Old School vs. New School Brief


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The briefing document to our two week Create Meaning program in cooperation with the Miami Ad School.

All results will be published on createmeaning.com

Feel free to follow-up Q&A on twitter @createmeaning.com or our blog.

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Old School vs. New School Brief

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: Sure, youʻre still young and just about to learn this profession. You may not fill the pages of advertising annuals. And you have only little experience when it comes to working in advertsing agencies and what it really means to handle big accounts. But, you do know how to create ideas. You know how to use the web and new technologies. Plus you have a special gift. Something that is desperately needed in this industry: A fresh new perspective on everything! „We canʻt solve problems using the same kind of thinking when we created them.“ This is a famous quote of Albert Einstein and it is at the core of this project. We believe that it is time to rethink and redevine how advertising works in the 21th century. Be part of a creative movement and help to transform an industry for the better. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
  3. 3. MISSION
  4. 4. THAT‘S YOUR MISSION: „Challenge conventional thinking, explore new creative possibilities and redefine advertising in the 21st century.“ !
  6. 6. Transform OlD SCHOOL into NEW SCHOOL OLD SCHOOL vs. NEW SCHOOL The Process: 1) Pick a „old school“ campaign 2) Identify the problem 3) Create a new solution to it Print ad for running shoes NIKE plusPick an „old school“ ad-campaign thatʻs currently running in theUS and transform it into something new. Your challenge is tocreate a better and more meaningful solution to the sameproblem the original campaing is trying to solve. * the example of an old ad vs. nike plus is a little exaggerated to make the point
  7. 7. THE PROJECT MASTERPLANSTEP ONE STEP TWO STEP THREE Pick a campaign Research and Develop a proper to transform identify potential strategy HOMEWORK: • Research all background- • Use your newly learned research • Consolidate your findings into a methods to digg deeper and identify compelling strategy. information about the campaign. real customer or market insights. (Media used / Target audience / • Use it as a guideline throughout the brand & company etc.) the entire project. • Put your findings into a short presentation (max. 5 slides)
  8. 8. THE PROJECT MASTERPLANSTEP FOUR STEP FIVE STEP SIX Create Meaning Execution Pitch your idea • Instead of an ordinary advertising • Execute your idea together. Reach • Craft your ideas into a pitch campaign your challenge is to out for help and advice from fellow presentation. We will upload all create something meaningful. students and experts from different results to slideshare. disciplines (i.e. programmer) An Idea that helps the brand to • Write a blogpost about your concept and publish it on createmeaning.com succeed and ads substantial value • Use all the possibilities out there to peopleʻs lifes. from digital, mobile to classical media - everything is allowed. • Spread the word!
  10. 10. APPLY A PEOPLE CENTRIC MINDSET • Start with the user in mind • Digg for insights • Find out what really matters to themWe can no longer buy attention, so understand what peopleare interested in and work backwards from there. ! inspired by Gareth Kay
  11. 11. USE POST-DIGITAL STRATEGY: OLD: NEW: Messages Conversations Static Dynamic Saying Doing Look & Feel Experience Posing Authenticity Simplicity Complexity Touch Points Engagements Audience Community Transactions RelationshipsItʻs what we do, not what we say, that matters. So focus ondoing things for people instead of just saying things at them. ! inspired by Gareth Kay
  12. 12. EXPLORE NEW DIGITAL POSSIBILITIES • Social Media • Mobile / Apps Technology 6 • • Digital Media • GamesThink digital first. Explore new ways to engage, inspire andconnect people and brands using the possibilities the internetand new technologies have to offer. !
  13. 13. TRY NEW WAYS TO WORK •1) Understand what people are interested in Collaborate andand work backwards from there share your ideas2) Create don´t fill media space • Apply Design Thinking3) • Appriciate everyone‘s perspective • Think like a Start-UpThe rules of advertising have changed. So why stick to theold way of doing things? Try something new, get inspired bydifferent sectors and define your own creative process. !
  14. 14. DELIVERY
  15. 15. DELIVERY Pitch Presentation Blog Post • Put together a presentation that contains all important • Tell the world about your concept and the process of informations. From your insights and strategy to the ideas creating it. Share your key learnings about what worked and the final execution. and what didnʻt. • And last but not least, outline your vision for the future of advertising.
  16. 16. CRITERIA
  17. 17. CREATE MEANING ASSESSMENT CRITERIA • Does the idea create positive momentum for the brand • Does it connect the brand to its customers and foster a long lasting relationship • Is the idea really relevant / does it serve an unmet needWe donʻt focus on glossy execution or creative headlines.Weʻre looking for new ideas that challenge the status quo andredefine the category. So don´t create adʻs, create meaning. !
  18. 18. TIMING
  19. 19. Project Phase Lesson Date 15.8 Briefing TIMING Warmup Inspiration / Research 23.8 Kick Off + Homework Week 1 Ideas + Feedback 25.05 Strategy / Ideation 30.8 Final Feedback Execution Week 2 1.9 Final PresentationDue Blogpost & concept presentation
  21. 21. ABOUT CREATE MEANING CreateMeaning is an open initiative to rethink and actively redefine the role of the creative industry in today´s business world. Our goal is to connect like minded people from various backgrounds and start a discussion about how we can do things differently. By sharing knowledge and prototyping new ideas we want to explore innovative models to challenge the status quo. Want to get involved? CreateMeaning is open to everybody. No matter if your a designer, writer, planner, photographer or any other kind of creative thinker. And there are plenty ways to contribute: from giving feedback to writing a blog post, or simply by helping to spread the word. We are looking forward to collaborate and to change the world with you!  Feel free to get in touch. Just send an Email to:  hello@createmeaning.com or visit our blog: www.createmeaning.com