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Ben Market Our Way Out Of A Recession
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Ben Market Our Way Out Of A Recession


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Marketing during a recession.

Marketing during a recession.

Published in: Business
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  • Matt Anderson of Montage Communications – PR and marketing company in Bristol No.1 online PR agency in the South West If there is one thing that you take away with you about Montage is that we provide PR and marketing using a montage of all media and not just part of it. We establish real value for our clients with a regional focus in order to promote our clients on a reigional / national scale. We have been going for four years and work with Camelot the National Lottery, Starbucks, Orange and close to home SWRDA, GWE Business West and Connexions West of England.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A montage of all media, not just part of it
    • 2. “ Arguably the most difficult conditions in 60 years."
    • 3. What the media failed to point out…
      • Are we on a three day week? 
      • Is inflation at 27% as in 1975?
      • Are interest rates at 15% as in the '90s?
      • Are there over 3m unemployed as in 1985-1986?
    • 4.
      • “ Recession?
      • I thought about recession…but I decided not to take part!”
      • Sam Walton
    • 5. Downturn = Opportunity!
    • 6. Be bold or be gone…
      • As customers become harder to find, do you turn off your marketing spend?
      • If your competitors are cutting their budgets, do you follow the crowd?
      • How important is it for you to grow market share...?
    • 7. ‘ Feel your customers’ pain’
      • Speak to your existing customers
      • Find out what they really need
      • Realign your value proposition
      • “ Don’t just walk a mile in your customers’ shoes…walk two.”
      • Kraft Foods CMO Mary Beth West
    • 8. Positioning in a recession
      • £199 on a new suit?
      • £12.50 “Good as new”
    • 9. What is your DOO?
      • Price – but what about margin?
      • Quality (false economy)
      • Added value
      • Are your results measurable?
    • 10. Build trust and appeal to the family
      • Homely values vs outward bounds
      • Appeal to the nervous buyer
      • Build your brand as a thought leader
      • Become a safe bet
    • 11. Tactics
      • Maintain the frequency of advertisements
      • Substituting TV for radio advertising (as this becomes cheaper)
      • Increasing the use of direct marketing
      • Consider PR vs advertising
    • 12. Potential for digital media
      • Reach a worldwide audience at a fraction of the price
      • Target niche audiences easily
      • Drive “word of mouse” and engage with your customer
      • Hugely measurable – ROI
      • Why build from scratch?
    • 13.
    • 14. DOO….something NOW!
      • Be bold or be gone
      • Walk two miles in your customers’ shoes
      • Look at your DOO – Downturn Opportunity Offer
      • Revise tactics to be cost effective, targeted and measurable
    • 15. Questions?