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Housing Culture

Housing Culture






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    Housing Culture Housing Culture Presentation Transcript

    • Houses
    • Folk housing Determined by available resources and social preferences. Different places use same material, but orientation and form of the houses are different. Examples, Madagascar, Laos, Thailand. (ALSO FengShui) for orientation and China for form.
    • Home Locations in Southeast AsiaFig. 4-11 (pg. 116): Houses and sleeping positions are oriented according to local customs among the Lao in northern Laos (left) and the Yuan and Shan in northern Thailand (right).
    • House Types in Western ChinaFig. 4-9 (pg. 114): Four communities in western China all have distinctive house types.
    • U.S. folk house forms (Fellmann pgs. 222-225)Early colonists built vernacular houses, (using local resources and traditions to address local needs)based on tradition but without formal plansSeveral different Hearths developed 1. Northern or New England a. French influence in Canada and other French settlements b. Other influences from Dutch, Germans (Dutch doors) 2. Middle Atlantic a. Ethnically diverse, developed the log cabin, four over four and I house 3. Southern a. Built from a mix of many influences, one type is the shotgun house with roots in Africa 4. Interior and western a. Sod, balloon frame, Spanish Adobe, and central-hall are examples
    • Diffusion of House Types in U.S.Fig. 4-9: Distinct house types originated in three main source areas in the U.S. and then diffused into the interior as migrants moved west.
    • Diffusion of New England House Types Fig. 4-10: Four main New England house types of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries diffused westward as settlers migrated.
    • Remember that modern houses are morefashion, or what’s popular at the moment,rather than vernacular (using the availableresources and traditions) And it’s not relocationdiffusion. We aren’t building our own houses,generally. Mass contractors are building thehouses. We’re moving around interregionallyor intraregionallyand buying existing houses.Houses are fashionable at certain time periods.Here are the “Modern” house styles.
    • U.S. House Types, 1945-1990 Several variations of the “modern style” were dominant from the 1940s into the 1970s. Since then, “neo-eclectic” styles have become the dominant type of house construction in the U.S.
    • Traditional Cape Cod
    • Updated Cape Cod
    • Modern Cape Cod
    • Neo-Eclectic Cape Cod
    • Shakespeare’s House English Tudor
    • Paul Revere’s house. Early Colonial Tudor
    • Modern Minimal American Tudor
    • Neo-Tudor Style
    • Neo-Tudor
    • Neo-Eclectic Tudor
    • Saltbox
    • John Adam’s house: Saltbox
    • John Adam’s Saltbox
    • John Adams’ House, Two Chimney
    • John Adams was the first president to live in the White House.
    • Modern Saltbox
    • Modern Saltbox
    • Neo-Eclectic Saltbox
    • Front Gable and Wing or Irregular Massed
    • Front Gable and Wing or Irregular Massed
    • Front Gable and Wing or Irregular Massed
    • Modern Gable and Wing
    • Neo-Eclectic Gable and Wing
    • Two-Chimney
    • Two Chimney
    • Modern Two Chimney
    • Neo-Eclectic Two Chimney
    • Beehive House
    • Bungalow orMinimal Traditional
    • Neo Bungalow
    • Ranch Style House
    • Ranch House
    • Ranch House
    • Modern Ranch
    • Neo-Eclectic Ranch
    • Split Level House
    • Split-Level
    • Split Level
    • Split Level
    • Split Level
    • Mansard Style
    • Mansard
    • Mansard
    • Neo Mansard
    • Neo Mansard
    • Mansard Mansion
    • Neo French Style
    • Neo French Style
    • Neo French Style
    • Neo French Style
    • Neo Colonial
    • Neo Colonial
    • Neo Colonial
    • Modern Contemporary
    • Others
    • Victorian
    • Bluffdale “Up” House
    • The End