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  • 1. COMMUNITY PHILANTHROPY NEXT WHAT’S for A part of Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • 2. HOW WOULD YOU CELEBRATE YOUR 100TH BIRTHDAY? Would you still be adventurous enough to try something new? 2014 marks the 100th birthday of community foundations, organizations that mobilize financial and human resources on behalf of a particular geographic community.
  • 3. Instead of sitting back and remaining unchanged as the world advances, this spry centurion will need to... Community foundations aren’t the only ones who need to be on their toes right now. PUT ON THE PROVERBIAL DANCING SHOES AND PREPARE FOR ITS NEXT ACT. COMMUNITY PHILANTHROPY ORGANIZATIONS OF ALL KINDS WILL NEED TO START DANCING TO A DIFFERENT BEAT TOO.
  • 4. WHY? Because the landscape around community philanthropy today looks very different than it did when many of its current practices and systems were developed.
  • 6. COMMUNITIES ARE CHANGING IN A NUMBER OF IMPORTANT WAYS: are shifting, and the face of the community — and of philanthropy — is changing... Growing diversity Immigration Growing influence of millennials Aging of baby boomers DEMOGRAPHICS
  • 7. is changing how people connect to one another, and to causes they care about. Globalization and ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTIES are altering the prospects of local businesses and workers. CLOSED TECHNOLOGY
  • 8. DIVISIONS …and events will likely occur with greater frequency. ENVIRONMENTAL “WILDCARD” across economic, political, and racial and ethnic lines are fragmenting local communities DEEP
  • 9. Community foundations United Ways Place-based private funders Commercial charitable gift funds Giving circles Online giving platforms THAT’S A LOT OF CHANGE TO HANDLE. PHILANTHROPY IS CHANGING TOO. But that’s not all of it. ...AND THE LIST GOES ON! COMMUNITY PHILANTHROPY IS GETTING MORE CROWDED !!!!
  • 10. AND DONORS CAN GIVE IN NEW WAYS TOO, … or by influencing political outcomes through political action committees. affecting social change by investing in socially responsible businesses and “impact investments”... MICROFINANCE
  • 11. In this dynamic context… THE STATUS QUO IS NO LONGER AN OPTION. For smaller organizations, adaptation may be a simple matter of SURVIVAL.
  • 12. to make sure they keep pace with the changing needs of local donors, nonprofits, and residents. Are the systems that help your organization thrive TODAY the right ones to serve your users OF THE FUTURE? BUT EVEN MORE ESTABLISHED AND FINANCIALLY STABLE INSTITUTIONS WILL NEED TO ADAPT
  • 13. To prepare for these emerging needs, organizations may have to start challenging some of the fundamental orthodoxies of community philanthropy. These orthodoxies — deeply held assumptions about “how things are done” — often go unstated and unquestioned, and can become PROBLEMATIC BLIND SPOTS.
  • 14. But remember those MAYBE INSTEAD OF JUST CONTINUING TO DO THE JITTERBUG, YOU COULD TRY KRUMPING* TOO. What if by “flipping” orthodoxies that no longer make sense, you could explore new opportunities, and try out some new dance moves? NEW DANCING SHOES? *Krumping is a new style of street dancing. Kids dig it.
  • 15. COMMUNITY PHILANTHROPY ORGANIZATIONS ALL OVER ARE EXPERIMENTING WITH NEW ROLES. THEY ARE STARTING TO: THEY AREN’T JUST ONE THING ANYMORE. incubate social enterprises facilitate community dialogue advocate for policy change and much more.
  • 16. VERY EXCITING but where should you begin? IT’S ALL N S E W
  • 17. As with most things, it helps to have some guiderails when embarking on a new journey. LOOK OUTWARDS for context to understand the changing global and local landscape. LOOK AROUND for inspiration to see what’s already possible. LOOK INWARD at current practices to understand your own organization with a fresh lens. GET TO ACTION by developing and testing new approaches. that can help community philanthropy organizations innovate. FOUR KEY BEHAVIORS We’ve identified
  • 18. LOOK OUTWARDS LOOK AROUND Follow emerging global and local trends and assess what they might mean for your community. And at the same time, make sure you have a good understanding of who is already serving your community. Innovation doesn’t need to be completely new, it just needs to be new to you and your community. Look to “bright spots” already emerging inside and outside the field, and don’t be afraid to copy shamelessly.
  • 19. Challenge orthodoxies and blind spots that are keeping you from recognizing new opportunities, and actively build a portfolio of the roles that are right for your organization and community. Move to action by creatively generating new ideas and then prototyping the approaches that show real promise.You may want to creatively think about how you play roles that are at your organization’s core, or you might think about “scaling edges” that could matter more in the future.Today’s sideshow could become tomorrow’s main act. LOOK INWARDS GET TO ACTION
  • 20. READY TO GET MOVING? Explore the resources on the What’s Next for Community Philanthropy website at monitorinstitute.com/communityphilanthropy for tools, exercises, and even a few games to help you challenge old assumptions, understand your community, and imagine new possibilities for the future. BROUGHT TO YOU BY With support from the Council on Foundations, the C.S. Mott Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada, and more than 15 leading U.S. community foundations. For more information about project supporters, please see the What’s Next for Community Philanthropy website. Monitor Institute is part of Deloitte Consulting LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see www.deloitte.com/us/about for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. Copyright © 2014 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited JESS AUSINHEILER JUSTIN MARCOUX GABRIEL KASPER A part of Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • 21. monitorinstitute.com/communityphilanthropy A part of Deloitte Consulting LLP