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商务英语函电-Project 3
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商务英语函电-Project 3



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  • 1. Project 3 Enquiries
  • 2.
    • 1. First enquiry
    • 2. General enquiry
    • 3. Specific enquiry
    Main & Difficult Points
  • 3.
    • A letter aiming at establishing business relations usually consists of following steps:
    • where you get the information about the person or company to whom you are writing the letter;
    • your intention for export or import;
    • a brief introduction to your business scope, experience and products ;
    • the reference as to your firm’s credit standing;
    • expectation for cooperation and an early reply.
    Writing Steps
  • 4.
    • 3-1-2 Sample Letters
    • 3-1-2-1 Layout of Enquiry
    Dear Sirs, Metal boxes and knives We have noted your advertisement in the “Happy Time ”, and are interested in your metal boxes and variety of knives. We would appreciate a quotation for the items listed on the enclosed enquiry form, indicating price C.I.F. Shanghai, China. Also, please advise us of your earliest delivery date, terms of payment and discounts for regular purchases. Our annual requirement in metal sundries is considerable. We would be obliged if you send us your latest catalogs and details of your specifications as well. 1. 称呼 2. 事由 3. 正文 : 说明写信目的。简短、清楚、具体地说明需要了解的信息(到岸价格、抵达日期、付款条件、交货时间、产品目录等)
  • 5. We hope this will be a good start for long and profitable business relations between us. Yours faithfully, John Smith 4. 礼貌表达希望同对方建立长期互利的合作关系的愿望 5. 结束礼词 6. 签名
  • 6.
    • 3-1-2-2 Sample Letters
    First enquiry Dear Sirs, On the recommendation of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have learned that you are manufacturers of fishing rods. Now we are interested in buying large quantities of fishing rods. We shall be glad if you will kindly send us your newest price list for the above mentioned products in various sizes and designs. If possible, please also send us a sample book for our reference. Sample Letter 2
  • 7. We used to purchase these products from other sources. We may now prefer to buy from your company because we understand that you are able to supply larger quantities at more attractive prices. In addition, we have confidence in the quality of your products. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, XXX
  • 8.
    • 1. Chamber of Commerce and Industry 工商会
    • 2. attractive price 有吸引的价格
    • reasonable price 合理的价格
    • competitive price 有竞争力的价格
    • favorable price 优惠的价格
    • 3 . at price … 以。。。价格。。。
    • 1 )我们以新价格成交。
    • We come to terms at your new prices
    Language Points
  • 9. Importer asks for table lamps Dear Sirs, Our company is one of the largest lamps importers in New York. We are writing to build up direct business relations with you. Enclosed please find our inquiry note No.123. We are looking forward to receiving your quotation CFRC5% New York at an early date. While quoting, please state the earliest shipment and quantity available. If your quotation is competitive, we are ready to conclude substantial business with you. Your prompt reply will be much appreciated. Yours faithfully, XXX Sample Letter 3
  • 10.
    • 1.enclosed please finds… 随函附上请查收
    • enclosed be sth 随函附上。。。
    • 2.C.FR.C5% 价格术语:成本保险加运费含佣金百分之五
    • 含我方佣金百分之五
    • Our 3% commission / a commission of 5%
    • inclusive of our 5% commission
    • including our commission of 5%
    • 3.conclude business 达成交易
    • come to terms
    • close a deal
    Language Points
  • 11. A reply to an enquiry
    • Dear Sirs,
    • Thank you for your letter dated April 20 in which you
    • expressed your interest in our home appliances. We are
    • sending you a copy of the brochures each about our new
    • products. The products listed in these booklets are all
    • designed for the European market.
    • Microwave Ovens
    • Garbage Disposers
    • Vacuum Cleaners
    • Electric Water-heaters
    • Hopefully you will receive them within a week, since we
    • mailed them through the EMS. From the beautiful folders, we
    • are sure you can find your choice of goods. If you have any
    • question, please do not hesitate in asking.
