Effects of digital comics on the Comic Industry


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A presentation about a few quick facts about digital comics and the comic book market. Created for my FILM260 course

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Effects of digital comics on the Comic Industry

  1. 1. By: Brendan Montgomery President of Queen’s Comic Book Legion
  2. 2. What are digital comics Effects on Readers Effects on Publishers Effects on Comic Book Stores Sources
  3. 3. Digital comics are digital copies of existing comic books that you read on a compatible device, or Comics that are made specifically for digital reading.
  4. 4. They can be purchased in a variety of formats on different devices through an online store Formats include • single issues • Graphic novels • Collections Devices Include • Apple iphone & ipad • Android phones and tablets • Kindle Fire • Windows and mac
  5. 5. Digital comics can cost the same as a print issue (usually $2.99) or can be significantly cheaper at just $0.99
  6. 6. Digital comics are a form of digital media which is continuously being shaped by new technology Features such as animated panels and behind the scenes content can enhance digital comics beyond printed comics.
  7. 7. Let’s examine how this new digital format launched in 2009 affects an industry started in the 1930’s.
  8. 8. Similar to ebooks, digital comics are always in stock and on sale 24 hours a day.
  9. 9. Readers have Tens of thousands of comics to choose from. A Far wider selection than any physical store
  10. 10. The main drawback for many readers is the inability to sell or trade issues. Also to read issues they already own in print they would need to purchase them again. Also many readers enjoy collecting comics as a hobby while digital comics are mainly just for reading.
  11. 11. Comic Book Publishers (the companies who produce comics) are embracing digital comics as an additional revenue stream
  12. 12. Digital comics attract new readers by making it easy to try out new comics. They also reach readers who do not live near a comic book store
  13. 13. Publishers can make more profit from digital comics since they don’t require printing and shipping. This is beneficial for small publishers and self published comics since it lowers the cost of entry into the market.
  14. 14. Integration with social media and online advertising can drive more traffic to publishers and increase sales. Also making the purchasing process simple leads to more impulse buying.
  15. 15. Most publishers don’t disclose their digital sales figures. However Image Comics claim that digital comics account for 15% of their sales. This is up from 12 % of sales in 2012. [5]
  16. 16. Many industry analysts fear that the increase in digital sales will steal customers from local comic book stores.
  17. 17. However, sales data which has been collected from comic book distributor (Diamond) indicates that sales have not suffered and the industry as a whole has grown since digital comics have been sold.
  18. 18. After a small downturn in 2010 & 2011 physical comic book sales have continued to increase despite digital comic books being available [4]
  19. 19. the new readers whom digital comic books attract are also beneficial to comic book stores. They may not be frequent customers, however they still provide sales. As well, they bring friends into stores who may choose print comics.
  20. 20. Overall, the effects digital comic books have on the print market are positive. Consumers have a new choice for how they purchase and read their comics. Digital comics have increased readership and revenues for publishers. local comic book stores have not suffered decreases in sales as a result.
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