Right approach to writing a CV
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Right approach to writing a CV



Presentation on how to approach writing of a CV in the correct manner.

Presentation on how to approach writing of a CV in the correct manner.

Preparation on writing a CV



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Right approach to writing a CV Right approach to writing a CV Presentation Transcript

  • The Right Approach to Writing a CV
  • Before you Write your resume..
    Reach the interviewer where they get interested.
    Story of your career needs to build up expectations that you are worth meeting.
    Tell them the context in which your achievements have taken place
    Let them know what value you offer for the future.
    Do not headline the trivial details of your life - your address and what primary school you went to.
    No need to tell someone that the document is a CV. 
  • Titles
    Do not pepper your CV with titles like PROFILE, CAREER OBJECTIVE and SKILLS
    It makes you appear like someone who has slavishly followed a template.
  • Introduction
    You can have an introduction to the CV though it’s not a general practice.
    There's no need to label it. 
  • Presentation
    Bulleted paragraphs are a great way to save space
    They also add impact
    Just make sure that points relate to the one before and the one after in an intelligent way.
  • Grand Claims
    Do not make claims without substantiating evidence
    There is no need to tell them you are a GOOD COMMUNICATOR, a SELF-STARTER or a GREAT TEAM PLAYER in so many words
    Jobs go to people who have the skills to say important real world things in an appropriate manner
  • Design
    People cannot help but be impressed by good design
    Choice of fonts and styles is limited by the restrictions of email and online CV Builders.
    Find the restrictions of word processors
    Ask yourself: How can I be sure that my fonts and format arrive on the reader's computer the same way they are on your system?
    Read the help files and manuals you have so far taken for granted. 
  • What can a CV do
    Your CV needs to sing, summarise, promise, capture the spirit of what's best about you.
    Safe, boring, lengthy, repetitive letters that regurgitate your CV or try to match every single minor point in the job definition will have a damaging effect on the reader
  • Last Words
    You don’t need to keep the first thing that comes to your mind in the CV
    Put it all down and reduce it until you fit two pages(or the minimum required length).
    Cut the minor roles and competencies – already seen in the bigger achievements
    Write introduction last as a summary to what you have to offer and don't bother giving it a heading as everyone can see what it is.
  • Thank you!
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