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Honey trailer Honey trailer Presentation Transcript

  • Honey Promotion Package By Cameo Montague-Raveneau
  • Film Poster Analysis
  • In this image the female characterappears to be taking part in a dance The image of the famous rapperclass. Her white outfit makes her Missy Elliot is used as a uniquestands out from everyone else in the selling point; this will widen theframe and suggests that she is the target audience by also gatheringdance teacher. Missy Elliot fans to watch the film.The images behind the dominantfemale character, features clips This image indicates that there isfrom the film; this helps to romance involved in the storyline.establish the narrative of the film. All of the mini images behind theThis particular image is of a wall main character feature Honey withcovered in graffiti. This suggests curly hair whereas in the image of herthat the main character journey to centre frame she has straight hairsuccess began from starting off in which looks as though it has beena disadvantaged residential area professionally styled. This impliesin the city. This is a conventional that the narrative is of her journey ofaspect of a dancing movie as becoming a dancer.street dance started within thestreets. The colours used in the poster are gold, black and white. The goldThe title of the film is in a bold emphasizes the title of the film- "Honey”sans serif font in white with because it is a similar colour to therounded edges ; this makes it more substance honey. Wearing a black outfitsuitable for the lead female role. is commonly associated with beingThe white colour connotes that she classy and serious , therefore it connoteshas an angelic like personality- that the head female character is strong-caring/ sweet like honey? willed and eventually reaches her goal which is to become a professionalThe tagline- “Her dreams. Her terms” dancer.implies that the dominant femalecharacter positioned in the centre This says “soundtrack featuring newframe has to get through many music &hits from Missy Elliot,obstacles in order to reach her Fabulous, Jadakiss and Sean Pauldreams. This also suggests that she this indicates that the film isplays a strong-minded, ambitious and This image links to the image of graffiti behind the lead character, it suggests targeted at fans of r’n’b music.determined main character. that she somehow helps create a good impact on the youths in her community. View slide
  • Honey Film trailer View slide
  • Flashes• Immediately as the trailer starts there are a series of flashes followed by rapid edits of a group of youths dancing in what looks like an abandoned car par with walls covered in graffiti. This introduces the theme of youth vandalism and street dance.
  • Distributors logo • Following the previous flash edits is the appearance of the film distributors logo. • Universal Pictures is mainly known for distributing mainstream films therefore, it will appeal to a wider audience; independent films are more likely to be harder to come across.
  • Encounter with youths • This image shows a group of teenagers laughing at the female character on the left hand side of the frame. • Dialogue used in this scene: “I like that, you guys should come to my class.” Actor Lil Romeo ( also used as USP) response: “You’re class?” with a look of disbelief. “I teach hip hop at the centre.” other boy responds: “Centre? “, and then they fall over in hysterics, this shows that they don’t take her seriously and don’t believe that she has the potential to dance as well as them- not on their level so to speak.
  • Introduction to conflict...• This image illustrates the conflict within the storyline; the struggles she is confronted with in order to achieve her goals. It is clear from the image that she is auditioning for something- in this case something to do with dancing. Her downturned expression immediately alerts viewers that she is frustrated and upset.
  • Beginning of success...• These images contrast with the image on the previous slide as it shows that the lead character is finally making it in the dance world of music videos. The expression shown on her face expresses happiness and fulfilment, making it obvious that this is her dream and that she is finally reaching it.
  • • The mis en scene in this scene includes a man slightly out of shot on the right-hand side holding up the type of camera that is often associated as being a paparazzi camera, plus the bright white car behind the two characters centre frame (Honey and another character) indicate that she has now become famous.
  • • Here it is apparent that she is on the road to becoming a professional choreographer however te fact she appears to be unaware that she is being watched by a man who is man cast in shadow on the left-hand side of the frame suggests that he is going to try to sabotage her success.
  • • This image illustrates a struggle, she is not responding in an appreciative way to his kiss; sexual harassment.
  • USP • Missy Elliot and the singer Tweet are used here as a unique selling point; gathering fans of both Missy Elliot and Tweet to watch the film. In addition to this, considering both of these artists produce r’n’b music the trailer will also attract many r’n’b fans.
  • Messages within the film... Her earrings could be interpreted as symbolising her link to life on the streets- the ghetto; implying that she shares something in common with the boy.Reaching out toyouths, making a The text “ reaching out” isdifference in symbolic to their handshakepeoples lives for across the table; reaching out to shake hands as a signthe better. of respect and understanding
  • ...Love interest,romance inthe storyline;this mayappeal tofemaleviewers asstatistic showswomen aremore likely toopt to see aromantic film. The text “taking a chance” here suggests that the male character here helps inspire Honey to fulfil her dreams and never to give up.
  • ..This gesture is often used as a sign of respecttherefore, respect is also a message that raised inthis film.
  • Release dateFilmwebsite:this allowscurious and “Coming Soon”:potential People can planviewers to to see the movieresearch the once it isfilm. released. Soundtrack: this Distributors: the distributors logos featured will also highlights that attract more people to watch the film. For music plays a example, Universal pictures are an extremely well-known major part in the company and most commonly cater for family audiences film. and mainstream films ; family targeted films are some of the most watched films ever.