Christmas traditions in Poland

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  • 1. Christmas traditions in Poland
  • 2. Christmas Cards Before Christmas we send Christmas Cardsto our friends and family. We also prepare our houses for Christmas.
  • 3. Christmas Eve On Christmas Eve we seat at the Christmastable and have Christmas supper. We leave a spare place at the supper tablefor an unexpected guest.
  • 4. Christmas supper We eat vegetarian food i.e. beetroot soup,carp fillet, pierogi with sauerkraut and forestmushrooms, poppy seed cakes, stew ofcabbage. We traditionally serve 12 dishes.
  • 5. First Star We are waiting for the first star to sit downat the Christmas table and share the wafer.
  • 6. Holy Wafer We share it before the Christmas supperwishing each other all the best. It is a beautiful sign symbolizing love andunity of all people taking part in the supper.
  • 7. Christmas hay We put it under the white table-cloth onthe table where we have our Christmassupper. It is a symbol of a place where Jesus waslying after his birth.
  • 8. Christmas tree It is usually decorated on Christmas Eve orjust before it. We put live trees in our houses anddecorate them with glass baubles, paper stars,angels, sweets, home-made paper chains, etc.and lights of course.
  • 9. Christmas Carols We sing them at Christmas table. The most traditional Polish carol is ‘God is born’.The most popular carol in the world is ‘Silent night’. It is also a tradition that carol singers visitpeople’s houses wishing them Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year. They are dressed up as shepherds,kings, angels or devils.
  • 10. Presents For many people (especialy children) this isthe most pleasant Christmas custom. In Poland, Father Christmas visits us twice –on 6th December and on Christmas Eve. Heleaves presents under the Christmas tree.
  • 11. Christmas Midnight Mass The traditional Mass celebrated at nightfrom 24 on 25 December. We take part in the night mass with ourfamilies.
  • 12. Merry Christmasand a Happy New Year Primary School in Laczno POLAND