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Sydney thomasen polar bears


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  • 1. Polar Bears ( Ursus marltimus ) By : Sydney Fessenden Grade 6
  • 2. Scientific Classification Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Mammalia Family Ursidae Genus Ursus
  • 3. Appearance
    • Largest land carnivore
    • Male Polars grow two or three times the size of a female
    • Male Polar bears weigh about 650 kg and are about 2.5 to 3 m long
    • Females weigh about 150 to 250kg and are about 1.8 to 2.5 m long female polar bears can weigh as much as 500kg when pregnant
  • 4. Habitat
    • Polar bears have been reported as far north as north pole and as south as Labrador Newfoundland
    • Polar Bears inhabit artic sea ice,
    • water islands and
    • continental coastlines.
    Where the polar bears live
  • 5. Life Cycle
    • Live to 25, Females give birth to 1 or 2 young
    • Full grown at about 5 or 6
    • Stay with their mother until two and a half years
  • 6. Diet
    • Polar bears feed on mainly bearded seals, Depending on their location they also feed on harp and hooded seals and scavenger on carcasses of beluga whales, narwhals and bowhead whales
    • In spring berries and some plants
  • 7. Predators
    • Humans (hunting)
    • Global Warming
  • 8. Impact on the Environment
    • They are top of the food chain in their region if polar bears don’t exist other populations will rise which would create imbalance
    • Especially if one species out
    • competes another with food
    • source and knocks that species
    • out
  • 9. How Humans impact Polar Bears
    • Pollution
    • Global Warming is melting their ice and making it harder to hunt
    • Hunting polar bears for food and fur for money
  • 10. How can we help the Polar Bears
    • Buy fur made from other products
    • Not release green house gasses that will cause global warming
  • 11. Fun Facts
    • Female polar bears would rather build their dens in "old snow" from previous years rather than the freshly fallen snow.
    • Polar Bears tend to over heat than to get to cold
    • Polar bears are so strong that one blow from its paw can kill an animal
    • A polar bear's fur is not white!!  It is hollow.  The fur reflects light.  The hollow fur also traps the suns heat to help keep it warm
  • 12. References
  • 13. Thanks For Watching