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This is the first ever newsletter of Infosys Toastmasters, Chennai.

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ITC's imprints

  1. 1. ITC’s Imprints E D I T I O N # 1 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2INSIDE THISISSUE:From the editorialteam Infosys Toastmasters, ChennaiImprints of theIcons Proudly PresentsImprints of thePresident Its Premier Newsletter EditionAwards andRecognitionImprints of fellowToastmasters30 seconds tofameGuest feedbackSay cheese!Credits Theme : The dawn of a new era
  2. 2. From the editorial team PAGE 2 Dear all, It gives us immense pleasure to present to you, the first ever newsletter of Infosys Toastmasters, Chennai (ITC) – “ITC’s Imprints”. We believe that each Toastmaster at ITC makes an indelible mark which gets etched in the history of our club and so the name “ITC’s Imprints”.TM Monisha A new beginning! The dawn of a new era! Yes, that’s the theme of this veryMonikanta Rajan special edition of our newsletter. Embarking on a new journey rekindles the achiever within each of us. A new era is marked by reflections, resolutions and rejuvenation. We are at our inspired best and are driven to pursue with greater hope, belief and bigger dreams that we truly believe in. We have come here to seek a new beginning between our vocal chords and glossophobia; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect. We do so by recognizing that change cannot happen overnight. No single speech can eradicate years of lack of self-belief. Growth is gradual and steady if you attend the meetings regularly and participate consistently. We live in aTM Diwakar Labh hectic and busy world. Shuffling among family, work and social commitments, it is easy to get exhausted and believe professional development is expendable. But rewards come to those who are patient and those who are persistent. In Toastmasters, we have a supportive environment which gently pushes us out from our comfort zone to emerge as great speakers & leaders and ensures that we dont miss out on the fun part too. To all our fellow Toastmasters, keep the enthusiasm soaring. And the rest, look, if you had one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted would you capture it now or just let it slip?TM JagannathPanigrahi Happy reading! ITC’S IMPRINTS
  3. 3. Imprints of District 82 Governor PAGE 3 Infosys Toastmasters is a club that believes in being Toastmasters in every sense of the word - it is a pleasure to see them actively participating in all club, Area and Division activities, whole-heartedly and sincerely. The results are there to see - a higher degree of commitment and dedication resulting in a higher degree of professionalism in the club itself and in the workplace. The publishing of a newsletter is no ordinary task - it requires a great dealDTM Nina John of co-ordination between the editorial team and the members, it requires a great deal of patience and chasing up of writers to ensure deadlines are adhered to, an entire gamut of organizational and leadership skills that will stand every one of the members in good stead. Above all, it provides members a chance to hone their writing and creative skills, talents that may have been long dormant or never even recognized earlier. It is also an opportunity to discover how writing for reading pleasure and writing for a Did you know? listening audience can be quite different. Heres wishing the editorial team all the best, and wishing Infosys Rhythms" is the Toastmasters a happy journey in the world of Toastmasters. longest English word without the normal vowels, a, e, i, o, or u ITC’S IMPRINTS
  4. 4. Imprints of Division ‘M’ Governor PAGE 4 Infosys Toastmasters club is one of the farthest Corporate Toastmasters clubs in the city, located in the beautiful campus of Mahindra City. It is one of the fastest growing baby clubs of Division M. On the helm, under the leadership of TM Arun, the club has revitalized with lots of love for Toastmasters. The club has achieved the DCP (Distinguished Club Program) status already for the year 2012-13. Their contributions which unfoldedTM Dhanraj Nadana during the mega event of the year, Felicitous & Crescendo Twin Conference, will be remembered. With the club marking their 25th meeting with great pomp and glory and also bagging the Smedley award recently, I am proud to see how each Toastmaster has joined hands to help each other grow. Toastmasters create a platform for individuals to hone their speaking / writing skills and also to Did you know? learn a lot from fellow Toastmasters. Helping each other to develop their hidden talent, brings out the true leadership abilities. The “learning by "Underground" doing” in Toastmasters is the experience one can get out from the regular club meetings. The exhibition of the inherent leadership skills will be is the only word demonstrated during the course of the journey. My best wishes to in the English TM Monisha and her team for “ITC’s Imprints”. language that begins and ends with the letters "und". ITC’S IMPRINTS
