Gearing Up for Web 3.0 and Social Media Update


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Originally presented by Monique Ramsey at Congress on Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (CAVS) and the National Society of Cosmetic Physicians (NSOCP) Annual Meeting held at the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 19-22, 2013.

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Gearing Up for Web 3.0 and Social Media Update

  1. 1. Welcome… Gearing Up for Web 3.0 & Social Media #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey GROWTH TIPLook for these in today’s talk…
  2. 2. Meet Monique… Founder and Social Media Horticulturalist 20+ years experience: medical practice management, marketing, training, and consulting Certified Relationship Marketing and Social Media Strategist (2009) • Winner 2010 #influenceSD Award for Best Social Media in Business • Alert Press Top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Fan Pages • Named on of 17 Top Facebook Pages for Small Business, 2012 (Fluxe Digital) Interviewed by SmartMoney Magazine, American Medical Association, Dermatology Times, Surge, Medical Economics, ReachMD on Satellite Radio Contributor to Cosmetic Surgery for Dummies Board – San Diego Social Media Society ♥music, ♥USC, ♥sports, ♥spa days, ♥shoes ♥driving fast ♥creative endeavors! #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  3. 3. “The Internet has forever changed the way our patients will approach healthcare. Digital or social media is NOT a passing fad… get past that.” - Howard J. Luks, MD Fast Fact: Nearly 16 minutes of every hour is now spent on social networking sites. (Experian study 2013) #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  4. 4. Connected Consumers • Empowered • Informed • