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Lily - Jerusalem Presentation

  1. 1. Jerusalem By: Lily Auspitz
  2. 2. Jerusalem is a very special place to all people. This presentation will show you everything that makes it so special. Welcome to Jerusalem, city of gold!
  3. 3. <ul><li>The kotel is a very important place for Jews everywhere. This is where a temple stood a long time ago, but unfortunately it was destroyed by the Babylonians. The wall (kotel) is the only remaining part of the temple. People write down their wishes and prayers on a piece of paper, and put it in the cracks of the kotel. </li></ul>The Kotel
  4. 4. The Old City The Old City was built a long time ago. Then ,later but still quite long ago, a wall was built surrounding it to protect it’s people. The Old City is old-fashioned. There are camels instead of cars, and spices instead of dresses.
  5. 5. Jerusalem’s History Land Jerusalem’s land tells a story. This land has many layers full of history. This is why Jerusalem is an archaeologist's dream. Archaeologists can discover what type of people lived in Jerusalem thousands of years ago in Jerusalem.
  6. 6. The New City The New City in Jerusalem is very loud and very modern. Huge department stores, cars, and noisy people flood the New City. There is always entertainment and excitement when you are strolling through the New City.
  7. 7. The Knesset The Knesset is in the New City. All of Israel’s elected lawmakers meet there. They usually argue a lot with each other, so the chairperson has to bang on the table to get them to be quiet. These arguments are open for any person to watch in Jerusalem.
  8. 8. Yad Vashem Yad Vashem is a holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. It is a very sad place documented with valid information about the holocaust. It’s filled with photographs, records, and peoples’ names who died because of the holocaust.
  9. 9. King Hezekiah’s Tunnel King Hezekiah’s Tunnel is a huge tourist spot. While you walk through this pitch black, half-kilometer tunnel with a small flashlight, your pants get soaked, and you have to duck to not hit your head on the tunnel’s ceiling. Archaeologists discovered this tunnel in the 19 th century.
  10. 10. Hadassah Hospital The Hadassah Hospital was created by a group of women. This hospital contains five medical schools, two university hospitals. This hospital is in Jerusalem, but there is also one in Tel Aviv.
  11. 11. The Dome of Rock The Dome of Rock is a place of worship for the Muslims. It was built in 685 CE. It can be seen from far away because of it’s gold and shiny roof.
  12. 12. Goodbye! You’ve learned about Jerusalem. You’ve learned about the old and the new city. You’ve learned about the kotel, the knesset, and other important things in Jerusalem. So now visit Jerusalem, so you can experience the best place in the world.