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The use of since and For

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Present perfect since_for

  1. 1. Present PerfectSince and For
  2. 2. Who Is Bill Gates? Who Is Bill Gates?Bill Gates is one of the richest and mostsuccessful business executives in the world.Millions of people have used his computerprograms for the past three decades.Bill Gates has always loved working withcomputers. In fact, he has programmedcomputers since his early teens.He has been the CEO of Microsoft Corporationsince 1975. Since then, Bill Gates has writtenseveral books and has given billions of dollars toschools. For the last several years, he and hiswife Melinda have donated a substanial amountof money to organizations working in globalhealth.
  3. 3. Form 1 Form 1 The present perfect is formed with: form of have + past participleBill Gates has been the CEO since 1975.Many people have used Microsoft’s programs.
  4. 4. Form 2 Form 2 Past participles can be regular or irregular. irregular The regular form of the past participle is base form of verb + -d or -ed.Gates has always lovedworking with computers.
  5. 5. Form 3 Form 3 Past participles can be regular or irregular. There are many irregular past participles.Gates has been the CEO since 1975.He and his wife have given lots of money to schools.
  6. 6. Form 4 Form 4Note these common irregular past participles. participles write – written give – given be – been see – seen read – read do
  7. 7. Present Perfect Present Perfect Use the present perfect to talk about something that began in the past and continues into the present (and may continue into the future). Bill Gates has been CEO of Microsoft since 1975. since 1975. nowpast future has been CEO 1975
  8. 8. Using Since 1 Using Since 1 Use the present perfect with since + point in time to show when something started. Bill Gates has written several books since 1975. since 1975. nowpast future has written several books 1975
  9. 9. Using Since 2 Using Since 2 Since can also introduce a time clause. time clauseGates has programmed computers since he was 13 years old. since he was 13 years old. now past future has programmed computers age 13
  10. 10. Change the sentences to present Practice 1 perfect. Add the since phrase in parentheses and delete any past tense time phrases.Example: Maria was in the garden yesterday. (since 9 a.m.) Maria has been in the garden since 9 a.m.1. Bill Gates wrote many many emails since(since 1975) Bill Gates has written emails yesterday. 1975.2. They gave a lot of books books to schools since 1990. They have given a lot of to schools last year. (since 1990)3. II saw many friends last weekend.came home. home) have seen many friends since I (since I came4. My sister read read many articles night. last August. My sister has many articles last since (since last August) My friend has worked at a pizza place since 2003.5. My friend worked at a pizza place a year ago. (since 2003)
  11. 11. Using For Using For Use for + length of time to show how long something has lasted.Millions of people have used Gates’ssoftware for three decades.for the last the last three decades. now for three decadespast future have used Gates’s software
  12. 12. Since and For Since and For Note the difference between since and for .since + point in for + length of time time five o’clock ten minutes yesterday two days last summer three decades 1996 many yearshe was a child a long time
  13. 13. Complete the sentences with Practice 2 since or for.Example:Bill Gates has been married to Melinda sinceFrench Gates ___________ 1994. for1. Computers have been used in schools __________ morethan a decade. since2. I have had a computer in my office __________ the mid-1990s. for3. Many students have worked with computers __________many years. since4. My computer hasn’t given me any problems __________last year.