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indigenous us

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  1. 1. in dig e nous: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
  2. 2. permaculture acknowledges indigenous and traditional people as the big source for what we need to do in the future.. *but not in the way that we need to exactly copy it in exactly the same place because the world has changed.. those soils are diff.. **all the cultures of the planet have been scrambled.. we are dealing w/1000 broken jigsaw puzzles.. of which we need to take pieces that we think might be useful.. and ***head over the horizon to a future we don’t know.. (David Holmgren) from aboriginal colonies and permaculture futures (video) *chaos ness from Jim‘s doc.. **the need to listen deeply to every voice.. now.. to now.. ***begs we leap.. (for (blank)’s sake…) a nother way.. where we can listen to all the voices…
  3. 3. 39 min – we all need to become indigenous.. and help with the process of rediscovering of what’s been lost… (David Holmgren) from aboriginal colonies and permaculture futures (video)
  4. 4. The adjective indigenous is derived from the Latin word indigena, which is based on the root gen- ‘to be born’ with an archaic form of the prefix in ‘in’. Any given people, ethnic group or community may be described as indigenous in reference to some particular region or location that they see as their traditional tribal land claim. Other terms used to refer to indigenous populations are aboriginal, native, original, or first (as in Canada’s First Nations).
  5. 5. from documentary – changing the dream.. indigenous cultures across world have legends/prophecies that identify this time we’re living in as a turning point for humanity.. one such legend: prophecy of the eagle and the condor prophecy of eagle (represents how culture’s used creativity of mind and science insight to harness the wonders of tech and increased material wealth) and condor (more spiritual.. deeply in touch with sacredness of natural world and the interconnectedness of all things)
  6. 6. 6 min – John Perkins (@economic_hitman): this legend said that every 500 yrs go thru cycles.. last.. began end of 1400s.. predicted eagle would dominate.. but w/in 500 yrs.. would change.. and the eagle and condor would fly same skies ni ness.. a and a from documentary – changing the dream..
  7. 7. Domingo Paez (achuar leader): we believe that all human beings need to integrate these two worlds..without minimizing the value of their own knowledge.. we need to bring together these *two ways of knowing..keeping the good and rejecting the bad.. for the benefit of the achuar people and the whole world.. well perhaps.. *all the ways.. beyond binary ness from documentary – changing the dream..
  8. 8. part of tweet thread.. Aaron Paquette (@aaronpaquette) tweeted at 7:20 PM – 30 Dec 2016 : There are over 600 Indigenous communities in Canada, all with their own priorities and perspectives. Why not get to know them? ( there are over 7 bn on planet… w own idiosyncracies…let’s host all of them… and facil that dance
  9. 9. listen to all the voices mech simple enough.. (eagle ness).. as means to listen to all the voices.. (condor ness)
  10. 10. so to me.. being indigenous.. another way to say.. listen deeper.. to self to other to all the things
  11. 11. (David Holmgren) from video Permaculture and Reading Landscape – interview for deep listening film- 2015 7 min – understanding how those collective structures worked.. how people lived in traditional/indigenous societies is core to permaculture.. 8 min – coming about by seeing how much we needed to learn by direct observation.. rather than books.. being open to what is around… today.. and what was here yesterday/10 yrs ago.. et al.. to be aware of all that.. not in just some intellectual way.. but a patterned way of the world around you..
  12. 12. (David Holmgren) from video Permaculture and Reading Landscape – interview for deep listening film- 2015 11 min – being able to see by a contemplative awareness.. just curious.. to understand nature.. then start to see all the patterns/connections.. signs from past.. where it’s going.. 12 min – understanding the landscape.. then overflowing to other people.. if we are in a rush to achieve some goal.. doesn’t really work.. we have to just be open.. and then we accumulate understanding.. 13 min – if not going to be open.. better to just go and do what you’re told… the answer is that deeper awareness…
  13. 13. 15 min – our senses are all turned down.. because of heavy sensory input from industrial world.. need to turn up the volume/sensitivity to see the subtle/small/slow-moving things.. and maybe that’s the same with people.. what’s the really underlying thing that’s behind what people are saying… what pain are they carrying.. what hidden powers.. history/lineage… capabilities.. people can be completely surprising in same way that nature can be (David Holmgren) from video Permaculture and Reading Landscape – interview for deep listening film- 2015
  14. 14. perhaps an eagle and condor way.. to hone in on indigenous us..
  15. 15. for (blank)’s sake…