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Biome travel brochure directions
Biome travel brochure directions
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Biome travel brochure directions


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  • 1. Biome Project: Travel Brochure Objective: Research a biome of your choice and create a travel brochure for that biome. Task: Imagine that you work for a travel agency. You are a travel brochure designer. Your task is to create a brochure for an exciting adventure to a biome of your choice. You will use a note sheet to guide you with your research. Your brochure must be informative, creative, easy to read, and colorful. Your biome brochure needs to include:  A colorful picture of your biome on the cover(your name, name of biome, colorful picture, and catchy title or phrase)  A map showing where the biome is located in the world.  Description of the landforms and water features in the biome.  Plants and animals that live in the biome.  Description of the climate or weather for the biome.  Things a traveler could do in the biome.  Any dangers or threats to the biome (endangered species, climate melting ice caps)  Any other interesting facts that you discover during your research. *Use captivating sentences to sell your biome. (example: Want to take a break from your daily job and life and escape to the beautiful outdoors of the Rainforest? Few experiences can compare to watching the sloths in the trees! Check out the amazing animals of the deciduous forest!) Let’s Get Started !!!! Directions: 1) Choose a biome and get approved by me. 2) Go over directions and rubric with teacher and class. 3) Go over directions and rubric with parent or guardian(get signed and return to school). 4) Start research (use note sheet to guide your research and take notes.) 5) Use your note sheet to create a travel brochure (Mrs. Turner will teach and guide us to create travel brochures using publisher on the computer) 6) Don’t forget to site your sources on a separate sheet of paper.
  • 2. 7) Use your rubric as a checklist to make sure your travel brochure is complete and fulfills expectations. 8) Be creative and have fun!!! The biome I would like to research is: 1st choice __________________________ 2nd choice__________________________ 3rd choice__________________________ ___________________________ __________________________ parent signature student signature