    • Thank you again for your interest in our products and we look
    • forward to your trial orders.
    • Faithfully yours,
    • XXX
    Sample Letter 4
  • 12.
    • 1.thank you for your letter of …
    • 回信开头总结:
    • We have received your letter of …
    • We are in receipt of your letter of…
    • We acknowledge receipt your letter of …
    • 2.EMS
    • express mail service
    Language Points
  • 13.
    • Simulation of Writing Letters
    1 . 称呼 2. 事由 : Enquiry for MP3 3. 正文 : (1) 说明信息来源 : 电子产品展销会 ; (2) 提出请求,具体地说明需要了解的信息(到岸价格、抵达日期、付款条件、产品目录等); 4. 礼貌表达期待对方回音。 5. 结束礼词 6. 签名 Dear Sirs, Re: __________ We have noted your advertisement at _______________________ and are interested in______________ We would appreciate a quote for the items listed on the enclosed enquiry form, indicating______________________________________ Would you also send ______________? Your early reply will be___________ Yours faithfully, xxx Enquiry for MP3 Electrical products Exhibition your products price CIF New York, terms of payment, delivery date. us your latest catalogue appreciated
  • 14.
    • 3-1-5Practicing
    • Part1 Words and Expressions 1
    • This part is to practice your ability to use words and
    • phrases correctly
  • 15.
    • Ex1. Translate the following terms and expressions
    • A . into Chinese
    • be interested in
    • note...from
    • first enquiry
    • trial order
    • competitive price
    • enquiry sheet
    • sample books
    • have confidence in sth
    • large inquiry
    • Enclosed please find
    • 对 ...... 感兴趣
    • 从 ...... 得知
    • 首次询盘
    • 试订单
    • 有竞争力的价格
    • 询价单
    • 样品本
    • 对 ..... 有信心
    • 大量询盘
    • 随函附上 ..... 请查收
  • 16.
    • come to terms
    • supply from stock
    • price list
    • export license
    • Commission
    • quantity discount
    • selling season
    • further inquiry
    • for your reference
    • regular demand
    • B. into English
    • 成交
    • 现货供应
    • 价目表
    • 出口许可证
    • 佣金
    • 数量折扣
    • 销售季节
    • 进一步询价
    • 供你方参考
    • 常年需求
  • 17.
    • Ex2. Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases given in
    • the box.
      • 1.We are enclosing _______an inquiry sheet.
      • 2.If your quotation is competitive, we are ready to place _ ______for Men’s Shirts.
      • 3.The goods we are __ ______are good value for money.
      • 4.Why not take full advantage of the________ terms?
      • 5.We shall be pleased if you send us your lowest __ _______for the following.
      • 6.As soon as we are in a __________to make an offer, we shall contract you without delay.
      • 7.This offer must be _________if not accepted with five days.
      • 8.We are making you a _____offer.
      • 9.Our quotation always comes in ______ with the world market
      • 10.We trust that you will be able to accept our offer , which shall be kept open _____ ___ to reply by cable.
    herewith orders offering favorable quotation position withdrawn firm line subject favorable subject offering position quotation orders herewith line withdrawn firm
  • 18.
    • Ex3. Choose the best answer to complete each of the
    • following Sentences.
    • 1.We have been ____ the garments line for five years.
    • A. in B. on C. at D. into
    • 2.We will appreciate it very much if you can quote us your best
    • prices ____ Haier Brand Color TV Sets of 29 and 32 inches.
    • A. in B. for C. at D. on
    • 3.We thank you for your letter dated March 30____ our silk blouses of various styles.
    • A. enquiring for B. enquiry for
    • C. enquired for D. enquire for
    • 4.We assure you ____ our full cooperation with you at all time.
    • A. that B. rest C. on D. of
    • 5.We will be ____ if you will make us your lowest quotations ____ iron-free garments.
    • A. appreciate, for B. obliged, for
    • C. appreciated, on D. obliged, on
    A B A D B
  • 19.
