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Published in Travel , Spiritual
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  • 1. By: Sabrina Espiedra Jerusalem
  • 2. King David's Tomb King David’s tomb is believed to be located on Mount Zion near the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. In the Hebrew Bible David is supposed to be buried inside the City of David together with other Judean Kings.
  • 3. Church of Holy Sepulcher This church is also called the Church of the Resurrection. Eastern Christians, is a Christian Church within the walled Old City of Jerusalem. This was a place where the Christians believed that Jesus was buried. This Church was burnt down. It was reconstructed after it was burnt.
  • 4. Al-Aqsa Mosque Al-Aqsa Mosque is also known a holy place in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Al-Aqsa Mosque was originally a small prayer house. After an earthquake passed in the mosque was completely destroyed and was rebuilt. After another earthquake passed it destroyed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but two years later Ali az-Zahir built another mosque. The mosque has stood to the present- day.
  • 5. Hezekiah's Tunnel Hezekiah’s tunnel is a tunnel that was dig underneath the Ophel in Jerusalem. The tunnel is 53m long.
  • 6. Hadassah Hospital Hadassah Medical center has two University hospitals. There is also the same hospital and the same name in Safed. The Hadassah Hospita is also known as the Beit Hadassah .
  • 7. Dome of Rock The Dome of Rock is located in a center of an ancient man-made platform known as the Temple Mount. The platform greatly enlarged under the rule of Herod the Great, is the site of the Second Jewish temple.
  • 8. The Western Wall The Western Wall is a place where the people go and prey for the sick people. This wall is the only wall standing. This wall is faced to the west side of the temple.
  • 9. The End