Gamification for marketing


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Presented at Web Wednesday in Ho Chi Minh City on January 23, 2013.

My speaking notes added to the bottom of each slide.

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  • Good ideas. But hard-to-read slides.
    Can you show some examples in Vietnam?
    Keep going!
    Thank you!
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  • Thanks for the comment! I haven't done B2B marketing in a number of years but I'm really fascinated in how it can be used in this context too. Also, I think this is a great tool for the less sexy industries like financial services or insurance :) I'm thinking through some ideas and may use it as a blog topic or some training in Vietnam...if I can find some time from other stuff I'm working on.
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  • Thanks for the upload! Gamification without a doubt is a very interesting tool to drive engagement; I have tried to distil what's in it for B2B marketers; might be of interest @
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Gamification for marketing

  1. 1. Gamification for Marketing Applying gaming mechanics to drive engagement & retention January 23, 2013 Rita Nguyen @moodyrain www.moodyrain.comUsing gaming mechanics to get people to play and keep them playing“mechanics” are the tools and hooks we use
  2. 2. Tens of millions of people pay money to play
  3. 3. Also, games are fun!It really just comes down to that
  4. 4. Just remember that “fun” is different for everyoneSo if it’s different for everyone, how do you make your game fun?
  5. 5. It really is just about psychological motivations
  6. 6. Status Challenge Compete Cooperate Reward RespectPeople have all kinds of psychological motivations when playing games, let’s focus on 3
  7. 7. Achieve Explore SurpriseThese are the ones I chose specific for marketing, let’s hit one at a time
  8. 8. AchieveHumans value something more if they have to work for it - don’t give it away for freeDoesn’t have to be hard so be careful of too many barriers to entry
  9. 9. ChallengesCreate challenges for them to complete and goals to reachExample: Add a timer when you are washing dishesExample: Radio shows do song of the day
  10. 10. Puma Mexico had a timed shopping experience
  11. 11. ProgressionIf you’re going to give them a goal - light the way to clear completion of taskHow to get to the next level, what you get, why do you want to keep goingExample: Starbucks coffee card - buy 5, get one free. Super low tech. Gamification doesn’thave to be really tech heavy
  12. 12. ExploreWe are innately curious creatures, work with that
  13. 13. Cascading Information TheoryGive them a little bit, tease them to want moreSimple at first - unlock more as you progressExample: Emails with just hints, not the full articleExample: YouTube trailers and pre-roll
  14. 14. DiscoveryGive them things to look for - hidden or not. Easter eggs are a huge driver in games.Ask them to look for something -- a joke, an image, a clue, trivia, anything -- to keep them engaged to the point at which they take some sort ofmeaningful action with your content.
  15. 15. DiscoveryJay-Z launched memoir - Decoded by printing pages in the most unexpected places
  16. 16. SurpriseSega Master System easter eggSurprise & delight your customers, give them something they are not expectingMake them feel good - this is supposed to be fun!
  17. 17. Juicy Feedback Now, strong, amped-up feedback on minimum input is one reason for the enjoyability of casual games such as »Peggle«. Seeing lots of flashes, bolts, a rainbow, and listening to »Freude schöner Götterfunken« when finishing a »Peggle« level – it just feels good. It‘s whatMake them feel they’ve»juiciness« of a game. Andsomethingjuicy. (Source, Source) game designers call »juicy« feedback or the accomplished »Peggle« is veryExample: Xbox achievement unlocked soundExample: Micro-win (produce of the day)
  18. 18. Rewards & BonusesPeople love free stuff!Example: Host a webinar and whoever tweets the webinars hashtag the most gets a free ticket to an eventExample: My coke rewards
  19. 19. PointsProgress barMeaningful reward
  20. 20. Key TakeawaysKnow your player and their motivations Make them work for it Light the way with clear progression Reward your player Make it fun!
  21. 21. Questions? Rita Nguyen@moodyrain
  22. 22. Resources••••