  5. 5. Imprints of Division ‘G’ Governor PAGE 5 CONGRATULATIONS, Infosys Toastmaters! It is indeed a proud moment when you launch your very own Newsletter and I have all my respects and admirations for the creative minds and efforts that go towards bringing the Newsletter into existence. At Toastmasters, we all come in together on a quest for self-development. We march towards this self-development by way of practicing and supporting one another to become better speakers and leaders. The focusDTM Karthik is on developing communications, and one of the finer ways of doing this isSrinivasan by proactively participating in the publication and release of the Newsletter, because communications is not just speaking & listening, but also reading & writing! Did you know? A Newsletter, once it becomes a regularly distributed feature among all the members within and outside the Club, can not only provide general information of interest but also provide a platform of higher learning & There is a seven expression in specific areas such as contests, special events, publicity, etc. letter word in the With the release of the Newsletter, a new era dawns in the growth & English language progress of Infosys Toastmasters. Dawn is the time of the day when light that contains ten first appears in the sky, just before the sun rises. Dawn also indicates words without something beginning to develop or coming into existence. May this dawn rearranging any of bring forth to every member of Infosys a journey into leadership filled with its letters, sunshine and hope! "therein": the, Every time we blink, it’s the Dawn of a New Era… face it with a smile! there, he, in, rein, her, here, ere, therein, herein. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  6. 6. Imprints of Area ‘M1’ Governor PAGE 6 The ushering in of a new era that fosters new ideas, fresh thoughts and abundance of opportunities for self-learning and development among the youth in today’s world is always a welcome sign in any forum especially in Toastmasters where a novice leader realizes and augments his or her hidden talents and potential to a very high degree. A year into the movement and he/she would find himself/herself to be a mountain of possibilities and ideas which were hidden on account of their fears, lack of enthusiasm, self belief and many other limiting factors. However few wordsTM Rajeev Nambiar of caution - only individuals who are totally committed with their mind, body and soul will be able to realize and augment their potential and talents to an incredible extent and for those who think that mere joining the movement would propel them to become top class leaders with luck here and there and without the required commitment and sheer hard work will be in for a rude shock to find out that at the end of a year they are in Did you know? the same position as they were when they started their journey of “Self Development”. "The letters ‘a’, Dear friends as the saying goes, “There is no substitute for hard work”. The ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘d’ are same saying applies to a great degree in this movement too “Where leaders not present in are made”. Thus as an individual you have to learn to propel yourself with the numbers commitment, character and lots of focus to become the leader who can from 0 - 99. lead others with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. In other words, a good leader is one who has the ability and capability to lead from within. Because if a leader can’t lead himself then how can he lead others to realize their goals and objectives in reality. So my dear Toastmasters, as Swami Vivekananda aptly put it decades ago - “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”. Be the leader you want to be so that you augment many more leaders to become the leaders they want to be. Happy Toastmastering! ITC’S IMPRINTS
  7. 7. Imprints of Past Division ‘G’ Governor PAGE 7 “ Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. I get reminded of this Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote whenever I think about Infosys Toastmasters, Chennai (ITC) and its leaders. There are 3 categories of leaders in this world. 1) Builders: You give them a vacant land. They involve a number of peopleTM Saravanan and build a beautiful castle, plant trees, develop gardens. They do thingsVelrajan that benefit NOT only the current generation, but also the future generations. 2) Maintainers: You give them a vacant land. They put a fence around and protect it. They pay daily visits and make sure that NO HARM is done to it. Did you know? However, the vacant land continues to remain vacant. 3) Destroyers: You give them a vacant land. They dont care about the land. "The sixth sick They let weeds grow. They let people dump garbage into it and the land becomes a dump yard. sheiks sixth sheeps sick" is The champions of ITC – Anand Narayanan, Arun Kumar, Monisha, Vishnu & Dhanalakshmi converted the vacant land into a beautiful castle. They said to be the played a key role in getting the club chartered. From just a desire, it toughest tongue became a dream. From just a dream, it became a passion. The passion twister in turned into performance and the performance produced the results. English. Today, ITC is one of the rising stars in the skies of Toastmasters in Tamil Nadu. The club has produced so many new champions and leaders. Kudos to each one of you! You have not only made ITC proud, but the entire Toastmasters community in Tamil Nadu too. Many of us joined Toastmasters because we wanted to develop our communication skills. Later we realized that we can also groom our leadership skills by performing various roles. Toastmasters is a voluntary organization and you dont get paid for your service. However, with all the skills and experience that you gain here, imagine the difference you would make at your workplace where you are getting paid to build a great product; where you are getting paid to build great teams; Where you are getting paid to bring the best out of people. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  8. 8. PAGE 8 What Toastmasters can DO to you is largely dependent on what you DO in Toastmasters. To perform various roles in Toastmasters, you don’t need to have the capability. You can develop the capability over a period of time. All that you need to have is commitment to do things; passion to achieve success and willingness to learn. With these qualities of leadership, you can easily build clubs - where everyone would like to visit, join and realize their dream of becoming a better speaker and leader. Happy Toastmastering ! Did you know? A sentence that contains all 26 letters of thealphabet is called “pangram”. Ex:Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  9. 9. Imprints of ITC’s Club Mentor PAGE 9 Toastmasters – Toasts you for your life to taste better With the start of this Toastmasters club in Infosys, it has marked a new beginning towards making people effectively communicate, articulate and lead by example. The club is already witnessing immense growth in its members and it has also unleashed that hidden potential that already existed in some. The common comments that I hear from people are “I fear talking in front of an audience, What if I am called to the stage and I am notTM Anand able to talk on a given topic, I am not confident enough in English language”Narayanan and so on. My question for you is “Wouldn’t you come out of your shackles and speak in front of an audience who wouldn’t mock at you but would rather be supportive enough to help you speak and to understand your concerns when you are not able to speak? Wouldn’t you like to be amidst people who encourage you to make mistakes and learn? Wouldn’t you love to be in a positive environment where the word discouragement is out of the dictionary? Wouldn’t you prefer ‘Learn by doing’ to teaching and pampering? Wouldn’t you want opportunities to come your way like meeting stalwarts of public speaking, getting to participate in contests at Did you know? the area, division, district and finally in the International arena in the US”? If your answer to each of these questions is a ‘Yes’, then toastmasters is the way – it is indeed a dawn of a new era. The past tense for the English word “dare” is “durst”. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  10. 10. Imprints of the President PAGE 10 “ A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” a quote by Lao Tzu formed the main theme of our first meeting of Infosys Toastmasters, Chennai way back in April 2012. True to this quote, what we took as a small step then went on to make that first giant stride with the club getting charted in May 2012. When Anand wanted me to take the role of the President, I was clueless as to what the role demanded both during the club meetings and outside the club. We had the chartering ceremony & swearing in of office bearers, atTM Arun Kumar the end of which I was expected to give a 3-5 minutes acceptance speech. I have never before seen a President’s acceptance speech. As this happened in May, most of the office bearers were already serving their terms and hence I did not get a chance to see how it should be presented. Taking inputs from Anand, I delivered a speech highlighting just the areas which I would focus during my term, (a) Building a guest-friendly club environment, (b) When pursuing DCP goals, will ensure that the quality of the meeting roles or the speeches is not compromised and (c) Giving each member a Did you know? complete Toastmaster experience by encouraging them to attend community club meetings and to participate in events of Area and Division. The longest one Even today after 6 months from the club getting chartered, despite the fact that 12 members left us, Infosys Toastmasters, Chennai has provided the syllable word in the best club environment for all the guests walking into our meetings (we get English language is 6 – 10 guest every meeting) without compromising on the quality of the “screeched”. meeting and engaged most of the club members in various events of the Area and the Division! This wouldn’t have been possible without the relentless effort of members of the club, PR Campaign team and the members of the Executive committee. By far these are the most cherished moments in my life to see the club as a baby crawling, sitting and now standing on its own feet. I envisage it to grow up strong, compete in a race and win laurels for all its stake holders. With this I applaud the newsletter team (Monisha, Jagan and Diwakar) for taking that extra effort and going that last mile to make our first ever club newsletter the one we would all enjoy reading. I wish them all the very best. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  11. 11. Awards and Recognition PAGE 11 The following is the education tracker of our members for the communication and leadership tracks. Competent Communication Tracker TM Anjana TM Arun TM Barath TM Diwakar TM Hari TM Hugh TM Jagan TM Monisha TM Palani G TM Palaniappan TM Rajshree TM Rakesh TM Sai TM Saravanan TM Sathish TM Shaharyar Did you know? TM Sumitha TM Varun TM Vidiya TM VijayshreeThe oldest word TM Vishnu Kumar TM Vishnu Teja in the English TM Vivek language is 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 No. of projects completed “Town” Competent Leadership Tracker TM Arun TM Diwakar TM Hugh TM Monisha TM Rajshree TM Rakesh TM Saravanan TM Vidiya TM Vijayshree TM Vishnu Kumar 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 No. of projects completed ITC’S IMPRINTS
