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Target audience

  1. 1. Target audience of my music magazine
  2. 2. In General- People from the age of 15 to the age of 21- Anyone who listens to rap and hip hop music- Mostly male people because they listen more to rap and hip hop- Most of all people with an African background because most rappers and Hip-Hop artists are black
  3. 3. Questionnaire Music magazine Questionnaire I gave this questionnaire to 25 people, so I get a better idea of my target audience and how to include moreGender: Male Female people in my target audience and whatHow old are you? _______ the best way is to distribute myWhat kind of music do you listen to? __________________ magazine.Do you buy music magazines? Yes NoHow much would you pay for a music magazine? Important for me was to know ,how£1 £2 £3 £4 £5 much people spend or would spendWhat is your ethnicity? ___________________ on a music magazine and also thereWhere would you prefer to buy magazines from? gender, age, ethnicity and thereOnline shop market delivery taste of music. I also asked where they would likeWhat is your favourite magazine? ______________ to buy magazines from, what thereDo you like free offers in magazines? favourite magazine is and also ifYes No I don’t care they like free offers in magazines
  4. 4. ResultsGender 36% of the people I gave the questionnaire to were female female 64% of the people male I gave the questionnaire to were male
  5. 5. Age 52% were 16 years old 16 years old 17 years old 36% were 17 years old 18 years old 12% were 18 years old
  6. 6. Kind of Music R&B 8% listens to R&B Rap 4% listens to Rap Hip Hop 4% listens to Hip Hop Pop 16% listens to Pop Asian 8% listens to Asian Rock 12% listens to Rock House Electronic 4% listens to House Anything 12% listens to Electronic music Drum/Bass 16% listens to Anything Opera 8% listens to Drum/Bass Indie 4% listens to Opera 4% listens to Indie
  7. 7. How many do buy a music magazine 24% buy a music magazine 76% don’t buy a music magazine Do buy Don’t buy
  8. 8. How much people would pay for a music magazine £1 20% would pay £1 £2 44% would pay £2 £3 16% would pay £3 £4 12% would pay £4 £5 8% would pay £5
  9. 9. Ethnicity British 40% are British Pakistani 36% have a Pakistani background Polish 8% have a Polish background Indian 4% have an Indian background 4% have a Mexican background Mexican 4% have an African background African 4% have an Iranian background Iranian
  10. 10. Where people prefer to buy magazines from 72% would buy magazines from a shop Shop 8% would buy Online magazines online Delivery 20% would order magazines from a delivery
  11. 11. Do people like free offers in a magazine 68% said yes Yes No Nobody said No I don’t care 32% don’t care
  12. 12. ConclusionIf I want to distribute the magazine locally just in Bradford, I might have to write also about AsianRap/Hip-Hop artists because 44% of the people I asked were Asian. It starts locally but then itexpands and I have to write about more international things.By the statistics 8% of the people I gave the questionnaire to would definitely buy myRap/Hip-Hop magazine.I can raise that number if I design my magazine suitable for young people for example with manyimages , using language which attracts to young people and writing about matters which they areinterested in.My magazine will cost £2.50 because this is what most people would agree to spend on a magazine.I also can distribute my magazine by putting it online and give people the opportunity to order itfrom a delivery.Because nobody minds, and most of them like free offers in a magazine, I will also put a free offerin my magazine.In this way I can target my audience in a widest possible range.