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no train

  1. 1. made deck on a weekend i was..
  2. 2. from his enough training - Compliance training is a standard response by industry regulators when dealing with *human performance issues. assumed *human performance issues ie: too often inspectors of inspectors et al Only when there is a genuine lack of *skills and knowledge, is training required. assumed human *skills/knowledge ie: too often to create tools to inspect inspectors et al listening to Harold (in brown)..
  3. 3. from his curiosity is the cat - I mean really, when it comes to learning, what comes before curiosity? if curiosity is the cat/base/constitution (composition of people) Kids are curious as hell when they’re 3, 4, 5 years old. and we master it from the get go So, what are we doing in schools to develop curious, connected, learners – is fixing school our best bet (use of energy) ..? perhaps we just focus on facilitating the day [not partial.. for (blank)’s sake] listening to Will (in red)..
  4. 4. listening to the world (in all the colors)..
  5. 5. of listening and prototyping and prototyping listening to figure out: why people are stressed and finding out: even participation as prep/training preps/trains us to be machines/supposed-to’s no training/prep is needed to become/be us coming from last 8-10-50 yrs...
  6. 6. believing.. curiosity as cure to human well-being and to that believing.. training not only not required...but dangerous and so...
  7. 7. go to school get a jobpay for things mostly paperwork & people who do paperwork.. B to make sure all the people keep w/the program also need suspension prison war more rules more paperwork more inspectors . . . . . . . . . . .
  8. 8. gets us to 7bn not-us people..
  9. 9. we’ve got to try
  10. 10. let’s try
  11. 11. not … better at training better at school better at work for pay better at money better at war better at competing better at inspecting better at conforming
  12. 12. we don’t need tech to be like us (algo/ai ness).. we need tech to augment our biggest weakness.. ie: listening w/o agenda augment us back to indigenous us..
  13. 13. let’s try trusting our i n t e r c o n n e c t e d hearts rather than rules made by a few men
  14. 14. let’s use tech for to 7 bn plus curiosities a day.. as the day and facilitate that chaos
  15. 15. that’s the thing we can now do.. the thing we can’t not that’s the eagle and condor ness that can finally.. f r e e u s a l l
  16. 16. ginormously small vision.. but with tech we can..
  17. 17. let’s use tech for that.. for us.. so we can focus on listening to our hearts..
  18. 18. let’s try that. let’s spend our energies *there.. just to see. *self-talk as data.. as the day [aka: not partial.. for (blank)’s sake…]