    • 6.We are enclosing a copy of our illustrated catalogue ___ for in
    • your letter dated March 1.
    • A. ask B. asks C. asked D. asking
    • 7.We would like to inform you that we have received a large
    • inquiry ____ 800 sets refrigerators.
    • A. of B. at C. for D. with
    • 8.We shall advise you ____ we are able to supply the goods
    • again.
    • A. as B. while C. as soon as D. until
    • 9.____ the remaining 50 tons, we have faxed the suppliers to
    • ship the goods at once.
    • A. As regard B. In regards to
    • C. With regards to D. Regarding
    • 10.We can supply the goods you require __
    • A. from stock B. in stock C. out of stock D. just the stock
    C C C D A
  • 20.
    • Ex4. Put in the missing words
    • Dear Sirs,
    • Thank you for your brochure _____household appliance
    • __________May 6.We have approached a number of our
    • customers in this area and many of them are __________in
    • the household appliance. We therefore ask you to make us
    • your best _________on CFR Tianjin ______for 1,000 sets.
    • We would like to point ______that unless your quotation is
    • attractive to the buyers here, it would be difficult for us to
    • ____successfully the sale of your household appliance in this
    • _______ market.
    • Your immediate offer will be __________.
    • Yours faithfully,
    • Xxx
    for dated/of interested offer basis out push competitive appreciated
  • 21.
    • Ex5. Identify one error in each of the following
    • sentences and then try to correct it.
    • 1.Please inform us to the supply and demand situation in you
    • country.
    • 2.I appreciate to have been given the opportunity to visit your
    • country.
    • 3.If your prices are favorable, we would like to order 1,000
    • cases for you.
    • 4.We look forward to receive your catalogues and samples for
    • tea and coffee sets.
    • 5.We have the pine kernels you asked for from stock and will
    • delivery as soon as we receive your order
    of having with receving in Part 2 Sentences This part is to test your ability to make sentences correctly.
  • 22.
            • 6. We are willing to place a order with you for 1,000 sets of color TV sets.
            • 7. We thank you for your letter dated March 12, to enquiry about our leather shoes and requesting quantity discounts.
            • 8. Please send us your lowest quotation to toothpaste.
            • 9. Enclose please find two copies of our price list.
            • 10.We shall be oblige if you would send us the pricelist of your cotton underwear of the newest patterns.
    for lists
            • enquiring
    an obliged
  • 23.
    • A
    • 1.Thank you for your letter of July 5 in
    • which you expressed your interest in
    • our home appliances.
    • 2. If your price is competitive, we are
    • prepared to place a large order with
    • you.
    • 3. As the price we quoted is quite
    • reasonable, and we trust it will be
    • acceptable to you.
    • 4. In reply to your letter dated 15
    • June, we enclosed our latest
    • illustrated catalogue for your
    • reference.
    • 5.We shall be obliged if you will give
    • an immediate and careful attention to
    • our enquiry for cotton piece goods.
    Ex6. Choose the correct translation for Group A from Group B B a. 兹回复你方 6 月 5 号的来信,我们随函附上最新的目录供你方参考。 b. 因为我们所报价格是很合理的,我们相信你方可以接受。 c. 如果你方报价具有竞争性的话 , 我们准备向你方大量订购。。 d. 感谢贵方 7 月 5 日来信,信中表达了对我们家用电器很感兴趣。 e. 贵方若能迅速仔细地处理我方对棉布的询盘 , 我们将不胜感激 .
  • 24.
    • Ex7. Complete the following sentences with the expressions given
    • 1. 贵方 9 月 10 日询盘函已收悉并引起了我方重视,感谢贵方有兴趣购买我公
    • 司的数字式仪器仪表 。 (be interested in......)
