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Open badges mmm13 Open badges mmm13 Presentation Transcript

  • "If you have an apple and I have an apple andwe exchange these apples then you and I willstill each have one apple. But if you have an ideaand I have an idea and we exchange these ideas,then each of us will have two ideas." - GeorgeBernard Shaw
  • Introduction
  • Why Open Badges? View slide
  • What’s new? Happens now, right? View slide
  • Mozilla’s Open BadgesInfrastructure• Infrastructure for alternative credentialing Modern society demands new and dynamic skills andliteracies. Requires innovation and flexibility inlearning environments• An indicator of accomplishment, skill or quality• Networked = portability• Learners centered - multiple learning pathwaysto build skills, experiences and competencies• More micro than educational certifications
  • • Capture the learning pathway• Badges can be more granular, aligned to aspecific achievement• Portable, alternative certification model(s)
  • • Perceived value will differ based on the“use case”, i.e. the context orcommunity;EducationProfessional bodiesPeer to peer recognitionCorporate, workplace learning
  • Metadata – just the beginning…• Who was the Issuer?• Issue date• Brief description of how badge was earned• URIs to artefacts, testimonials etc.• Web service for verification. “Did the Issuer issue the badge?” “Is it still valid?”
  • Overview on what we’re doing
  • Badges project timelines
  • Moodle as Issuer – Set-up
  • Badge “baking” – adding a badge
  • CriteriaAccessExpiry
  • Flexibility and automatic management• Leverage Totara Activity and/or course completion to issueBadges – enables very flexible criteria; E.g. viewing a web page or completing a field in yourprofile Replying to a specific forum post Course completeion, activity completion, and also manualissuing badges
  • Issuing a badge with message
  • The Learner Earns and Displays badges
  • Not only in the LMS
  • Mahara as abackpack provider?• OBI provides an openinfrastructure that willunderpin presentation ofwork – e.g. CPD certification• A badge backpack / Maharacombination will enable you to display and collate badges click through to more detailedlevels of evidence andexplanation
  • Mahara as Issuer?• Lightweight grading system?
  • What might happen next?http://neilhammond.blogspot.co.nz/2012/05/open-badges-visual-design-and-semantic.html Evolve, impact on formal education Employers & learners may prefer it to standard CVstructures
  • Questions?