a qr scenario


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a qr scenario

  1. 1. people are stressed. there is a way to de-stress us. it involves two conversations. it would hasten global equity.
  2. 2. hunger games hp alliance divergent fandom occupy the square sutherlands brand jolie smith it would hasten global equity. it involves two conversations. there is a way to de-stress us. people are stressed.
  3. 3. hunger games hp alliance divergent fandom occupy the square sutherlands brand jolie smith people are stressed.
  4. 4. Several people taking notice of stress, and experimenting with ways to de-stress,.. redefineschool.com/ed-timeline-2/ redefineschool.com/story-board/ ..noticing & experimenting.. ..to believe there is a way to crack this egg.
  5. 5. hunger games hp alliance divergent fandom occupy the square sutherlands brand jolie smith there is a way to de-stress us.
  6. 6. sutherlands brand jolie smith Imagine, via some crazy fluke, Angelina (or ?) hears about this way and realizes that it could hasten her wish for.. redefineschool.com/angelina-jolie/ She (or ?) falls in love with it to bet on the sync.
  7. 7. So then we’d spend 2-4 weeks rallying up the troops and such to begin a 6 -12 month prototype of in loveland, and/or elsewhere. redefineschool.com/what-ecosystem/ An initial goal being threefold: • iterate this c dot app idea so that it’s ready to port/access by anyone. • document local change in that time, so that others might believe it’s possible to change a person/city/world, by simply focusing on 2 conversations. • work out initial kinks for mechanism to free up anyone/anywhere.
  8. 8. Angelina (or ?) connects us with Donald.. and we share a vision he seems to be craving of.. Working on timing, et al, with maybe hp alliance, maybe Russell, maybe Will, so that maybe the next 2 novembers (mockingjay 12) .. literally change the world.. via the millions of literate *fandoms. redefineschool.com/a-quiet-revolution/ hunger games divergent fandom – hp alliance occupy – the square *fanddoms - In the preoccupation/distraction of ongoing debates about how to make sure everyone can read et al, many of us are unaware that there are multitudes of youth coming together from all around the world.. via fandoms alone… because of their resonation with current (amazing) authors’ stories. Perhaps because a time has come where the story written on each of our hearts.. is both becoming visible & doable. youth already get/grok the story, they won’t be distracted ..when it’s time to dance.
  9. 9. In the meantime.. ongoingly… freeing more and more people up to play. Creating a model for (life) education – Luis Von Ahn style: ie: people spend 7 hrs a day at school/work/surviving, doing something they are told/expected to do, perhaps 95% of population wouldn’t choose this (if they believed it were legal to think for themselves) so we create value – when we don’t have to pay researchers/farmers/et al with money – problems/solvers/co-creators pay with time – but time that would have had to be spent anyway in school/work/surviving. Bunker Roy style. see http://redefineschool.com/ibp/ for some specifics of how to work this out.. (along w/ongoing clever ways to work around october count, et al).. so that a mechanism would soon be in place globally.. for anyone to access/be set free.. to play. redefineschool.com/city-ness/
  10. 10. hunger games hp alliance fandom occupy the square sutherlands brand jolie smith it involves two conversations.
  11. 11. Driver is tech.. swimming across the web/internet.. doing what it does best: curating too-much-to-know info – without an agenda – and really fast. It listens 24/7 as people share 3 minutes worth of curiosities/day. And then uses this self-talk as data to: • connect people (reducing time between intention & action); • leave a trail (documenting/organizing as much as we want it to). Deb Roy style. redefineschool.com/about/curiosity-app/
  12. 12. hunger games hp alliance divergent fandom occupy the square sutherlands brand jolie smith it would hasten global equity.
  13. 13. As we’re catching fire, via this dance of synchronicity.. ..we reconnect/emerge/become
  14. 14. because of our major issues with: suicides crime economy education health politics dirty-wars nsa’s adhd’s . . ..the era of darkness of (zombie) sleep walkers. Many people are searching for a silver bullet solution, a great leader, a numbing drug, .. to get to a betterness, to get through the day. In our exhaustive quest/busy-ness/addictiveness, perhaps we are missing a simple piece of the puzzle… Imagine if our interconnectedness, the thing that we already are, is what our hunger/depression/stress/insecurity/greed/ego/poverty is really craving. Yet we blindly/unknowingly/wearily perpetuate the things that we fear/dread/despise the most. Some say we will be known as ..
  15. 15. Ahmed, a young revolutionary in the story of Egypt’s ongoing disruption declares, We don’t need a leader, we need a conscience. The good news is, we have the conscience.. inside each one of us, we just need to wake it up. Sofia, another young revolutionary in the story about how our documenting of human beings is disrupting lives/families, echoes the plea.. redefineschool.com/sofia-campos/ redefineschool.com/ahmed-hassan/
  16. 16. Waking up is a very simple idea. We all do it every day. But waking up to our conscience/gut, to the thing that makes us come alive.. well that’s pretty buried for most of us. Our allegiance to obedience, since we were maybe 5 yrs old, has helped us to maintain this dependable/seemingly-impenetrable sleep walk. Perhaps we’d rather be known as.. or perhaps we’d rather bebecome.. Perhaps, as a manufactured/temporary aide, (to counter/dissolve our man-made societal construct), tech can help wake us up. Perhaps it can help orchestrate/facilitate the synchronicity (of networked individualism) – we’ve not yet been able to muster/create/afford. redefineschool.com/networked-individualism/
  17. 17. A narrative/dance that’s infinitesimally small/differentiated/inclusive has always seemed too messy/disorderly/chaotic/risky. Perhaps today, rethink the potential of a ginormously small zoom dance. People know of this dance/sync in their hearts. Many have/are already gathered, in droves (ie: fandom, occupy, revolutionaries, ..), to play it out. We just haven’t yet got the zoom in & out part down. The part that makes the dance big to be small/inclusive .
  18. 18. Imagine we think differently about what’s possible.. ..that perhaps there is a plan/change/narrative/dance for 100% of humanity. One that benefits 100% of us. No matter where we live, no matter what oppression we’ve experienced. No matter what our current label. No matter what sector/problem is failing us. One that would benefit - e a c h o n e o f u s. Imagine we start thinking differently about competition/time/money.. perhaps we’ll see there is a means of abundance w/finite resources, a way for us all to have . Perhaps the sustainability/endurance/impact we keep looking for, can only be found if it involves 7 billion people set free to be themselves. It’s not that all the amazing revolutionaries to date haven’t been dancing, but perhaps the dance has just never been big/timely/inclusive/d i f f e r e n t . Because..
  19. 19. The notion of freedom alone is incredible.. but the actuality/authenticity of freedom begs we not compromise it with partiality. In spaces (physical and mental) of permission/freedom, where people have nothing to prove, there is a quiet/silence/stillness, in which we can see/hear/feel/grok what the world needs most - as one world - and what we each need most - as billions of individuals. The secret/pitch/gameplan? Well, it is a different way of thinking. One most of us aren’t used to. One many of us don’t yet believe is possible/legal/ . It’s extremely complex, but on the surface, where we live/dance, it’s beautifully simple/doable. How can you best help the dance dance? redefineschool.com/how-to-be-you/
  20. 20. hunger games hp alliance divergent fandom occupy the square sutherlands brand jolie smith there is a way to de-stress us. it involves two conversations. A possible scenario of a different . .