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Zolatone Presentation


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Describes the Zolatone brand of interior decorative wall paints produced by Master Coating Technologies

Describes the Zolatone brand of interior decorative wall paints produced by Master Coating Technologies

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  • 1.  
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  • 3. Our History
  • 4. • Started by Dr. Zola in the 1960s. • Early uses inside of Airstream trailers and inside auto trunks by Detroit cy automotive manufacturing because of durability and surface adhesion. • Performance on CMU block has educational institutions embracing Zolatone as cy a building standard. • Architectural finishes introduced and product line moved into all commercial cy spaces requiring high performance qualities. • In 1990 Polomyx and Zolatone merge into one company located in California. Our History
  • 5. Zolatone Now • Purchased by Master Coating Technologies in 2007. • Rebranded Zolatone with new marketing tools. • Reformulated all Zolatone finishes to be waterbased and LEED compliant. • Became more Contractor / Designer friendly for sampling and marketing. • Expanded existing pallet and introduced new colors. • Specified internationally from 1 gallon to 5,000
  • 6. • Healthcare • Commercial / Office Space • Large & Small Facilities • Institutional • Government
  • 7. Why Zolatone? • Waterbase - Low Odor • ASTM Tested Durability • Contributes Toward LEED Credits • Spot Repairable - Can be Touched-up • Single Component Application • Industry standard spray application • Out performs Regular Paint up to 20x on life cycle cy cost and cleanability
  • 8. Color is naturally comprised of many shades and variations of tone. Mottled textures and various components reveal themselves when colors are viewed up close. Zolatone multicolor paint works on a similar principle. Layered and tactile particles of color add visual interest up close but appear solid when viewed at a distance. Zolatone achieves this effect by suspending tiny balls of color within the paint. These paint particles explode on impact when applied creating a one-of-a-kind look that appears natural and conceals the scuffs and stains that occur in high traffic areas. Why Multicolor?
  • 9. Why Multicolor?
  • 10. Where to Specify • All High Traffic Areas • Commercial and Office Space • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities • Hallways, Corridors, Large Public Spaces • Service Rooms, Work and Mechanical Areas • Block Walls, Drywall, Metal, Vinyl, Ceramic Tile & More • Anywhere regular paint won’t work!
  • 11. Counterpointe pfx Lluminations zfx Metal zml Zolatone Finishes Polomyx plx Polomyx Airless pxa FORM Collection FUNCTION Collection Rich colors, subtle tones and reflective components. Ideal finishes for less than idea surfaces.
  • 12. Counterpointe pfx Light reflective mica flecks give this low VOC waterbased multicolor finish a soft, lustrous glow. Counterpointe’s pearlescent effect brightens interior spaces and gives architectural details a diffuse, inner light. But that’s just part of the story... Counterpointe’s small particle size allows it to be applied with the ease and economy of airless spray equipment. Add to that Counterpointe’s class-leading durability and you have a finish that’s as practical as it is beautiful. Coverage Dry Time Fire Rating Application Voc Level Scrub Rating Up to 80 sqft per gallon 2-4 hours — full cure 7-14 days Class ‘A’ Spray (Airless Equipment) < 60 g/L 4795 (ASTM D-2486)
  • 13. Lluminations zfx The big sparkle, big brother to Counterpoint. Lluminations contains larger mica particles to add more dimension to colors and make an even bigger impression. This low VOC finish is waterbased and spot repairable making it one of the easiest and most economical designer finishes available. With a depth and appearance similar to that of granite, marble or other fine stonework, Lluminations can be used to create very high-end looks at an extremely competitive price. Coverage Dry Time Fire Rating Application Voc Level Scrub Rating Up to 110 sqft per gallon 2-4 hours — full cure 7-14 days Class ‘A’ Spray (Conventional Equipment) < 60 g/L 3000 (ASTM D-2486)
  • 14. Metal zml See walls, corridors, columns and more in a whole new light. Metal creates a seamless metallic finish with a tactile surface that’s much warmer and more inviting than typical metallic paints. And Metal’s low VOC, waterbase formula means it’s easier to use –and like all Zolatone products–it satisfies LEED credits as well. In a world of “me too” metallic paints, Metal stands alone offering the most unique, most natural metallic look available. Coverage Dry Time Fire Rating Application Voc Level Scrub Rating Up to 110 sqft per gallon 2-4 hours — full cure 7-14 days Class ‘A’ Spray (Conventional Equipment) < 100 g/L 3000 (ASTM D-2486)
