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Trend Report NewYork 2013 - Peter Heshof - BLOOM
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Trend Report NewYork 2013 - Peter Heshof - BLOOM


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I help brands to stay relevant, based on consumer insights and trends. To get new insights into trends I visit every year a place to get inspired. This time it was NewYork again to see how the young, …

I help brands to stay relevant, based on consumer insights and trends. To get new insights into trends I visit every year a place to get inspired. This time it was NewYork again to see how the young, creative and ambitious people of NY are coping with the crisis.
This trend report is the outcome of my trend observations.

Published in: Business

  • Dankjewel Peter. Bruikbare inzichten die voor o,a, een Griekse olijfolie en thee handel bruikbare inzichten aanbiedt. Voor mijn merkactie Ambrosia Honingwijnen zitten er goede en bruikbare aanknopingspunten in. Cu soon.
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  • Inkoop en Trends 2013

    Door mijn opleiding (Fashion) Design ben ik altijd geïnteresseerd in trends, aangezien deze om ons heen ‘groeien’ en van invloed zijn op allerlei aspecten van ons leven. Deze column van Peter Heshof zette mij aan om na te denken hoe dergelijke trends van invloed kunnen zijn op de functie van inkopers. Wanneer het mogelijk wordt om met kleine(re) productieruns te werken, en zelfs de massaproducenten meer van globaal naar lokaal zullen gaan, zullen we als inkopers onze (leveranciers)markt(en) ook anders moeten gaan zien en benaderen. Kennis van de lokale markt zal dan nog belangrijker worden. Dit in combinatie met de trend ‘re-connect’ zal leiden tot een andere manier van inkopen. Zullen we dan weer meer teruggaan naar het aangaan van langdurige relaties met onze leveranciers en meer samen gaan ontwikkelen? En/of gaan lokale leveranciers/producenten meer met elkaar samenwerken en treden zij naar bedrijven ook gezamenlijk op? Zal ik als inkoper dan met mijn smartphone met GPS letterlijk ‘de boer op moeten gaan’? Wat zal dit voor de prijsniveau betekenen? Gaat technologie er echt voor zorgen, dat massaproducenten lokaal voor een acceptabel prijsniveau kunnen produceren? Kunnen er zo kostenbesparingen behaald worden? Als massaproductie/consumptie uit is, gaan we dan werkelijk minder (in)kopen? Zullen gecentraliseerde inkoopafdelingen weer lokale inkoop- afdelingen worden? Wie zal het zeggen? Maar één ding is zeker: deze trends zullen van invloed zijn op inkoop en de tijd zal het leren!

