedMicrosoft Office Professional Mrs. Morelli
  2. 2. Half year courseRequired for GraduationComputer Skills for:  Personal Use  Educational Use  Employment UseOffice 2007 used
  3. 3. Fast ForWord Software Exercises the Brain  Memory  Attention  Processing  Sequencing
  4. 4. Fast ForWord Literacy Level Moves high school students toward grade level reading skills, with a focus on listening accuracy, phonological awareness, and language structures.
  5. 5. Fast ForWord Literacy Continued Development of critical brain processing efficiency in four key areas: • Improves memory by requiring holding a word or statement in short-term memory while retrieving picture- concept associations from long-term memory. • Improves attention by making students focus on the tasks at hand. • Strengthens processing ability through auditory, visual, and linguistic processing of orally and visually presented stories for meaning and comprehension. • Develops sequencing through exercises that require using word order to comprehend simple and complex statements and instructions and organizing a response that follows the specified sequence of actions.
  6. 6. Fast Forward Reading Level 4 Fast ForWord Reading Level 4 exercises expand reading skills by applying knowledge of word origins, word forms, sentence structures, and punctuation rules to improve comprehension.
  7. 7. Reading Level 4 Continued To accelerate reading progress, Fast ForWord Reading Level 4 software develops critical brain processing efficiency in four key areas:  Builds memory by having students use working memory to compare paragraphs with single sentence paraphrases.  Improves attention by enhancing the ability to focus on different aspects of presented vocabulary and ignore distractions.  Develops processing of images and sounds quickly enough to discriminate between their differences.  Develops sequencing by using logical relationships, word order and syntax to identify precise meanings.
  8. 8. Microsoft Word (Word Processing) Create a document, Edit a document Flyers Research Papers with citations/bibliography Tabbed Text & Tables Cover Letter & Resume with Template Desktop Publishing – Advertisements, Newsletters Mail Merge (Mass Mailings)
  9. 9. Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheets/Worksheets) Create and edit data in a worksheet Format Text and Numbers for a professional appearance Math Calculations (formulas/functions) Create charts/graphs
  10. 10. Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations) Create and Run a presentation Change Slide layouts/backgrounds Format Text, Insert/Format Graphics Enhance presentations (sound/motion) Hyperlinks & Action Buttons - Interactive Presentation Project Presentation using projector
  11. 11. Microsoft Access Database Management Create a table and add records Create custom reports Sort and Filter DataMicrosoft Publisher Flyer with Tear-offs Tri-fold brochure
  12. 12. Grading Fast ForWord Weekly Progress Grade  Completion of weekly goal, participation Creation of a chapter project together as a class to introduce new material. 2 to 3 individual exercises All assignments graded using a rubric Chapter Review Questions Chapter Tests
  13. 13. Class Participation Morelli Money  Students work towards accumulating $20.00 by end of the nine weeks.  Quarters earned for daily participation, answering questions, exemplary work, helping others, bonus work, etc.  Money paid for poor behavior and/or lack of respect in the classroom  Money paid to rent materials student should have for class
  14. 14. Extra Time for Work Students can obtain passes to come up and work during Homeroom/Activity Period. Students can obtain passes for study hall time Students can see me to schedule time after school Students can see me to schedule a time mutually convenient for both parties Check homework hotline
  15. 15. Business, Information, Technology Courses PowerPoint & Web Design Video Game Development / Programming Desktop Publishing Accounting & Advanced Accounting Typing / Word Processing Exploratory Business Finance Marketing Sports and Entertainment Marketing Small Business Management Principles of Management International Business Business Law And Others, check the course offerings when your child registers or the Business Department brochure
  16. 16. Microsoft Office Professional Mrs. Morelli