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Developers Are People, Too


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Presentation for WWW2007 panel on multimedia metadata and the semantic web

Presentation for WWW2007 panel on multimedia metadata and the semantic web

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  • Subject predicate object
  • Transcript

    • 1. Developers are People, Too Mor Naaman Yahoo! Research Berkeley *Any views or opinions expressed during this panel are those of the author only and do not represent those of Yahoo, Yahoo! Research, or Flickr -- sometimes they do not even represent the author himself.
    • 2. People are Strange People are Strange.
    • 3. Why do People Tag?
      • Well, mostly, they don’t
      • But if they do (say, on Flickr):
      “ Why We Tag”, CHI2007
    • 4. Explanation, please
      • Simple
        • Source: Rashmi Sinha
      • Powerful
      • Tied with their natural motivations
    • 5. Our Mission
      • Automatically generate tag semantics
      • Few places to start
        • Word-based models
          • E.g., Flickr Clustering
          • E.g., Subsumption
          • E.g., LSI
      • Metadata can help, too
    • 6. “ World Explorer”, JCDL2007
    • 7. Extracting Event/Place Semantics “ Extracting Tag Semantics”, SIGIR2007
    • 8. Developers are people, too!
    • 9. Developer Needs
      • Requirements for developing applications that make use or manipulate metadata:
      • Simple
      • Powerful
      • Tied with their natural motivations
      Just like people!
    • 10. I too am a Web2.0 Developer
      • My team will support a format:
        • If it’s simple
        • If it’s useful for us
        • If it “plays nice” with key applications
      • So far:
        • RSS and GEO-RSS
        • KML and GPX
        • EXIF (read only)
        • Flickr Machine Tags
    • 11. Machine Tags??
      • “ Machine tags are not RDF but they could play RDF on TV.”
        • - Aaron Cope, Hackr (Flickr)
      Book:author=“Tim B.L.” celltower:lac=205 Geo:latitude=23.12 ylocal:venue=224323 camel:humpcount=2 upcoming:event=12413 flower:color=red summit:altitude=2321
    • 12. What’s the Point?
      • Format is emerging
        • Reflects needs of developers
        • Reflects properties of data
      • Simple
      • Powerful
    • 13. What’s the Problem?
      • Namespace/semantics not defined
        • Multiple formats for same semantics
        • Multiple semantics for same subjects/predicates/objects…
      • It’s up to us to make sense of it
        • Us == researchers
      • Schema mapping, pattern extraction and recognition, semantic analysis…
    • 14. Discuss: The Semantic Web is Dead Welcome to the Emerging-Semantics Web!
    • 15. Send me your wrath More fun and games: Mor Naaman