"When you meet" Grading Guidelines
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"When you meet" Grading Guidelines






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"When you meet" Grading Guidelines Document Transcript

  • 1. “When You Meet” Role GuidelinesDiscussion Director 1) Read your first question to the group. 2) Let everyone in the circle answer before you answer. (Remember: There is no right or wrong, just opinions.) 3) The group will decide whether your question is above or below the surface. 4) Ask the rest of the questions following steps 1-3 above. 5) The group will grade you on the rubricSuper Summarizer 1) Share your summary paragraph and prediction with everyone in the group. 2) Ask if there is some important event that was left out of your summary 3) Have the group grade you on the rubric.Word Wizard 1) Help everyone to find the sentence in the book before you read it aloud. 2) Explain why you chose the word. 3) Ask if anyone thinks they know what it means from context clues. Let them guess. 4) Read your definition. 5) Ask if everyone agrees on your definition. (If not, look it up in another dictionary.) 6) Have the group grade you on the rubric.Concise Connector 1) Read each of your connections aloud. 2) In between pick a volunteer to guess what kind of connection you made. 3) Ask if there are any connections to what you shared from the group. Pick one or two people to share. 4) The group will grade you on the rubricLiterary Luminary 1) Tell your group the page and paragraph numbers and wait for them to find the passage. 2) Read your passage with feeling! 3) Read what you wrote about why you chose the passage. 4) Take a comment from one member of the group or ask questions about your quote. 5) Read your second passage following steps 1-4 above. 6) The group will grade you on the rubricIllustrator 1) Read why you chose to draw this section of the story. 2) Proudly share your illustration with everyone in the group. 3) Have the group grade you on the rubric.