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The script

  2. 2. Scene1 (classroom) We establish the classroom full of students including EDDIE and STEVE. MR ANDERSON is doing the lesson and talking about geography. STEVE takes his anti aggression pills and EDDIE sees it, EDDIE is not paying attention to the lesson and MR ANDERSON asks him something. MR ANDERSON Eddie, can you tell me how an oxbow lake is formed? EDDIE (Narrative voice: Oh shit, I don’t have a clue) Sorry sir I don’t know. MR ANDERSON looks disappointed and continues the lesson. EDDIE (narrative voice) For god’s sake, who invented exams? I mean nobody likes them and I am just not good at them. I get Ds and Es even though I try hard. //Cut away to Eddie playing video games and relaxing //Cut back to classroom Ok, maybe I don’t try that hard, I wish there would be an easy way. The bell rings, students leave the classroom. MR ANDERSON Eddie could you stay behind I want to talk to you. Students have left the classroom and MR ANDERSON and EDDIE are on their own EDDIE Am I in trouble Mr Anderson…?(No answer)…Sir? MR ANDERSON No no, not at all. Eddie, I’m a businessman, I like my business like I like my women, straight forward. EDDIE looks confused MR ANDERSON Are you prepared for the exam, in a week’s time.
  3. 3. EDDIE Yeah, sure. I suppose. MR ANDERSON Oh yeah, I can tell by your effort in lesson. EDDIE Yeah (ashamed) MR ANDERSON I would like to offer you some help. It doesn’t always have to be the hard way. There is an easy way. EDDIE Right, what is it? MR ANDERSON Are you familiar with the exam board? EDDIE No, what is it? MR ANDERSON Those are the people, who write the exam papers. (Pause) You know they also have the results. EDDIE So what’s this got to do with me? MR ANDERSON What would you do to get your hands on those results? EDDIE I’d do anything sir. MR ANDERSON £100 and you can have’em. EDDIE looks shocked
  4. 4. MR ANDERSON So, are you interested? EDDIE(thinks first) Yeah, of course. MR ANDERSON We have a deal then? MR ANDERSON starts writing address and time on a small piece of paper and hands it to EDDIE. MR ANDERSON Be there with the money at six. (EDDIE takes the paper and walks out) Oh and Eddie…tell no one about this. EDDIE nods and leaves hesitated End of scene
  5. 5. Scene2 (teachers lounge) We see MR ANDERSON having a coffee. He looks really tired. He sits next to MR ASKE, who is reading the newspaper today. MR ASKE Have you heard, they are extending the working hours for teachers? MR ANDERSON Again? Are they crazy. I’m too busy already and I hardly have time to have this coffee. MR ASKE I know, but what are you going to do? It’s not like we could change anything. Furthermore it is for the children, so they get more lessons. That surely can’t be a bad thing. MR ANDERSON Believe me, those kids don’t want more lessons, all they do is mess around. They don’t think about their future, all they care about is how much pocket money they got left for the pub. MR ASKE The pub? What are you on about? Kids don’t go to the pub? MR ANDERSON I was talking about the 6th formers. They don’t listen and don’t do their work. MR ASKE But that is normal. Did you forget how we were like when we were their age? MR ANDERSON No, of course not. But I remember myself working hard for the exams. MR ASKE What is wrong with you today, you seem very passionate about this subject. MR ANDERSON I just need peace, those kids are killing me. I need a break.
  6. 6. MR ASKE looks surprised at MR ANDERSON. He continues reading his newspaper. Both are sitting quite. End of scene
  7. 7. Scene3 (House of MR ANDERSON) EDDIE is standing in front of MR ANDERSON’s house and checking time and address. EDDIE thinks first and then knocks on the door MR ANDERSON It’s open, come in. EDDIE walks in and looks around, he walks into the living room and sees MR ANDERSON having a drink. EDDIE is intimidated. MR ANDERSON Take a seat Eddie, you want a drink? EDDIE (takes a seat) No thanks, sir, I’m alright. MR ANDERSON Oh…ok. So did you bring the money. EDDIE Yeah (he gives an envelop to MR ANDERSON) here it is. MR ANDERSON checks the content and looks happy. EDDIE So where are the results? MR ANDERSON Ah…yes. Let me fetch’em for you. MR ANDERSON leaves the room to get the results, EDDIE is nervously waiting. After a few seconds MR ANDERSON returns and gives the results to EDDIE. MR ANDERSON Here you go Eddie. And Eddie, no one finds out about this. EDDIE Sure.
  8. 8. MR ANDERSON You are free to go. EDDIE leaves MR ANDERSON Don’t los’em. End of scene (we hear a school bell leading us into scene3)
  9. 9. Scene4 (Corridor) Steve is walking down the corridor, reading a magazine and finds an advertisement for a car/bike which costs a lot(4000-8000 pounds) The bell rings and EDDIE is in a hurry to make it for lesson. He runs into STEVE and falls down. His bag content and the results fall on the floor. STEVE Watch it prick. EDDIE Sorry EDDIE gets down picking up his stuff; suddenly STEVE notices the results and picks them up while EDDIE is sorting his stuff out. STEVE Whoa…Where did you get these? EDDIE (snatches back the results) None of your business. EDDIE starts walking away. STEVE Well, it would be a real shame if someone found out. EDDIE (stops and turns towards STEVE) Shit (quietly) Alright, what do you want? STEVE You tell me where you got these from and give me a copy. EDDIE Why would I do that? STEVE Listen, you know my dad is in the police. I know some people from upstairs, if you know what I mean. You can get into a lot of trouble, if I want to. EDDIE You are crazy.