    • 2. 我们的工艺品在欧洲市场深受欢迎。 (enjoy popularity
    • 3. 能否保给我房 50 公吨罐装芦笋 (canned asparagus) 成本加运费汉堡
    • 低价 ? ( quote )
    • 4. 要想成功地推销你方产品,你方报价须具有吸引力,否则将有困( push
    • the sales of your products )
    • 5. 如蒙寄来你公司的产品目录、价格及支付方式等详细资料,我方将不
    • 感激。( appreciate )
    Your enquiry of September 10 has received our attention, and thank you for your interest in our digital panel instruments. Our handicrafts have enjoyed general popularity in the European market. Could you quote us your keenest price CFR Hamburg for 50 metric tons of canned asparagus? It would be difficult for us to push successfully the sales of your products unless your quotation is attractive. We should appreciate your sending us your catalogue , full details of your pice and the terms of payment.
  • 25.
    • Ex8. Translate the following into Chinese
    • We will appreciate it very much if you can quote us the lowest price for high quality green tea CIF Melbourne.
    • Please quote us the most favorable price CIF Seattle for the above goods, including our commission 5%.
    • 3. As your women’s dresses are of high quality and prices are reasonable, we’ll place a substantial order with you.
    • 4. The type you required is out of stock now, but the similar type is in stock.
    • 5. We have pleasure in enclosing our enquiry for silk blouses, against which you are request to make us an offer on FOB basis.
    如蒙报给我方优质绿茶的成本加运费保险费到墨尔本最低价,我们将不胜感激。 请就上述货物向我方报 CIF 西雅图最优惠价,并含我公司 5% 的佣金。 因为你方的连衣裙质量好,价格合理,我们将向贵方大量订购 你方询购的型号现无货,但类似的型号有货。 非常高兴随函附上我方丝绸女衬衫的询价单,请报 FOB 价。
  • 26.
    • Part 3 Letters Writing
    • This part is to test your ability to do practical writing.
    • Ex9. Translate the following letter
    • A. into Chinese
    • Dear Sirs,
    • We introduce ourselves as the biggest importer of toys
    • in London. The toys you have advertised on “The Times”
    • suit our needs very much..
    • We are now making you an enquiry for approximately
    • 30,000 toys in order to meet the market demand.
    • We have sent you separately our buying samples for
    • you to have an idea of the quality and models we need.
    • Please send us by airmail your samples corresponding
    • with our buying samples and quote us the best price
    • CIF London.
    • We shall be obliged if you will give us your immediate
    • attention.
    • Yours faithfully ,
    • Xxx
  • 27.
    • 敬启者:
    • 现介绍我公司是伦敦地区最大的玩具进口商。你
    • 在《泰晤士报》所登广告介绍的玩具非常适合我
    • 要求。
    • 我方现想询购大约 30,000 只玩具以满足市场的
    • 要我们已另行邮寄了采购样品,以便贵方了解我方
    • 需产品的质量和型号。请航寄与我方采购样品相
    • 的样品并报最低的 CIF 伦敦价。如能立即办理,不
    • 感激。
    • 某某谨上
  • 28.
    • B. into English
    • 敬启者:
    • 我们对你方4月份在广交会上展出的电热器( electric
    • heater )很感兴趣。现介绍我公司是伦敦地区最大的电
    • 进口商之一,经营系。
    • 目前我公司正在扩展进口业务,该产品正合我们的要求
    • 请寄全套产品的插图目录和样品,并报你们能够现货供应
    • 电热器的成本、运费和保险费伦敦最低价。
    • 盼早复。
    • 某某谨上
  • 29.
    • Dear Sir,
    • We are interested in your electric heaters which are
    • displayed at The Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair in
    • April.
    • We introduce ourselves as one of the largest importers
    • of electric goods in London and have been in this line
    • for over ten years. We expect to establish business
    • relations with you with keen interest.
    • At present we are enlarging our import business and
    • the said products fit in very well. Please send us a full
    • rang of illustrated catalogues and samples. We will
    • appreciate it very much if you will quote us the lowest
    • price CIF London for the electric heaters that can be
    • supplied from stock..
    • We look forward to your early reply.
    • Yours faithfully,
    • xxx
  • 30. THE END