  12. 12. Awards and Recognition PAGE 12 Imprints of ITC  The milestone meeting #25 was celebrated by conducting a Tall tales contest which was a great success.  Within 5 months of chartering, the club was able to gain 5 DCP (Distinguished Club Program) points and get the status as a “Distinguished Club”.  The club has added 5 new members in August - September 2012 cycle and bagged the Smedley Award (Award for membership building) from Toastmasters International.  TM Rajshree and TM Hugh Conan represented the club in the Area level Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests in Sept 2012 and TM Rajshree emerged as the second runner up at the Humorous Speech Did you know? Contest. The word  TM Vishnu is the first member at ITC to complete his CC (Competent “almost” is the Communication) and CL (Competent Leadership) tracks. longest word inEnglish language with all the letters in alphabetical ITC’S IMPRINTS
  13. 13. The rays of hope PAGE 13 If you had queried a person in his 20s about his goals in 1960s, his answer would have been, “I am an overachiever -my three children are playing in backyard and the fourth one in my wife’s womb”. If you had posed the same question to the then youngster of 1970s, his reply would have been “I want a government job”. If you ask the same question to today’s youth, response would be “I want to start my own company!”. This sets the stageTM Vishnu Kumar, for us to broaden our minds and views.VP - Education It is not an exaggeration to consider the current generation as beacons of new dreams, new hopes and new aspirations as they want to jump across the hurdles and stand out as champions. It is inspiring, meaningful and impactful when our world faces numerous socio-economic problems. The onus of taking the trickle down economy to the poorest of the poor and to Did you know? the last mile is on us to make a world a better place to live in. To nurture our dreams and shape into reality, we have to solve too much in Ernest Vincent too little time; we have to imbibe the knacks of great leaders to spread our Wrights novel wings; we have to constantly reinvent ourselves to reach the pinnacle in Gadsby: our field. And these things are challenging when life and work take turns Champion of on the pivotal of communication and collaboration. Youth - a story Equation of communication boils down to listening, critical thinking and of more than feedback. The conundrum of collaboration involves time management, 50,000 words in planning and implementation, organization and delegation. Where else can which the letter you find a better solution for change, a paradise for reinvention and a temple for transformation to groom yourself as a better leader for a better ‘e’ never world, than in Toastmasters! appears. Friends, when we constantly and consistently strive together for a better future of needy people the Dawn of the new era lucidly signifies the rays of hope emanating from Generation Y. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  14. 14. Dawn of a new era in senior citizens’ life PAGE 14 According to an estimate of United Nations nearly 40% of senior citizens living with their families are reportedly facing abuse of one kind or another, but only one in six cases actually comes to light. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, one out of every ten people on the planet is now 60 years of age or older . In such a scenario, it becomes inevitable to give our attention to these aging millions who are waiting for a new dawn where they are showeredTM Diwakar Labh,Treasurer with love, care and support. With the fast changing socio-economic scenario, rapid urbanization, higher aspirations among the youth and the increasing number of working women, roots of the traditional joint family system has been eroding very fast. Majority of older people are forced to live alone in their own houses or they are dumped by their own children in old-age homes. Social marginalization and negligence in old-age lead to violation of Human Rights of Older Persons. Ironically, in India older generations are unaware Did you know? of their human rights as 85.9% older persons have never heard about Human Rights of Older Persons. "Queuing" is the only word with Every individual has the right to healthy aging which not only comes about five consecutive medically, but also via social relationships and gratification. vowels. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights has recognised Human Rights for senior citizens. The Government of India has enacted legislative acts like The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and senior Citizen Act (Senior Citizen Act), 2007. Under these acts parents can claim maintenance from their children. But money cannot take place of emotional support and care. Today it seems that privatization and globalization have filled our pockets but emptied our ethics, it has made us so techno philic that we like the touch screens in our phones more than the touch of our loved ones. We kill our time on Facebook, Twitter, weekend parties but feel bored in the company of our loving parents. Let’s take out some time from our busy schedules for our parents who are growing old and need our love and care. Let the elderly people age gracefully with dignity. Let’s vow to bring dawn of a new era in senior citizens’ lives. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  15. 15. PAGE 15 5 reasons why you dont need an MBA! Let’s start with a simple question, why do you need an MBA? By now you would have memorized the 2 paragraphs that you have written on every application form. If you want to do an MBA for any of the following 5 reasons, let’s get into details. After all “The devil is in the details” 1. “ I want to earn more than 10 LPA”. a) What if your placement year is similar to the situation which B-Schools faced in 2009? Even IIM Grads were struggling to get into PSU for just 6TM Saravanan, LPA.Secretary b) CTC 10 LPA including all unbelievable & unachievable targets actually amounts to 8 LPA. If you continue working with current employer for 2 more years and move to another company with a hike, I am sure you will be somewhere near to it. c) Don’t underestimate your investment in terms of fees and opportunity cost for 2 years. I know few management Gurus who have been paying their Educational loan for more than 10 years. Did you know? 2. “I want an IIM or some B-School brand for my life”. A ghost writer a) Once there were only 5 IIMs, now 12 and may be 20 tomorrow. There is no life time brand even for IIMs. pens an b) After certain years of experience only your skills and achievements will anonymous speak for yourself. book. 3. “I cannot tolerate this IT sector any more and I want to enter into any other sector”. a) I am sure that MBA would not give a relief. 70% of sales roles combined with some financial analyst roles are not a cake walk when compared to IT industry. b) There is high probability you may end up in a sector which is not the one what you were aiming to enter. Maybe again to IT. c) Have you tried changing sectors now? I feel MBA route is not the shortest. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  16. 16. PAGE 16 4. “I want to start my own venture”. a) Go and learn more about the specifics of your industry and start. MBA education is not about it. b) If you say “I need to think about the industry during my MBA “, you are going to be late. 5. I am a Manager material with proven leadership qualities. a) Good, you have those qualities. Develop those in places where leaders are needed. b) You cannot improve your leadership qualities amongst self-proclaimed leaders in B-Schools. c) Be aware of the fact, B-School is a place where ‘Pebbles are polished and Diamonds are dimmed’. But in spite of knowing these details even before doing an MBA, the ‘logical Did you know? decision making’ MBA aspirants will go ahead with their MBA plans, as I did few years back. The most used letter in theEnglish alphabetis “E” and “Q” is the least used ITC’S IMPRINTS
  17. 17. Living with this world PAGE 17 I have heard lot of people saying “life is a race” . I have even heard people saying “In life, you have to do or die” . Life is a pretty hard race to run and is also a damn tough fight. Every day runs on expectations! A poor man runs for his everyday food expecting to become rich one day. A middle class man runs for securing his life expecting to get into the richer class. A rich man runs for accumulating more and more wealth . Do you actually think only the rich man is enjoyingTM Vidiya Prasanth,Asst. VP - Education his life? Absolutely not! The poor enjoys lot of love and affection and he has time to take care of everyone. The middle class man enjoys calculated luxury and he shows calculated love as well. The rich man enjoys surplus wealth and whatever he knows in the world has a price tag. We cant deny that there is no love in rich peoples hearts but it’s very meager. Every human being is so desperate for something or the other and no one is an Did you know? exception. The word "lethologica" Everyday runs on hope! Thinking of making a better tomorrow for the next generation, we stretch ourselves to get the most out of today. We start describes the everyday with the hope that world would not end on 21st December. We state of not start everyday with the hope that there will be peace in the world soon. being able to Whether it happens or not, we still hope. To script a peaceful life in this remember the world you need to have less expectations, surplus love and excessive hope. word you want. Life is not a race to win. It’s a holiday to relax and enjoy. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  18. 18. A tribute! PAGE 18 T “ he dawn of a new era” was what Nirmal dreamt of. Not for himself, but for the environment! A true environmentalist who practiced what he preached and rescued creatures from being killed. Some have dogs as their pets, some fishes and some birds, but he preferred to pet snakes! He was primarily trained to be a snake rescuer. Living in a city with forests in close proximity, it was only natural for snakes to frequent the human habitat. He had handled over 1500 snakes and tookTM Rajshree Nancy,Asst Secretary them safely to the forests and released them. Though snakes are one of the most deadly creatures, for him, they were the most wonderful creatures and stressed on the importance of snakes in maintaining the ecological balance. He preached about the only four varieties of snakes in India that are poisonous which have to be handled with care. He used to play with the non-venomous ones, train the venomous ones and keep them as pets. He had handled the king cobra twice with ease. He trained many Did you know? nature lovers to handle snakes. He conducted awareness programmes to erase the misconceptions about the slimy creature from the minds of The infinity sign school and college students. Whenever he held a snake, it seemed as if the is called a snake was comfortable in his loving hold and hardly made an attempt to be lemniscate. free of it. He, in fact, enjoyed the snakes squirming on him. Ironically, on a fine dusk, the same species for which he had dedicated his life to protect, stung his life out of him at an age when life begins. Though he was not as famous as Steve Irwin, national newspapers bore testimonials on the phenomenal life that he led and the impact of his work on the environment. The world has lost a great man; his loved ones have gained a God and for him, it’s yet another ‘Dawn of a new era’! ITC’S IMPRINTS
