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Tristan reaburn jones the digestive system slide show
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Tristan reaburn jones the digestive system slide show






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    Tristan reaburn jones the digestive system slide show Tristan reaburn jones the digestive system slide show Presentation Transcript

    • The Digestive System By Tristan Reaburn-Jones Fessenden School Gr.5
    • Major Organs
      • liver
      • esophagus
      • large intestine
      • stomach
      • small intestine
      • pancreas
      • gallbladder
      • mouth
    • The Esophagus
      • the function of the esophagus is to bring food and liquid from the back of the throat, through it’s channel and into the stomach
      • the structure of the esophagus is a very strong and muscular tube that is about 25cm long
    • The Liver
      • the function of the liver is to store up glycogen, vitamins and minerals for the body
      • the structure of the liver is made up of four lobes
      • the four lobes are made up of 50 000 to 100 000 various-sided units called lobules
    • The Stomach
      • the function of the stomach is to store food as it’s being mixed with enzymes that continue the process of breaking down food into a usable form
      • the structure of the stomach is a hollow organ that has openings on each side of it to connect to other body parts
    • The Large Intestine
      • the function of the large intestine is to absorb water and salt from the objects that have not been digested as food and to get rid of any waste products left
      • the structure of the large intestine is made up of three parts, the cecum, the colon and the rectum
      • The cecum is in charge of the liquid, the colon is in charge of the salt and the rectum is in charge of the waste
    • How The Digestive System Works With Other Systems
      • the digestive system works with the circulation system by giving by giving nutrients to the cells of the circulation system
    • Healthy Effects On The Digestive System
      • lots of exercise
      • making good lifestyle choices
      • maintaining your weight
      • eating healthy food
      • lots of sleep
    • Harmful Effects On The Digestive System
      • smoking
      • alcohol
      • obesity
      • lack of exercise
      • eating junk food
      • stress
    • Diseases For The Digestive System
      • cystic fibrosis-pancreas
      • ulcers-mouth and stomach
      • inflammatory bowel disease-large intestine
      • cancer-all organs
      • gastroesophageal reflex disease-stomach and esophagus
    • Did You Know?
      • the digestive process starts even before you taste food
      • when you see, smell or even think about food saliva forms in your mouth
      • the saliva breaks down food so it’s easier to swallow
    • Did You Know?
      • if you swallow air to fast you will burp
      • food reaches the stomach through the esophagus in 8-10 seconds, but liquid reaches the stomach in only 1 second
    • Did You Know?
      • even though the small intestine seems small, it’s not
      • if you stretched it out, it would be 22 feet long
      • the food stays a long time in the small intestine, sometimes even 4 hours
    • Did You Know?
      • the stomach is j-shaped
      • foods stay in the stomach for different amounts of times
      • that is because carbohydrates are digested faster than protein and proteins are digested faster than fat
    • Resources
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      • esophagussurgery.ca
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      • library.thinkquest.org
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