Why you need to jailbreak your iphone


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Why you need to jailbreak your iphone

  1. 1. Computers Why You Need To Jailbreak Your Iphone
  2. 2. Computers Many people who are into using iPhones usually learn about the option to jailbreak ipod touch 4g but very few people take advantage of this possibility because they think that it is illegal. Many people mistake a jailbreak to be something that will void your warranty or will increase your pay in your telecom bills. What is jailbreak? Because of the name of the procedure, many iPhone users label jail breaking to be illegal and many people avoid it to maintain the integrity of their iPhone. If you want to jailbreak ipod 4 or iPhone, you should not worry about the possibilities of getting your warranty void or getting sued because it is perfectly safe. Learn more about factory unlock iphone 4 and why you need to jailbreak your iphone please visit this website. Jail breaking is the process of making it possible to install apps that are not from the appstore to your own iPhone. You paid for your device and it is only fair that you are allowed to install all the apps you want to it and not be limited by what Apple thinks your experience should be. What can you get when you jailbreak your iPhone? Make it function like a real computer The iphone can actually be used as a portable computer if you want it to. Use a BSD unix subsystem to make it perform like a portable computer. If I want to use my iPhone with other telecom companies, I should jailbreak it to unlock my iphone 4.
  3. 3. Computers Track the location of your phone There are also some apps that will help you track your iPhone when it becomes lost or stolen and these apps can only be used using jail broken phones. For more information about jailbreak ipod 4 and what are the advantages of unlocking your iphone please go here. Make the Newsstand vanish Jail breaking your iPhone also gives you the option to delete the Newsstand apps that can sometimes be very distracting. Normal iphones don’t have this option and owners need to live with it being in their home screen. This app can be very distracting and make your home screen really cluttered. Jailbreak if you want other browsers
  4. 4. Computers The default browser that you use should be up to you and you can change it by jail breaking your iphone. Many PC users are more accustomed to using Google Chrome and they should have the option to use it if you want. You can change the default browser that you use if you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.