  19. 19. The dawn of a new era PAGE 19 I sat bolt upright in my bed with a cry, slamming my hands down onto the mattress. It was 1 a.m. and I just had a terrible nightmare - that it was the morning of an exam, and I hadn’t completed the syllabus. I have had this nightmare all my life. Even on the night after my graduation, I had the same nightmare. It was then that I realized that I had taken the last exam of myTM Anjana Pradeep life. It was the dawn of a new era in my life. Starting today, I want each and every one of you to enter a new era in which the primary judge for your success will be: “YOU”. I will be sharing some pointers on how to emerge successful on your own terms. Point 1: “Follow your passion, and success will follow you”. Don’t make the mistake of waving off your talent, simply because you Did you know? won’t be a ‘star” or get rich off it. Just go after it with a fire in your belly and the mantra “YES I CAN”. At the end of the day, if you can face yourself "Polish" is the in the mirror and say “I am happy”, then you are a success. only word in the Point 2: Go in actual pursuit of your own happiness. English language Most of us fail to realize that happiness is not a “someday somewhere that when phenomena”. True happiness lies within you, waiting to be discovered. capitalized is Waste no time in searching for it in the world outside. Go in actual pursuit changed from a of your own happiness. noun or a verb Point 3: "The time is always right to do what is right." Decide to do what is right - today and every day. You will find to a nationality. yourself building a life that matters. When the day arrives that you are now calling "tomorrow," you will call that day "today" and a different day will be called "tomorrow." The time to make amends is now. It’s the dawn of a new era for each and every one of you. It’s time to stop living your life for other people and start living it on your own terms. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  20. 20. This day, that age PAGE 20 With a gentle breeze flowing through my stiff and curly hair and my legs swaying from left to right, I scanned the sea to understand the ebb and flow of the tide. The skies were overcast and the bullock cart I was travelling in pushed through the muddy roads of the village. A civilian said pointing at a house, “Thambi, Antha veedu nambalodathu than. Poi oyvu yeduthukonga.” (Brother, that house belongs to me. You can rest there for a while.) I understood the reason behind the gesture. He did not want me to get drenched in the rain. I told him to go inside and that I would followTM Hugh ConanDoyle him. He obliged. I, for a moment wondered if I had said the right thing. All of a sudden I noticed a tiny drop of water splash on my right nostril. I understood I was caught up in the middle of nowhere as I had taken a long walk towards the seas. Then came another drop and another. I had no option but to get wet Did you know? in the rain. It started pelting down within seconds. I stood still. I tried counting the number of drops that fell on my sulking face but I failed Switching letters miserably. I took a step forward and shook my leg. I saw a fisherman coming out of his hut. So did another. One by one everyone in the village is called came out to relish nature’s pleasant blessing in the form of a downpour. spoonerism. For Each of them was on their feet. I had been to several dance competitions example, saying but this seemed to outdo them all. I hardly knew any of them but without jag of Flapan, considering me to be a stranger almost all of them took turns to share some instead of flag of dance moves with me. Japan And lo! Whilst in the middle of such celebrations, the church bell struck hard. The clock showed 5.30. It struck again and again. I opened my eyes and realized the alarm was screaming to remind me I was late for work. Back to square one. No time for playing; neither in the rain nor to take a dip in the sea. Client calls awaiting morning chores. I heard a sudden cry of pain from outside and realized it was the ambulance. My mother came in and said “Son, it’s dawn.” I smiled and understood that it was the dawn of a new era. An era where business is religion and money is God. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  21. 