  10. 10. STEVE Am I? You have two options. Option 1, you give me the results as well and tell me where you got’em from, so you pass, I pass, it’s a win win situation. Or, option 2, I fuck you up, big time. The choice is yours. EDDIE (intimidated) Alright, I got’em from Mr Anderson for £100. STEVE £100…hmm… EDDIE I give you the copies tomorrow, I got to go, late for lesson. EDDIE leaves STEVE is thinking End of scene
  11. 11. Scene5 (MR ANDERSON’s office) MR ANDERSON is in his office doing work, STEVE knocks on the door. MR ANDERSON It’s open, come in. STEVE comes in and takes a seat. MR ANDERSON How can I help you Steve? STEVE (doesn’t say anything for a while) I bumped into Eddie the other day. MR ANDERSON Okay, so. STEVE I know about your little business. MR ANDERSON What are you talking about, what business? STEVE(stands up and leans over the table) Stop shitting on my face, you know exactly what I am talking about, lets not make this any more complicated. MR ANDERSON (isn’t impressed) Ok, so you want the results as well? STEVE No, I want the money. MR ANDERSON What? STEVE (sitting again) Mr Anderson, I’ve done my maths. It’s exam season and by my guesses, you made more than £5000 in the last 2 months selling results to students.
  12. 12. MR ANDERSON You know what Steve, you can go fuck yourself, you come into my office and pull this shit, you haven’t got the balls to do jack shit about it. STEVE Actually, I have. What if I just tell my dad? STEVE gets his phone out and rings his dad, MR ANDERSON is really scared know, but is trying to hide it. DAD Hello MR ANDERSON Ok Ok, but I don’t have the money here. STEVE I’ll call you later…(Hangs up)….Where is it? MR ANDERSON It’s in my house. STEVE So what are we waiting for, let’s go. MR ANDERSON is in thoughts and looks at his world map, which is on the wall MR ANDERSON Wait. How about this, I give you the answers for free now. You pass the exam and I give you the money straight after the exam. STEVE is thinking STEVE Ok, but don’t pull any bullshit. I own you now. STEVE walks out. End of scene
  13. 13. Scene6 (exam day) Students walk to the exam. Examiner hands out the papers, EDDIE and STEVE are confident. They open the paper and realise that the questions are completely different to the ones MR ANDERSON sold. EDDIE is surprised and looks at STEVE, who is angry //Cut End of exam, people leaving, EDDIE is rushing off, STEVE follows him. //Cut EDDIE goes to MR ANDERSON’s office. The office is empty. EDDIE looks around looking for hints. STEVE (enters the office totally angry) Where the fuck is he? EDDIE I don’t know, Shut up and let me think. STEVE This is your fault! EDDIE Wait, how is it my fault? It was you who…. A teacher walks in, with a pile of papers in his hands. TEACHER Are you looking for Mr Anderson? Both of them say yes TEACHER I think he left yesterday, he said he is going to Croatia. EDDIE When is he coming back? TEACHER I don’t think that he is coming back TEACHER leaves the room
  14. 14. Both are taking in the information they just got. STEVE Son of a bitch, he tricked us. That motherfucker tricked us. EDDIE says nothing and looks around EDDIE Oh well, I guess we can resit the exam. STEVE Oh Jesus Eddie is that all you care about. EDDIE What do you mean? Don’t you see it’s over? STEVE He is gone to Croatia, with MY money. I don’t even know where the fuck Croatia is. EDDIE Whoa Whoa, slow down, what are you talking about? STEVE It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are going to pay for this, big time. EDDIE Listen Steve I had enough from you, you aint getting shit from me. How about you just fuck off. STEVE Fuck off? Now wait a minute, you (something). Fuck this, I’m off. STEVE walks out, but EDDIE grabs him. EDDIE Wait.
  15. 15. STEVE gets mad. They fight. EDDIE knocks him out. EDDIE looks around and smiles. // Cut We see MR ANDERSON driving to the airport. We hear EDDIE talking to us while MR ANDERSON is driving away EDDIE There is no easy way. That is what Mr Anderson taught me. Success isn’t given, it’s earned. He never came back. Where he is right now, I don’t really know. Probably somewhere in Croatia, where he finally found peace. Steve left 6th form 3 months after that. He decided to sign up for the army and learn how to do things for the right reason. And me, well, I realised that I had to work hard, and so I did. End of scene
  16. 16. Scene7 (Common Room) One year later. A lot of students are looking at the A level results, which are stuck on a wall in the common room. We see EDDIE with a new haircut and a smart shirt. He looks at a sheet and finds his name on it. He sees that he got ABB for his A level. He looks really satisfied and walks down the corridor smiling. END
  17. 17. You have just seen the script for our short film. I hope you enjoyed it.