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Privacy Considerations in Online and Mobile Photo Sharing
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Privacy Considerations in Online and Mobile Photo Sharing



A CHI 2007 conference paper presentation

A CHI 2007 conference paper presentation



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  • How do real people manage access to photos that instantly appear on the WWW? Or, as Nathan likes to call it:

Privacy Considerations in Online and Mobile Photo Sharing Privacy Considerations in Online and Mobile Photo Sharing Presentation Transcript

  • Over Exposed? Privacy Patterns and Considerations in Online and Mobile Photo Sharing Shane Ahern, Dean Eckles, Nathan Good, Simon King, Mor Naaman*, Rahul Nair Yahoo! Research Berkeley
  • What do you get when you mix… Camera- phones Context People Instant Web Upload
  • This talk is not about photos
    • Increasingly easy
    • to publish, share
    • personal data
    • with social
    • contacts, public
    • Based on policies
  • Flickr: Privacy
  • Flickr: Discovery
  • Current Mobile Experience
    • Difficult to share (or even save!)
    • Hard to find
      • No context
      • No semantic information
    But wait! There’s more.
  • ZoneTag http://zonetag.research.yahoo.com
    • 2-click upload (same key!)
    • Automatic location and time metadata
    • Change privacy settings
    • Tagging optional
  • Why Tag? Bay Bridge, Fog, [San Francisco, 94105]
  • Why Tag? RedSox, Fenway, GreenMonster, [Boston, 02215], …
  • Why Tag? Horsetails, handicapped, sign, [Stanford, 94305], …
  • Why Tag? mirror, me, Jenn, [New Haven, 06473], …
  • Why Tag? Sushi, Gills, Home, Shepherds bush, badger towers , [London, UK], …
  • OK, so what are we doing here really?
    • Quantitative analysis
      • Research questions
      • Selected findings
    • Qualitative analysis
      • Research Questions
      • Method/Interviews
      • Considerations in privacy management
  • Quantitative Analysis - Data
    • 350 users, 44,000+ photos
      • Focused on most active 81 users
    • Photo location and time
    • Photo tags
    • Privacy settings
  • Content predicts privacy? Photos with “person” tag All photos
  • Location predicts privacy? Users Public Locations Average Locations Private Locations Percent of photos
  • Meanwhile, in the paper
    • Does content predict privacy?
    • Does location predict privacy?
      • Number of photos in a location is a predictor, too.
    • Do users regret/revisit mobile privacy choices?
    • What about location disclosure?
  • Moving on
    • Quantitative analysis
      • Research questions
      • Selected findings
    • Qualitative analysis
      • Research Questions
      • Method/Interviews
      • Taxonomy
  • Inspiration
    • Kinberg, Spasojevic, Fleck, Sellen
      • “ Social uses of camera-phones”
    • Nancy van House
      • Research methodology
  • Main Research Question
    • What are the main factors considered when making privacy decisions?
  • Study Format
    • Reflective Photo Elicitation
      • Participant’s own photos
    • Used to study… photo-taking
    • Grounds study with actual behavior
  • Study Detail
    • Recruited and equipped 15 users
      • 8 male, 7 female
      • 11 non-technical
      • Early 20s to early 50s (most in 25-35)
      • Some social connections
    • Structured interview
      • Discussed patterns and individual photo decisions
  • Interview Findings
  • Security “ Pictures of the kids... I don’t know if I’d mark public... I don’t know who is out there”. “ If I did something to upset somebody somehow... and they knew where I lived by looking at my photos, that would bother me”. “ There is so much stuff out there, I don’t think I’m really a prime target.”.
  • Identity Management “ You’ve heard about all these random stories about people on MySpace/YouTube and a HR department will… find stuff” “ I might [upload] as family-only if it was a family event… embarrassing pictures of me and my aunt” “ Portland pictures. Ahh, there is a picture of me. Unflattering”
  • Sharing convenience “ I made my photos public so I wouldn't have to worry when I gave a friend the URL so they could browse my pictures freely”
  • Social disclosure “ I added the tag '[bar name]' so he'd know where I was…” “ Nothing marked [private]. It’s almost like the tree the in the forest, why would you take a photo if you didn't want anyone to see it.” “ if I went somewhere and I didn’t invite someone and I didn’t want them to see, I might want to make that [family-only]”.
  • Privacy Considerations Taxonomy
  • Taxonomy Breakdown *Warning: do not take these numbers literally.
  • Other Factors
    • Choice under uncertainty
      • Technical uncertainty
      • Social uncertainty
    • Dealing with complexity
      • Too many considerations, options
      • Users often adopt blanket strategies
    • Compromises
      • Users mostly unsatisfied, not regretful
  • Implications. Questions.
    • Preventing mistake/reducing impact
      • Use cues to detect failures?
      • Staging/review area for recent uploads?
    • Information and feedback
      • Number and identity of potential viewers?
      • A “show me what they can see” option?
  • Implications. Questions.
    • Decoupling discovery and sharing
      • Already done since on Flickr
    • How to discourage blanket strategies?
  • Final Notes
    • All Flickr/ZT photos,
      • Creative Commons License, or with author permission
    • http://flickr.com/photos/plasticbag/188818779/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/groovymother/131591824/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/deaneckles/135146357/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/crouchingbadger/138488021/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/nielsvaneck/142344741/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/spcbrass/376917764/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/paulshaffner/413538595/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/al-fassam/361460417/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/jddunn/2477038/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/ayman/455705071/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/ayman/454730758/
    • http://flickr.com/photos/mmoorr/477751894/
  • Questions?
    • Mor Naaman: mor@yahoo-inc.com
    • With: Shane Ahern, Dean Eckles, Nathan Good, Simon King, Rahul Nair
    • Read more, follow:
    • http://www.yahooresearchberkeley.com
    • Slides: http://slideshare.net/mor
    • Also check out:
    Morgan Ames, Mor Naaman Why We Tag Wednesday 11:30 B1-B4 Good et al. Noticing Notice Tue. 3:30