#mmc13 - ein deutscher MOOC vorgestellt auf Englich in Madrid


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Am 19. April habe ich in Madrid im Rahmen einer eMadrid-Veranstaltung zu MOOCs den #mmc13 vorgestellt.
Und dabei 10 Schritte entwickelt, wie man als Facilitator zu seinem eigenen MOOC komm.

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#mmc13 - ein deutscher MOOC vorgestellt auf Englich in Madrid

  1. 1. 19 April 2013#howtomooc10 steps to design your MOOC by Monika E. König
  2. 2. But wait... - What kind of MOOC? (1)✤ Facilitators - Dörte Giebel, Heinz Wittenbrink, Monika E. König✤ Format - cMOOC (Downes & Siemens style)✤ Subject - How to make a MOOC✤ Length - 5 1/2 weeks✤ Special Roles - Starters, Experts on Air, WIKI Experts, Reflective Ones✤ Milestones & Events - Wed (Start of week), Fri (Experts on Air),Sun (Special), Tue (Comments and Abstract)
  3. 3. But wait... - What kind of MOOC? (2)✤ In detail✤ Week 1 - Definition. What makes a MOOC to be a MOOC?✤ Week 2 - Didactics. MOOC Didactics✤ Week 3 - Open. Gimme an O - MOOCs are open, aren‘t they?✤ Week 4 - Business Models.✤ Week 5 - WIKI. Making of the MOOC Compendium
  4. 4. But wait... - What kind of MOOC? (3)✤ cMOOC vs. xMOOC✤ commercial vs. non-commercial✤ institutional vs. privat
  5. 5. Some remarks about... structure✤ How many weeks?✤ What day‘s your week starting?✤ Special Events✤ Looking back✤ The Role of Reminders
  6. 6. Some remarks about... figures✤ 398✤ Dunbar‘s Number✤ 166✤ Jakob Nielsen and the 90 - 9 - 1 rule
  7. 7. Step 1 - Never walk alone✤ ... cause you need very different talents.✤ ... cause it‘s more fun to do it together.✤ ... cause it might be hell of a work.✤ ... cause you can vote.✤ ... cause you stay flexible.
  8. 8. Step 2 - Do what you love to find your topic✤ Is what your‘re doing what you love anyway?✤ Alternatively: What would you like to know more about?
  9. 9. Step 3 - Create a "Home-Base"✤ A „Home-Base“ is where you feel online at home.✤ e.g. your LMS✤ e.g. your blog✤ e.g. a forum✤ e.g. even a Twitter account
  10. 10. Step 4 - MOOCing needs ... Marketing✤ Spread the word. (e.g. Twitter, blog, connections, hashtag)✤ Use your favourite tool.✤ And use your non-favourite tools.
  11. 11. Step 5 - Content (still) is King✤ Deliver quality input.✤ Reading lists✤ Link lists✤ Videos✤ Audio (e.g. jingle, AudioBoo comments)
  12. 12. Step 6 - More hands to help✤ Special roles evoke commitment!✤ Starters✤ Experts on Air✤ WIKI Experts✤ Reflective Ones✤ ?
  13. 13. Step 7 - Provide some synch time✤ Why time you spend online the SAME TIME your peers do from timeto time is essential.
  14. 14. Step 8 - Just do it!✤ A (good) reason to do it now.✤ A (very good) reason to do it later.
  15. 15. Step 9 - Write down your own learnings✤ My personal learnings are the following MOOC Dont‘s✤ Try to be perfect.✤ Try to control everything.✤ Fill every gap (participants need room)✤ Try to collect all info/data created by participants
  16. 16. Step 10 - Start from the beginning✤ To make a MOOC is like living your life.-> You keep starting from the beginning. ;)✤ Points/Topics to start with✤ With whom?✤ What subject?✤ Duration of MOOC?
  17. 17. Questions?✤ Contact Details✤ eMailmonikaekoenig@gmail.com✤ Twitterhttp://www.twitter.com/mons7✤ Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/monika.koenig/✤ g+https://plus.google.com/u/0/105367972176177074522/posts