    Karina Klaassen

    Inkoper MarCom Emeritor
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  • 1. Trend report - New York 2013 Peter Heshof Zeitgeist watcher & brand strategist2013 © Founder trend & marketing agency BLOOM
  • 2. My New York trend visit As founder of trend & marketing agency BLOOM I go every year on a trend trip to get fresh inspiration for my trend research. Last year I visited China and saw a booming economy and an eagerness for more and more consumption. The economic situation in the EU and US is the opposite. Because the recession has hit the US harder then the EU, I was curious to see what trends are developing in New York, a city with so many young, creative and ambitious people. I like to share 2 trends, I scouted in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Peter Heshof The Netherlands, February 20132013 ©
  • 3. 2 trends I like to share 1. Re-connect 2. The Maker Movement2013 ©
  • 4. Trend 1 RE-CONNECT2013 ©
  • 5. Trend 1 Re-connect with real life The ‘Greed is good period’ is behind us. But what is next? We have no clear view yet on our new future. Which brings us a lot of uncertainty. Re-connecting with real life is our way to de-stress.2013 ©
  • 6. Re-connect with: 1. simple things of life 2. nature 3. people 4. local community These trends have become more dominant, since my last visit in 20102013 ©
  • 7. 1. Re-connect with the simple things of life Enjoying the small things in life 72013 © 7
  • 8. 1. Re-connect with the simple things of life 1.1 Enjoying simplicity 1.2 Re-value of handmade 1.3 Re-use 82013 © 8
  • 9. 1.1 Enjoying simplicity What is it that really matters in life? It is about enjoying the small and simplethings in life when our electronic device is switched off.Like reading a good book, biking around, enjoying delicious simple food & drinks and have a good sleep.2013 © 9
  • 10. 1.1 Enjoying simplicity Photo: Wythe Hotel2013 © 10
  • 11. 1.1 Enjoying simplicity Todays luxury is about enjoying the small things in life, like “simple” food at a gourmet level. With a preference for single-product places.2013 © 11
  • 12. 1.1 Enjoying simplicity Enjoying our free energy20123©2013 © 12
  • 13. 1.2 Re-value of handmade 132013 © 13
  • 14. 1.2 Re-value of handmade 142013 © 14
  • 15. 1.3 Re-use Let’s make more with what we have. Why not re-use? Give our clothes a second life or even a better life by upgrading them in a cradle to cradle system to other products?Re-use is all about make more with what we have instead of buying new goods.2013 © 15
  • 16. 1.3 Re-use2013 © 16
  • 17. 2. Re-connect with nature2013 © 17
  • 18. 2. Re-connect with nature 2.1 Nature is back 2.2 Love for natural food 2.3 Natural healthy goodies2013 © 18
  • 19. 2.1 Nature is back Last decades we have pushed nature out of our lives. Now it is time to re-connect with the trees, the flowers and the bees. Photo: Waldorf Astoria2013©2013 © 19
  • 20. 2.1 Nature is back2013 © 20
  • 21. 2.1 Nature is back2013 © 21
  • 22. 2.2 Love for natural food Natural food = - Fresh food - Locally grown - Organic - Artisanal - Grass fed beef - Antibiotic free - Raw - Vegan2013 © 22
  • 23. 2.2 Love for natural food2013 © 23
  • 24. 2.2 Love for natural food2013 © 24
  • 25. 2.3 Natural healthy goodiesNatural Food = full of healthy goodies Natural foods to cleanse, to detox, to energize, to increase immunity, to burn fat, to relax Teavana Tea2013 © 25
  • 26. 2.3 Natural healthy goodies2013 © 26
  • 27. 2.3 Natural healthy goodies Fire Cider: “ Based on the traditional New England cure-all of apple cider vinegar and honey, our tonic is spiced up with a synergistic blend of immune- boosting, health-enhancing, pathogen-fighting roots and fruits. Fire Cider can be taken daily as a preventative and also at the onset of seasonal allergies, colds and flu. Fire Cider is also an excellent digestive aid for such common problems as heartburn, gas and bloating, as well as sluggish digestion. And its2013©2013 © a delicious pick-me-up!” 27
  • 28. 3. Re-connect with people2013 © Happier together 28
  • 29. 3. Happier together The WE - eraForget self-improving books and courses like the Secret and Mindfulness to feel betterThe warmth, the talk, the smile, the touchand the love of others do us more good. Side Tour, Experiences with real people2013 © Photo: Willie Chandler | 29
  • 30. 3. Happier together Communal tables2013 © 30
  • 31. 3. Happier together Co-working is more fun & makes us stronger2013 © 31
  • 32. 3. Happier together A dog is your best buddy. Compared to 2010, there is a need for bigger dogs2013 © 32
  • 33. 4. Re-connect with community2013 © Support local made 33
  • 34. 4. Support local made US designed, US sourced Made In New York Made in Brooklyn Harvested in Bush wick We all benefit when our community is doing well. We support and want to protect goodswhich are designed, sourced, produced in our (local) community.2013 © 34
