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Crash Course for New Community Managers
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Crash Course for New Community Managers



Presented at the Enterprise 2.0 Boston Conference, June 2011 ...

Presented at the Enterprise 2.0 Boston Conference, June 2011

Congratulations - you are a new community manager! But what does that mean? Where do you start? What are the fundamentals for success?

Attendees will learn about important drivers for community success:
- Goals – What are the corporate and member goals?
- How to design with an eye on the goals
- Communication plan – ‘What’s in it for me?’
- Governance – what are the rules, who enforces them?



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  • Call to action / page layout
  • Content structure
  • Balance legal and UX
  • Write training
  • Create training
  • Handle issues
  • Handle issues

Crash Course for New Community Managers Crash Course for New Community Managers Presentation Transcript

  • Crash Course for New Community Managers Trisha Liu Enterprise Community Manager ArcSight, an HP Company Twitter: @mor_trisha© 2011 ArcSight, Inc. All rights reserved.ArcSight and the ArcSight logo are trademarks of ArcSight, Inc. All other product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • @mor_trisha What is a community manager?#e2conf-15 © 2011 ArcSight Confidential Photo credit: Mycael
  • Goooooooooal! Photo credit: coba
  • Be clear Photo credit: Phil Shirley © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Photo credit: Rob Stone© 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Don’t re-create silosSite Design © 2011 ArcSight Confidential Photo credit: Bill Jacobus
  • Work with LegalGovernance Photo credit: the justified sinner © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Balance User Legal Experience Requirements
  • Write training Photo credit: Ivan Walsh © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Photo credit: John Tolva
  • Spread the messageDeliver Training Photo credit: Alice Bartlett © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Launch! Photo credit: (nz)dave © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Monitor closely Handle technical issues / education Photo credit: Kris Stokes
  • Listen Photo credit: Josh Fassbind
  • Handle issues Photo credit: Sebastian Fritzon© 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Participate “Only 15 of the 143 CMOs and CCOs in the Fortune 100 we studied have active Twitter Accounts. Worse, 15% of them have a net zero social footprint (meaning no social activity).” - Mark Fidelman in Business Insider
  • Practice discernmentCritical Skill Photo credit: William Couch © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Watch for strays Photo credit: Ed Brambley© 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Who’s on your team? Photo credit: levork
  • Image credit: Dion Hinchcliffehttp://i.zdnet.com/blogs/community_manager_large.png
  • Q&A
  • Trisha LiuCharter Member, Community BackChannelhttp://cmtybc.com@mor_trishahttp://www.linkedin.com/in/trishaliu © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Appendix © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Focus on Goals What are the corporate goals? – Crowdsourcing – Support customer success – Increase employee productivity What are the member goals? – Find answers and solutions – Find information more quickly – Network © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Use Goals to Drive Site Design, Feature Selection Identify activities that members want to perform – If members want to find info, then search is a key feature – If members want to ask questions, then discussion threads are needed – If members want to network, do you have profile pages? © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Page Design Write clear calls to action Use plain language When a member looks at the page, he should clearly understand: – What can I do here? (what action?) – What can I expect to find here? Don’t try to put all info/activities on one page, members will not know what to do © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Content Structure Don’t re-create existing silos It is easy to build what is familiar – Three department community managers built a total of 90+ containers – If a member posts a question, where (which container) would she put it? Focus on activities or programs that span the member base – Employee community focuses on products, not departments. Any employee, regardless of department, can contribute to product discussions – Customer community focuses on activities – Share, Interact, Network – not products © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Training Keep it simple Use plain language Focus on activities that members want to perform Training formats: – Documents – Video – In-person / webinar You don’t need to write a giant manual! © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Governance Work with Legal to understand: – Compliance requirements – Data classification (public, confidential, restricted) – Any access restriction requirements Balance legal requirements with user experience – If structure or access controls are too cumbersome, people won’t use the community © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Plan Hard, Manage Easy By focusing so much effort and attention on goals and activities: – Members will know what to do – Benefits of using the community are clear – Reasons to use the community are easy to communicate After launch, focus shifts to adoption – Monitor the old channels, such as email – Encourage people that use the old channels to bring the activity to the community © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Be Active in the Community Quantitative reports only tell part of the story Listen – Login to the community and read discussions Participate Practice discernment: – When do you need to step in? – Wait for others to provide answers – Sometimes conversation stops after the community manager answers, feeling is “The authority has spoken.” © 2011 ArcSight Confidential
  • Community is a Product Just like any other product, a successful community requires: – Marketing • Promote the community • Communicate benefits – Training and Education – Product Management • New features • New activities – Technical Support • Site issues • Upgrades © 2011 ArcSight Confidential