Crime In The 1930’S By Sebastian Weedon
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Crime In The 1930’S By Sebastian Weedon






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    Crime In The 1930’S By Sebastian Weedon Crime In The 1930’S By Sebastian Weedon Presentation Transcript

    • Sebastian Weedon P.4 5/4/09
    • The Investigation and Punishment of crime had  always been a local or state function. President Hoover’s attorney General reminded  critics that the Federal Government had no responsibility for fighting crime. Justice of Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were  not allowed to carry weapons or make arrests
    • Arizona Donnie Clark: she was known for robbing  trains and banks , she was also known for kidnappings. John Herbert: A classic famous criminal, he  robbed banks and later was involves in numerous murders. In 1934 Herbert was arrested for killing a police officer William O'Malley while robbing a bank. Later on July 22nd Herbert was shot to death by a FBI agents lead by Melvin Purvis.
    • In 1933 the murder rate was at 9.7 one of the  highest ever in the (US) The use of the nation's taxing power to send  some of its more notorious gangsters to prison for income tax evasion was a rare demonstration of the federal government's policing power.
    • Bonny and Clyde  Al Capone  John Dillinger  Baby face nelson  “pretty boy” Floyd  Albert Henry “DESALVO “  Charles Manson 
    • Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow went on their  two-year crime spree (1932-1934). Bonnie and Clyde were responsible for 13  murders, some of whom were innocent people, killed during one of Clyde's many bungled robberies. Both Clyde and Bonnie died quickly from over  130 bullets that were fired at the couple.
    • Al Capone was one of the most popular (US) gangsters during the  1930s,he was mostly involved with illegal gambling, bootlegging and prostitution. Capone was known for his smarts and brutality, and by 1925 he was in charge of one of Chicago's biggest criminal gangs. It was Capone's men who gunned down seven rivals in 1929 in what was called the quot;St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Capone ended up finally going to jail for income tax evasion in 1931. After serving eight years in federal prison Al was released with good behavior. In 1947 Al Capone died in Florida of heart failure. Capone has been portrayed in the movies By Rod Steiger( Al Capone  1959), Neville Brand (TV's The Untouchables in1959-63), Robert Denirro (The Untouchables, 1987) and William Forsythe (TV's The Untouchables, 1993). 
    •  usCriminals/criminals.html  american-decades/crime-punishment  usCriminals/criminals.html  /alcapone.html