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Pitch for my new website idea.

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DesignTab Pitch

  1. 1. F R E E D E S I G N T U T O R I A LC O M M U N I T YDesign Tab
  2. 2. What is Design Tab? A website where people looking to make their firststeps in design can get high quality tutorials andhelp. A place where artists learning a new discipline canfind well documented beginner tutorials to helpthem start. A community where artists and web designers cancommunicate and meet to find answers to theirquestions. A link to the industry where important updates inthe design world can be reached through articles.
  3. 3. Why make DesignTab? A large portion of people interested in learningdesign are using the internet to find resources. There is a high demand for tutorials online forpeople looking to learn to use programs such as theAdobe Suite or learn to use HTML/CSS or jQuery. Designtab will help new designers take their firststeps in the practical application of digital design.
  4. 4. Core Deliverables A blog featuring news and updates within the designcommunity. Categories of tutorials for programs and languagesincluding:Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, HTML, CSS, jQueryand PHP. A forum to serve as a communication point betweenmembers.
  5. 5. Desirables Guest Articles from designers – Guest articles fromvarious designers will broaden our range of tutorialsand cater to a larger group of potential readers.Guest writers can write tutorials or articles and helpdrive traffic to their own sites and boost their Googleranking through plugs and backlinking.
  6. 6. MoodBoard
  7. 7. Website Framework Responsive Scales to any width for any monitor Mobile friendly Works for all popular browsers & IE Powered by Wordpress Popular blogging and CMS engine Custom theme and plugins Forum Powered by vBulletin Popular and powerful forum engine
  8. 8. Design• Simple & user friendly• Content/sidebar layout• Logo based colourscheme• Social media• Email & RSS feed options• Search function• Navigation covering importantsections• Secondary footer navigationcovering secondary subjects• Featured article and tutorialsection
  9. 9. Design Foundations• Based on a 12 column grid layout• Gutters are all fluid• Allows for automatic websiterestructuring depending onreaders screen resolution• Allows the site to automaticallyrestructure for optimal viewingthrough smartphones or tablets
  10. 10. Timeline2013ReleaseContent CreationCodingDesignDocumentationArticle CreationTutorial CreationOn-Page SEO OptimisationForum ThemeWordpress ThemeForum DesignWebsite DesignForum DocumentWebsite Document
  11. 11. On-Page SEO Strategy Rich heading variation through homepage andtutorial pages Each page to target a specific keyphrase to thattutorial Micro-formats across the site to help search enginesand other tools further learn about the site sectionsand media content Heavy social media presence. Social share links willbe added wherever they can allowing users to sharecontent they find useful across a range of socialmedia platforms
  12. 12. Off-Page SEO & Backlinking Hosting all video tutorial content on YouTube andother social media that supports video to attractvisitors Hosting slideshows & PDF Documents on sites suchas SlideShare Submitting to multiple high authority general site,design and tutorial directories Affiliation with other design communities Social Media
  13. 13. Tutorial Coverage Photoshop Vector Web Design Print Design Design Theory HTML CSS PHP Javascript/AJAX
  14. 14. Desired Outcome A community that attracts new and advanceddesigners and developers A place where these people can learn new skills fortheir chosen profession or begin learning a newskillset A place where people can participate in activediscussion and discuss/help others in the community
  15. 15. Thank You