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Blob fish slide show

  1. 1. Scientific name: Psychrolutidae Jack Murrell-wright Grade : 6 School Fessenden
  2. 2. Scientific classification• Kingdom: Animalia• Phylum: chordata• Class: Actinopterygii• Order: Scorpaeniformes• Family: psychroluteidae• Genus: psychrolutes• Species: P.marcidus
  3. 3. Appearance• The blobfish is a fish that has no muscles in its body.• The blobfish is always grey and has a face that looks like a human’s.• The blobfish has a long hanging nose and a bagging mouth.• The blobfish is pretty much just a blob at the bottom of the ocean.
  4. 4. Habitat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!• The blob fish lives in the ocean• Inhabits the deep waters off the coast off of mainland Australia and Tasmania• The reason the blobfish is so rare to see is because they live literally right off of the sea bed.
  5. 5. Diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!• The blobfish eats invertebrates like crabs, sea pens and mollusks.• Blobfish get their food by floating and eating anything that passes by.
  6. 6. Predators• Other animals do not eat blobfish because they are inedible• The blobfish predators are actually humans because humans are killing them with the deep sea trawling nets
  7. 7. Life cycle• The female blobfish lays thousands of eggs at a time• Unlike lots of fish the blobfish will stay with their eggs• The blobfish nesting habits are weird, females actually nest almost right beside other females laying eggs
  8. 8. How the blobfish helps the environment• The blobfish helps the environment by eating all the crabs and mollusks so they don’t overpopulate
  9. 9. How humans interact with the blobfish environment• Humans interact with the blobfish environment by throwing garbage and polluting the ocean• This affects the blobfish environment because all of the garbage will sink down to the ocean floor. The blobfish will get stuck in it and eventually they will not be able to live in this environment and will die
  10. 10. How humans interfere with the blobfish• Humans interfere with the blobfish by using the deep sea trawling nets that will catch them and they will die.• This is also the reason that the blobfish are becoming extinct
  11. 11. What can be done to help the blobfish survive?????????????• We can help the blobfish survive by making sure that no one uses the deep sea trawling nets so nothing can harm them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 12. COOL FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!• The blobfish does not have a bladder• Doesn’t have any muscles in its body• Found at depths where the water pressure is dozens of times higher than at sea level• They reach lengths up to 27.5 inches• Extremely rare to come by
  13. 13. MORE COOL FACTS!!!!!!!!!!• If taken out of the water, it dries out and loses its human-like appearance.• this fish is really just a large mass of gel.• They look so sad its so something that I would cry over how about you??
  14. 14. References• Wikepedia•• The blobfish ugliest animal in the sea• The fish index
  15. 15. CREDITS• Pics by: Jack• Writing by: Jack• Credits by : Jack• Everything by: jack