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why not yet

  1. 1. found/created/afforded/realized... global
  2. 2. There are so many cool things happening, there are so many cool people doing/being/creating/sharing these things/spaces… so why is there, not yet, equity..
  3. 3. ..we do need a mechanism/glue/structure/mindset in place .. to coordinate/facilitate/afford the synchronicity/dance/ lines-of-flight.. our souls crave.. where so why have we not yet crafted one.. a mechanism/structure to facilitate the: play whimsy curiosity of 7 billion+ people. every day. (a means for each one of us to learn/live/swim in uncertainty) as
  4. 4. ..that tiny bit of exclusionary ness .. (we keep reserving the right to have) ..is just enough to keep us distracted from equity/us. {aka: discrimination to infinity}
  5. 5. ..we’re missing the functionality/capability/affordance/realization of equity by both: discriminating/separating ourselves into groups/silos/labels.. not quite discriminating ourselves enough.. Here we are concerned with the coexistence of dissimilars, and the central points where fusion occurs are many: the ears of the listeners wherever they are. This disharmony, to paraphrase Bergson's statement about disorder, is simply a harmony to which many are unaccustomed....New music: new listening. - John Cage We are much more effective when we are non-judgmental, because then we are standing in reality. This is the power we need to access, if we are going to change the planet. - Charles Eisenstein
  6. 6. ..that tiny bit of control ness .. (we keep reserving the right to have) ..is just enough to keep us from equity/us. matters Play, by my definition, is, first and foremost, activity that is self-chosen and self-directed. It is activity that you are always free to quit. - Peter Gray
  7. 7. ..that tiny bit of conformity ness .. (we keep reserving the right to have) ..is just enough to keep us from equity/us. What if we trusted you? – Jerry Michalski
  8. 8. ..we need the eclectic/open/cross-generational people/space that in the cityness affords every one of us..
  9. 9. ..we need the time for whimsy/play/trust that as the dayness affords every one us..
  10. 10. so..
  11. 11. .. a mechanism with less maslow ness and more mate ness.. seems too simple wrong floofy messy unsophisticated unacademic unworthy unmeasureable unmarketable chaotic utopian impossible .. (what i keep hearing in the.. )
  12. 12. that’s in wait/need of a mechanism.. to ground the cha o s
  13. 13. is not about making everything equal. is not about measuring at all. we try a mechanism such as networked individualism where ..
  14. 14. is about
  15. 15. ..we set every one of us free via networked individualism (attachment & authenticity)..
  16. 16. we can do that. today. a self-perpetuating/organizing global thunderclap ness
  17. 17. up to us. to be..