Catching Fire Alphabet Book PowerPoint


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I made this for a school project. It is based on Suzanne Collins' book Catching Fire in The Hunger Games Series.

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Catching Fire Alphabet Book PowerPoint

  1. 1. A - AlliesWhat Katniss Everdeenand Peeta Mellark needa lot of in the QuarterQuell to stay alive.
  2. 2. B - Berries (Nightlock)Flashbacks to The HungerGames during the bookabout eating the berries.Cause insanity amongdistricts as they areviewed as defianceagainst the Capitol.Symbol of a desperategirl trying to save herlover.
  3. 3. C - CornucopiaEssential to everyHunger Games.Contains all of thesupplies and weaponsin the arena.Generally golden incolor and very large.On an island in the 75thGames.
  4. 4. D - DariusPeacekeeper in District12.Frequents the Hob forGreasy Sae’s soup andstew.Is beaten and turnedinto an Avox for Katnissand Peeta.
  5. 5. E - Effie TrinketDistrict 12’s escort tothe Capitol for theGames.Reads names of chosentributes.Best known for her pinkhair, flamboyancy, andoverall perkiness.
  6. 6. F - FoodA scarcity in District 12Abundant in the CapitolDescribed in greatdetail by SuzanneCollins for the mostpart. Some food isn’tdescribed.
  7. 7. G - Gale HawthorneBest friend of Katnisssince childhood.Hunting partner ofKatniss in the forestoutside 12.Could-be lover ofKatniss as he has kissedher before.Rescuer of Katniss fromQuarter Quell.
  8. 8. H - Haymitch AbernathyDistrict 12 Mentor ofKatniss and Peeta.District drunkard as he isalmost always drunk.Supplied white liquor byKatniss before Games.Helps Gale rescue Katnissand others.Victor of 50thHungerGames, Second QuarterQuell.
  9. 9. I - InfectionCould come fromscratching wounds leftby poisonous fog.
  10. 10. J - JabberjayCapitol muttations forspying.Mated with mockingbirdsto make Mockingjays.Can repeat all humansounds likeconversations.Used as a torture devicein the 4-5 o’clock zone inGames.
  11. 11. K - Katniss EverdeenKatniss is the narratorof Catching Fire.She is 17 years old.She is the protagonistand female tribute ofDistrict 12.She is an excellenthunter andtremendouslyresourceful.
  12. 12. L - LoveWhat everyone in Panemthinks Peeta and Katnissare in.It is an act so they couldstay together, they haveto keep it up and possiblyget married.Katniss is supposedlypregnant during the 75thHunger Games.Loving each other couldget them sponsors.
  13. 13. M - MockingjayJabberjays and mockingbirdsmated to create mockingjays.Can only mimic human sounds,not speech.Madge gave Katniss amockingjay pinUsed as a symbol of therebellion.Katniss becomes a figuralMockingjay before the QuarterQuell, and the mockingjayfigure of the rebels.
  14. 14. N - NightmaresKatniss and Peeta sufferfrom nightmares before,during, and after theGames.Very intense recollectionsof Hunger Gamesmemories, or anythingrelated to them.
  15. 15. O - OctaviaMember of Katniss’sprep team.Is constantlyreinventing Katnissfrom “Beauty BaseZero.”Is always the color ofpeas, skin coloring is allthe rage in the Capitol.Is extremely sad whenKatniss has to go backActress who plays Octavia(Bruce Bundy)
  16. 16. P - Peeta MellarkDistrict 12’s maletribute.Peeta has been in lovewith Katniss since theywere younger.A second maincharacter in CatchingFire.Is captured by theCapitol at the end ofthe Quarter Quell.
  17. 17. Q - Quarter QuellThe QQ takes place every25 years and is a “glorifiedversion” of the Games.Haymitch was the winnerof the 2ndQQ, whichdoubled tributes to 48from 24.Generally has a specialtwist supposedly writtenin the Dark Days.
  18. 18. R - ReapingA day that happens oncea year where tributes arepicked for Games.12’s is led by EffieTrinket.Happens in every district,except the Capitol.People can volunteer fortribute at any time.
  19. 19. S - SponsorsAre people who seepotential in the players.Provide them with foodand sometimes weapons.Capitol people bet onwinner.Pool money for meds andemergency items duringGames.Generally reside in theCapitol.
  20. 20. T - Training CenterA skyscraper located in theCapitol.Tributes live and train there forthe Games.Their mentor, escort, stylist,and prep team stay with them.Each District has its own floor.Underground level is full oftraining stations.Sponsors and Gamemakerswatch Tributes practice.
  21. 21. U - UprisingOriginal was in Dark Days withpeople trying to overthrow theCapitol.Caused by Katniss trying to bebrave and protect her and Peetain the 74thGames.Secondary cause is Cinna(Karniss’s Stylist) turning Katnissinto a Mockingjay by altering herwedding dress.Started in District Eight inCatching Fire and spreadthroughout Panem.
  22. 22. V - Victor’s VillageA separate community, builtaround a beautiful garden,containing 12 huge houses for12 possible Victors from District12.Haymitch has lived there alonefor 20+ years.Katniss and Peeta joined himafter winning the 74th HungerGames.Victors’ families live with themand become wealthier thaneveryone else.
  23. 23. W - Wiress and BeeteeDistrict 3 tributes.Technologically inclined.Nicknamed “Nuts & Volts.”Wiress is about Mrs.Everdeen’s age and is quietand intellectual.Beetee is older, somewhatfidgety, and wears glasses.He loves the wire heinvented.Actors for Wiress and Beetee
  24. 24. X - XanaduAn allusion to the Capitol ofPanem.Xanadu means “a place ofgreat beauty, luxury, andcontentment.”The Capitol is very luxuriousand beautiful in a twistedway.The people are very contentin the Capitol.The Capitol is creepybeautiful.
  25. 25. Y - YearnAll Tributes yearn toleave the Games and tonot be in the Games.The citizens of 12 yearnfor food everyday. Sodo several otherdistricts.Pres. Snow yearned forKatniss to control theuprising among theDistricts.
  26. 26. Z - ZoneThe Districts of Panemincluding the capitol arezones.Each one is different.Each one producessomething different thanthe other ones.Poorest are the outermostlying ones, while the richerDistricts are close to theCapitol.