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Mp25 Message Switching for Actor Based Designs
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Mp25 Message Switching for Actor Based Designs


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  • 1. Message Switching for Actor based designs Jean-Lou Dupont
  • 2. me● President of Data-Tester Inc. ○ Fiber Optics Test Equipment company ○ Build system / Python ○ Web-Services on Google AppEngine / Python● Python since ~2007
  • 3. what● Actor Design Pattern ○ concurrency ○ abstraction ○ based on "message passing"● "mswitch": an implementation in Python
  • 4. why● Facilitates the "Actor Design Pattern" ○ Less "boiler plate" code ■ No per message type "wiring" ○ Increased flexibility (loose coupling)
  • 5. mswitch / attributes● Software based Message Bus (mswitch) ○ Anonymous Sender ○ Receiver based "wiring" ○ Snooping support (for debugging)● Can either be ○ inter-process ○ intra-process
  • 6. how● Actors are "adresseless"● Each Actor "connects" to the mswitch● First time a message of a Type X is sent ○ All Actors receive the message ○ Each Actor signals "interest" for a message Type X● On subsequent message message of Type X ○ only the Actor(s) which explicitly expressed their interest receive the message
  • 7. implementation / high-level api● Connecting ○ mswitch.subscribe( Actor )● Sending ○ mswitch.send( origin Actor, msg )● Receiving ○ Actor.mailbox( msg )
  • 8. architecture / connecting Actor Actor Actor 1 2 3 Message Switch● Each Actor "connects" to mswitch
  • 9. architecture / sending Actor Actor Actor 1 2 3 Message Switch● Actor sends message of Type X for 1st time ○ All other Actors receive it● Split Horizon ○ Sender doesnt receive what it sends
  • 10. architecture / wiring Actor Actor Actor 1 2 3 Message Switch● Each Actor wires itself for message Type X ○ Actor replies "Interested" --> mswitch places "wire" ○ Actor replies "! Interested" --> mswitch removes "wire"
  • 11. Example /1 Web Presenter Cache Fetcher data? data?mswitch data? snooping Manager Stats ● Actor "Manager" wants to have some "data" ● Actor "Stats" maintains various statistics about the system
  • 12. Example /2 Web Presenter Cache Fetcher data data data (none) (none) (none)mswitch data (none) snooping Manager Stats ● Actor "Cache" doesnt have a fresh copy of "data" ● Actor "Fetcher" understands to go fetch the data from the remote source ● Actors "Manager" and "Presenter" understand they have to wait for the data
  • 13. Example /3 Web Presenter Cache Fetcher data data datamswitch data snooping Manager Stats ● Actor "Fetcher" provides a fresh copy of "data" ● Actor "Cache" caches "data" ● Actors "Manager" and "Presenter" receive the required "data"
  • 14. code /1""" mswitch module """from Queue import Queue, Emptydef publish(orig, msgType, *pargs, **kargs): if msgType.startswith("__"): q=_switch.isq q.put((orig, msgType, (pargs, kargs)), block=False)def subscribe(orig, q, sq):, "__sub__", (q, sq)), block=False)Normal priority queue: iqHigh priority queue: isq
  • 15. code /2""" Actor base """class ActorThreadedBase(Thread, ActorBase): def __init__(self): Thread.__init__(self) ActorBase.__init__(self) def run(self): """message loop""" mswitch.subscribe(,, self.isq) _quit=False while not _quit: _quit=process_queues(self)Details omitted
  • 16. code /3""" Example Actor """class ActorExample(ActorThreadedBase): def __init__(self): ActorThreadedBase.__init__(self) def hq_data(self, msg): """ handler for the data? message """ def h_data(self, msg): """ handler for the data message """_=ActorExample()_.start()
  • 17. final word● Bunch of open-source projects based on this technique ( see )● Dont hesitate to get in touch:
  • 18. Merci :) Jean-Lou Dupont