21. Dawn of a new era... PAGE 21 It was 1906 and the Bambatha rebellion was keeping the British busy and occupied. It was a Zulu revolt against colonialism. There was one diminutive, puny man with bright eyes assisted by twenty other fellow countrymen helping the injured soldiers by posing as stretcher-bearing corps. He decided to turn his back and face the colossal might of the colonial troops with a sharp weapon – by spirit and heart. This noble soul, going by the nomenclature – Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, went to become Mahatma of India, liberating India from the clutches of nefariousTM Sai colonial rule. His methodology – Satyagraha or non-violent protestVenkateshwaran metamorphosed into a beacon of light, swallowing time zones with a new era dawning over the horizons of the under-represented. At a distance, in the USA, leaping years forward to 1963, a man delivered his speech – “I have a dream”, and nineteen months later he was honored with the Nobel Prize for peace. This man, Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Did you know? brought down racial inequalities and its squalid themes to its knees by delivering the new era of non-violence again, with a profound impact reverberating over the entire North American nation. The dot on top of the letter i is Down south, a man chained for decades, dealt a heavy blow to apartheid with a new missile – made of Gandhi’s principles, the non-violence. It was called a tittle. 1993, after sixty seven years of struggle for social justice, this gentleman - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was bequeathed with the coveted Nobel Prize for peace. The new era of non-violence resuscitated itself, in the place it was born, transmogrifying itself from a little spark to an inferno with its gargantuan tongue devouring the policies of racial segregation. This era of non-violence, though one hundred years old, is still new and takes various forms at several places of need and stops only to spring out again at a different place at a different time. This shall last long, longer than the longest of the eras, extending over epochs to arrive, masquerading into newer forms into will and heart of the societies and its progenies inheriting the land. This is a new era – The era of non-violence, advocated by Gandhi. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  22. 22. Digitization of humanity PAGE 22 You wake up in the morning to the digital melody of your phone alarm. You are not yet fully awake, yet your hands involuntarily login to Facebook. Welcome to the digital era, where machines control man and man has the 6th finger – his mobile phone. Look around you. Everywhere you go, you have machines telling you what to do. You want to drive somewhere? Ask the complex GPS satellite thousands of kilometers away in space instead of the shop keeper standing less than 5 metres away! That is the satire in the world today. We’d ratherTM Varun B. trust machines than our fellow human beings.Krishnan Call up customer care with an issue, and the first thing you hear is a computerized voice welcoming you to customer care. After a few million minutes of hearing cheesy music and ads being played in loop, you finally hear a customer care executive saying some name so fast you can’t hear it. When you state your problem, they will boost your confidence with words like ‘Definitely we will help you in this regard sir’, only to be followed a few Did you know? minutes later with, ‘Sorry sir, the computer says it’s like that, so we can’t “Dreamt” is the help you in that regard’. We have forgotten the human touch in the only English mechanized world. We are rapidly becoming machines ourselves, drained of consideration for our fellow human beings. word that ends in “mt”. Booking a train ticket? Never go to the booking center. Just log on to IRCTC website and then post on Facebook that the site is too slow and inefficient. Of course it’s going to be that if it is overloaded with some 100 times its capacity! We people should re-learn the art of getting something done without dependence on technology – we have come to a stage where we want to do everything with the click of a mouse or a few swipes on our Smartphone. So, slow down. Let your phone run out of charge, it’s not like a meteor just wiped out your family, it’s just your phone going to sleep. Try actually meeting that friend of yours instead of just liking his pictures on Facebook. Drown out the IVRs and replace it with human voices (even animal sounds are fine). Try not to photograph everything – sometimes there is no better camera than the eye, and no better film to process it than the brain. Be the master of technology, not the slave. Live free. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  23. 23. 30 seconds to fame PAGE 23 This column is the result of a telephonic impromptu session wherein the Toastmasters were given 30 seconds to think and express their thoughts on “How they correlate to the theme ‘The dawn of a new era’?” “I want an equal society where there is no barrier between the rich and the poor. There should be equal opportunities for everyone.” - TM Barath Sastha Selvaraj “People should stop blaming others and should start taking the blame on themselves. They should be more responsible and the sense of responsibility must begin from each one of us. One is responsible for one’s own destiny. People must own up their actions and work for their dreams to make life better and live happily.” - TM Hari Srinivasan Did you know? “The dawn of a new era will be an era of mobile technology which is gradu- “Four” is the ally becoming the center of our lives. Where hearts cannot penetrate , only number mobile phones are pervading the human space. With the touch of your fin- gers, the world gets zipped to the pocket. Shortly, I can call it as a Personalwhose number of Assistant for every human being.” letters in the - TM Karthikeyan Kuppusamyname equals the number. “There should be no weapons and no wars. Peace and joy should spread everywhere.” - TM Kulasekara Pandian “In my opinion, anything that is different from what you normally do is a new era. A new era is indispensable for something good to happen and for something that is positive.” - TM Palani G. Sankar “The first thought that comes to my mind is happiness. When we look into the future, we don’t hope for something bad to happen. We look forward for something new which makes us and our life happy.” - TM Rakesh Thayyil ITC’S IMPRINTS
