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  •  A wonderful story of bravery and courage. Poppy and her family live near a forest and Mr. Ocax, the horned owl rules the forest. Poppy’s boyfriend, Ragweed, becomes Mr. Ocax’s dinner after he and Poppy go up to Bannock Hill without Mr. Ocax’s permission. Mr. Ocax claims that he protects the mice from procupines. When Poppy’s family must move because they are running out of food in the old Grey House, Mr. Ocax refuses to let them move, and Poppy must set out on a wonderful journey to see if the New House is really worth her family’s move. Along the way, Poppy meets up with a dreaded porcupine who ends up not being so horrible after all. This isn’t just about Poppy’s journey, it’s also about Mr. Ocax, who has bullied the mice for years. Who wins Mr. Ocax or Poppy. Find out in Poppy by Avi. This is Book 1 of a series of several novels.
  • Eleven-year-old Mark Chelmsley moves into rural New Hampshire's Hardy Elementary School with just weeks left of the school year. Mark is indifferent towards his new school and classmates because his wealthy absentee parents plan to enroll Mark in a private school the following year. Mark's attitude causes his teacher, Mr. Maxwell, to view him as a slacker and a spoiled rich kid. Mark spends his non-school hours on a solo discovery of the New Hampshire countryside. He reluctantly attends Mr. Maxwell's prized environmental camp. The week proves to be a test of will and ultimately a test of survival as Mark Chelmsley and Mr. Maxwell are transformed by A Week in the Woods.
  • If you could choose to have a special power what would it be? My name is Mibs, short for Mississippi, and I come from a very unique family. When we turn thirteen, we get to find out what our “savvy” is which is a magical power. My brother can control electricity, my mother is perfect, and my grandfather can move mountains. I was so excited for my birthday to arrive so I could finally find out what my savvy was going to be, but all that excitement changed in an instant when my father was involved in a horrible accident and left in a coma.  Savvy is a modern fantasy novel that follows the wild journey that Mibs and her brothers take to visit their father at the hospital. Mibs believes that her savvy may have the potential to wake her father up, so she stops at nothing to make sure that they make it to the hospital in time. Find out what other secrets this family holds, and if Mibs savvy wakes her father up in Savvy, by Ingrid Law.
  • Brenton, Kelsey, Judy and Sam were the last people anyone would expect to be friends. Brenton was brilliant, but didn't have many friends. Sam was known as a troublemaker. Judy was considered the teacher's pet, while Kelsey didn't put much effort into anything. The only thing they had in common was the table where they sat in school. Because their last names all started with D, their teacher had them sit together; everyone called them the "D Squad." So why were the D Squad hanging out together every day after school by October? Read Judy's section on p. 25-26. Brenton insists his machine is real. And that afternoon, he takes the rest of D Squad to his house to show them. Brenton scans in their worksheet with questions about the solar system—and a few minutes later, a completed worksheet (in Brenton's handwriting) comes out the printer! The rest of D Squad are amazed, and pretty soon, the homework machine (which they name Belch) is doing their homework, too! Can you imagine all the things you could do if you didn’t have to spend time on homework? Is there anything bad that could happen if a machine did your homework for you? Find out what happens to D Squad in The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman.
  • Read from First Chapter
  • Martin Anderson cannot stay out of trouble. He seems to have a natural talent for getting on everyone's bad side. This talent lands him in Edgeview, a last-chance alternative school. There, Martin's roommate, Torchie, keeps setting things on fire. His friends are thieves and cheaters, and his mouth quickly gets him in trouble with the teachers. However, as the school year progresses Martin begins to suspect that his friends aren't troubled so much as misunderstood. After researching ESP he learns his friends have special powers. He just needs to convince them of it. He does convince them, and also finds out that he has his own power
  • Quill is a gray, oppressive world where -- on one day each year -- 13-year-olds are separated into three castes: Wanted, Necessaries, and Unwanted. Wanteds go to the Academy, Necessaries get to work, and the Unwanteds, mostly creative kids, are sent to the Death Farm to be thrown into a lake of boiling oil. Told from the point of view of one boy, Alex, marked Unwanted because he draws pictures in the mud, the story really begins when the Unwanteds arrive at the Death Farm and instead discover a place called Artime, which is very different from their terrible expectations. There, they meet Marcus Today, the magician-leader of Artime, who has created a world where each individual is valued and encouraged to grow. But it's not long before Alex and his fellow Unwanteds will have to use their creativity in a violent battle between the two societies.
  • Do you believe in ghosts? Josh wasn’t sure that he did until he met Willie, the ghost of an old coal miner. Josh was sent to live with his Great Aunt Ethel for the summer, which he thinks is going to lead to the most boring summer of his life. However, Josh soon meets Willie while out in an old tree house. Willie has a favor to ask of him. What kind of favor would a ghost have for a twelve year old boy? He wants him to dig up his leg, which was not buried with the rest of his body and rebury it with the rest of him. Will Josh go through with that, knowing it’s against the law? He knows his mom and step-did would definitely not approve.   Josh also comes across a stray cat that he is very fond of while spending time out in the tree house. He begins to feed it, against Aunt Ethel’s wishes, and soon learns that this stray cat has kittens. Josh soon learns the responsibility of having to take care of and nurture these stray AprylSwynenburg   apryl_4@hotmail.com Formerly Chapelwood Elementary animals. Will Josh be able to find a home for them before he leaves Washington State for the summer?   Carbon City has an unsolved mystery of some missing money that the town raised for an animal shelter. Josh learns that Aunt Ethel is not too fond of feeding strays because the fact that the animal shelter was not able to be built is still a hard subject for her to deal with. She and her sister gave a substantial amount of money to help in the cost, only to find out it was stolen within a couple of days. When Josh comes upon a metal case of money, could he help solve an ongoing mystery? Or can he survive what happens when the person who hid the money realizes that Josh has it?

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