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AA | Effective use of the Goldfish
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AA | Effective use of the Goldfish


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This is an informative guide for the AA crew to instruct on proper use of the light heavy gunship, the Goldfish.

This is an informative guide for the AA crew to instruct on proper use of the light heavy gunship, the Goldfish.

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  • 1. The Goldfish
  • 2. • Hull HP: 400 • Hull Armor: 1100 • Balloon HP: 1200 • Acceleration: 2.0 m/s2 • Vertical Acceleration: 3.3 deg/s2 • Max Speed: 32.4 m/s • Max Turn Speed: 12.6 deg/s • Mass: 150000 • Hull Size: 680 m2 • Balloon Size: 969 m2
  • 3. Speed The goldfish is the lightest heavy ship. As such this gives the ship a great balance between speed and tank. With decent speed and turning speed the goldfish can use its maneuverability to navigate the battlefield and utilize its turning speed to keep the important front gun trained on the enemy ships.
  • 4. Hull Because the goldfish is a light heavy ship it suffers from some pretty severe hull squishiness. Two shots from a Mercury Field Gun will kill hull armor, one clip of a gatling and 3 shots of a heavy flak will result in the same. The hull armor is very quick to repair and takes at most 3 hits of a mallet to fix. Because of this there should ALWAYS be one engineer manning the hull.
  • 5. Guns The goldfish has 3 guns, one heavy gun on the front and 2 light side guns. The front gun is the main offensive weapon but is very exposed, as such the gunner should take a repair module to mitigate front gun damage. The side guns are mainly for defense. Balloon poppers are good on the side because they can quickly disable enemy ships and escape unfavorable combat situations.
  • 6. Crew • Captain • Gunner • Engineer • Engineer
  • 7. Engineering on a goldfish The goldfish requires two engineers to fly effectively. One engineer on the lower decks maintains the hull and lower engines as well as the guns if need be. The second engineer mans the top level and maintains the balloon and main rear engine. If need be the top level engineer can jump to the bottom rear engines easily and repair them.
  • 8. Gunning on a goldfish First thing’s first… USE YOUR SPYGLASS! It’s the gunners job to spot enemy ships. Marking them not only allows the pilot to see them through the hull but also increases the damage you output to that ship with your guns. Your main job is to man the main front offensive gun, the engineers will usually man the side guns. If you have a long range front turret then make sure each of your shots count. Do not spam them! If you have a short range front turret then do not fire and give away your position until the captain gives orders and allow him to bring you into close range.
  • 9. Glory to Her Majesty’s Navy