  24. 24. 30 seconds to fame PAGE 24 “Women are bound to fulfill so many responsibilities in both their personal and professional life. They are answerable to lots of people. They think that they can handle both personal and professional life perfectly, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen. They finally end up getting more stressed compared to men. According to me, men should step forward to help women and share their responsibilities. They should not dominate women. Men and women should help each other thereby everyone’s life will become simple and with this attitude people can achieve whatever they want.” - TM Sangeetha C. “When I think of a new era, I feel the old things should vanish and the new things should emerge. According to me, the new era should have social acceptance, equality and respect for everybody.” Did you know? - TM Sandeep Kumar “Bookkeeper” “People should help each other to whatever extent possible. We have got and only one life and we should always be happy. There are problems at every “bookkeeping” facet of life. So people need to help each other and get them solved.”are the only two - TM Sathish Kumar Natarajan words in the “I dream of a new era where there is no poverty, no illiteracy, no war andEnglish language no nuclear bomb. I want people to be happy.” with three - TM Shaharyar Danish Khalique consecutive “In a new era, I expect dignity of labour and respect for every single person. double letters. And all people should be educated for a better tomorrow.” - TM Sumitha T.V. “A new era should be the dawn of new ideas or new thoughts which can improve our lives and bring about a revolution. It could be, for instance, a new technology. In the case of mobile phone or Facebook, our lives have changed so much from the 1990s to 2012.” - TM Vignesh Venkateswaran ITC’S IMPRINTS
  25. 25. 30 seconds to fame PAGE 25 “When I think of a new era, it’s happiness and things that make people happy that come to my mind. People should be grateful and they should not be greedy or jealous.” - TM Vijayshree Mahesh “I am excited about the hot topic “The end of the world”. I don’t know if this would really happen. But if this is the case and if there’s a new dawn, I want corruption and the clashes between people to die. People should realize their mistakes.” - TM Vishnu Teja Sunkaranam “From my perspective, a new dawn can be either in terms of technology or in the way we interact with people. These days, people rely more on Facebook than on actual social networking. They are more dependent on Did you know? technology. They are losing their inherent skills and are forgetting The word everything over a period of time. Sending a letter/postcard is losing its “queue” is the charm. Gone are those days when people eagerly waited for 10-15 days toonly word in the get a letter or money via post. People have lost patience today and so theyEnglish language send e-mails. But on the positive side, there is more transparency today.” that is still - TM Vivek Kharepronounced thesame way when the last four letters are removed. ITC’S IMPRINTS
  26. 26. Guest feedback PAGE 26 “The meeting was pretty nicely put. The content was good, it was real pleasure listening to people”. - Sumit Pant “Meeting was good, well organized and completed well within the time schedule. It is a good platform to check concurrent knowledge and know about current happenings”. - Jitendra Katiyar “I had been a toastmaster in my college for few months. Toastmasters is really wonderful and improves self-confidence to speak in front of a group . I should really appreciate you guys for your wonderful meetings”. - Preetha Subramaniam Did you know? “I attended the first meeting just out of curiosity. It was an amazing learning experience. Each meeting had something as take away. The three The word different categories (prepared speeches, table-topic and feedback) are well “alphabet” thought and they contribute to make each meeting a special one”.comes from the - Nikhil Chandrakant Vicharefirst two letters “It was a pleasure to sit through the meeting. It’s a single forum to speak of the Greek out yourself adhering to the best practices of public speaking. The meeting alphabet : in my words:- P-Pleasurable, L-Lively, E-Ecstatic, A-Adorable, S-Suave, “alpha” and A-Awesome, N-No-frills, T-Talismanic”. “beta”. - Tushar Kanta Jena “My friends used to say that I may be good in technical skills, but I need to improve my communication skills to express my ideas effectively. I think Toastmasters would help in improving my communication skills”. - Pandurengan Jegadeesan “I was impressed to see a Toastmaster handling the audience during a social gathering and so I dropped by to see the Toastmasters meeting at Infy. Most of the meetings were quite enjoyable. I felt that participating in the proceedings would help strengthen my skills as well”. - Malavika Murali ITC’S IMPRINTS
  27. 27. Say cheese! PAGE 27ITC’S IMPRINTS
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