  • 35. 4. Support local made Retailers are promoting local goods2013 © 35
  • 36. Trend 2 THE MAKER MOVEMENT2013 ©
  • 37. Trend 2 The Maker Movement The economic crisis has stimulated more people to become a maker. Tech makers and Food makers have an inner passion for their product-ideas and use craftsmanship and smart technology to make it happen. 372013 ©
  • 38. The Maker Movement is about: 1. making things 2. passion driven 3. use of new technology 4. working together2013 ©
  • 39. 1. Making things After the digital wave, these Makers will generate a new creativity wave in the US.2013 © 39
  • 40. 1. Making Things The maker movement is all about making tangible things Most creativity comes from tech and food makersWith use of today’s affordable technology and craftsmanship There is room to create and produce your own ideas. Ideas are shared and improved (online and offline) with others This wave of small scale producers will hit the mass producers2013 © 40
  • 41. 1. Making Things Tech makers are building their own business by making tangible things With today’s affordable technology people can create, test and produce their ideasAnd sell it online to everyone in the world Photo: GE Garage2013 © 41
  • 42. 1. Making Things Food makers are experimenting and creating exciting products at a gourmet level2013 © 42
  • 43. 1. Making ThingsPop-up class at the ACE hotel is all about Make it Yourself2013 © 43
  • 44. 2. Passion driven2013 © 44
  • 45. 2. Passion driven They all have their inner passion for creating and making new things! Especially in tech and food sector Photo: Tech Shop Photo: 3rdWard - Brooklyn2013 © 45
  • 46. 2. Passion driven Small is beautiful The passion of small scale business (like Toby’s Estate coffee, Blue bottle coffee) is something the big brands (like Starbucks) can not offer2013 © 46
  • 47. 3. Use of new technology Democratization of production technology2013 © 47
  • 48. 3. Use of new technology Production technology was owned by large companies, they decided what was produced Today’s production technology isdemocratized and accessible to everyone It gives everyone the freedom to build your dreams2013 © 48
  • 49. 3. Use of new technology TechShop is a playground for creativity and making things. TechShop is a membership-based do-it-yourself workshop that provides members with the use of tools and equipment, classes and a vibrant and creative community Photo: Tech Shop They provide comprehensive instruction and expert staff to ensure you have a meaningful and rewarding experience. Most importantly, TechShop is a hub where you can explore the world ofmaking with the motivational support of a vibrant and creative community. Photo: Tech Shop2013 © 49
  • 50. 4. Working together Sharing knowledge, knowhow and ideas2013 © 50
  • 51. 4. Working together In the past makers where working in solitude Today’s makers use the internet philosophy to share and build ideas together Working together online and offline makes them smarter 3rdWard is workshop place to learn and make2013 © Photo: Tech Shop 51
  • 52. 4. Working together Schnitz: crowdsourcing “We want to crowd source thedevelopment of a restaurant in New York. We aim to build a community around Schnitz with two main goals: 1.Give the world a first-hand account ofthe process behind opening and operating a restaurant in New York. 2.Create a forum for people to contribute ideas and give feedback. Choosing a logo, finding a location, coordinating suppliers, selecting the menu, determining the décor, checkingout the competition you’ll be a part of it all. We’ll be posting photos, videos, sketches and notes all along the way. Help us create a product that everyone loves!”2013 © 52
  • 53. 4. Working together Food makers are working together on local markets to promote their food business, like - Smorgasburg Market - New Amsterdam Market - Stockton Market2013 © 53
  • 54. 4. Working together Big companies are helping the Small makers to build their business - Whole Foods gives the food makers a platform in their supermarket - GE Garage and STORY give tech makers a platform to promote Story is a magazine like Pop-up store2013 © 54
  • 55. Being re-connected with real life gives us fresh energy2013 © to create and make a new future together.
  • 56. Do you want to know what these trends imply for your brand? Do you want my personal story behind this trend report? Or do you have any questions or adjustments? Please mail me or visit my website 562013 ©
  • 57. Our strength Bloom helps brands stay relevant, based on consumer trends and insights2013 © 57
  • 58. Copyright© 2013 by Peter HeshofAll rights reservedNo part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into aretrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic,mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without prior permission ofPeter Heshof.Requests for permission should be directed to peter@tobloom.nl2013 ©