  • 15. Polomyx plx Our classic multicolor paint. Polomyx blends colors together to create a mottled patina with a layered and natural look. The most sophisticated and flexible multicolor finish on the market.Multicolor surfaces conceal scuffs and stains far better than solid colors. That’s a major reason Polomyx has been so popular with architects, designers and facilities managers for almost 50 years. Coverage Dry Time Fire Rating Application Voc Level Scrub Rating Up to 150 sqft per gallon 1-2 hours — full cure 7-14 days Class ‘A’ Spray (Conventional Equipment) < 60 g/L 5130 (ASTM D-2486)
  • 16. Polomyx Airless pxa The winning combination of good looks, affordability and high durability have made Polomyx Airless our little “street fighter.” Polymyx Airless gives you the great look and repairability of Polomyx with a smaller particle size that allows for easy, airless application. So when the job calls for multicolor but the timing and budget demand speed and economy – Polomyx Airless is the ideal finish for you. Coverage Dry Time Fire Rating Application Voc Level Scrub Rating Up to 125 sqft per gallon 1-2 hours — full cure 7-14 days Class ‘A’ Spray (Airless Equipment) < 60 g/L 3180 (ASTM D-2486)
  • 17. Touch-Up and Spot Repair When properly applied all Zolatone finishes can be maintained with touch-ups and spot repairs at a later date. Use a small and portable cup gun sprayer. Repair and prime the wall and continue to apply sheer coat and particle coat. Feather the repainted area in to blend with the existing areas. • Economically spot repair minor cy abrasions, cracks, dings, and holes • Avoid repainting entire walls • Save time and labor expenses
  • 18. Case Studies Zolatone isn’t ordinary paint. Zolatone provides an economic surface solution in very demanding environments. From dormitories and rock concerts to healthcare facilities and long airport corridors. Zolatone has you covered. • University Of Georgia Housing • The Quicken Loans Arena • Aurora Healthcare Centers • Atlanta International Airport
  • 19. University of Georgia Housing LOCATION - Athens, GA / FINISH USED - Polomyx Higher education means even higher standards. To keep up with thousands of students, The Housing Director at the University of Georgia was looking for an exceptional finish solution. Zolatone’s reputation for durability opened the door, the look sealed the deal. The original application lasted 20 years and was refinished in 2007 with Polomyx All-Acrylic. • Low VOC - Applied in Occupied Spaces • ASTM Tested Durability - 5130 Scrub Cycles • Original Application lasted 20 years
  • 20. Quicken Loans Arena LOCATION - Cleveland, OH / FINISH USED - Polomyx Professional basketball. Concerts. Cleveland. When a venue sees the traffic and activity of the Quicken Loans Arena, the finish system needs to bring its “A” game. Originally a solvent-based finish, The Q needed to update to low-VOC, yet keep the durability and repairability. By crossing over to Polomyx All-Acrylic, they kept the look. And the low-odor meant less down time. • Converted to Waterbase Formulation • Durability to Withstand Constant Abuse • Color Matching
  • 21. Aurora Healthcare Centers LOCATION - Milwaukee, WI / FINISH USED - Polomyx Paging Dr. Zolatone. The Wisconsin healthcare network of Aurora Health Care has used Zolatone multicolor in its facilities for years. When changing regulations required moving to a waterbased product, Aurora decided on Polomyx All-Acrylic. And, when making the switch, even created a custom Polomyx color that became their building standard for all common areas. • Converted to Waterbase Formulation • Polomyx Multicolor Provided Exceptional Hide • Building Standard Finish for Common Spaces
  • 22. Atlanta International Airport LOCATION - Atlanta, GA / FINISH USED - Polomyx Airless Land in the busiest airport in the world and you see endless hustle and bustle. Imagine having to repaint every 45 days. That was the case with the original semi-gloss latex paint used on common area walls. Looking for a better option, Polomyx Airless was tested due to its durability and ease of application and, after two years, the corridor walls are just now needing to be touched-up. • Avoided Repainting Every 45 Days • Easy, Economical Airless Application • Cost Saving Life Cycle
  • 23. Thanks For Your Time Any Questions ?? Gary Moore Director, International Business Development Phone – 651.332.5354 E-mail – // 651.332.5350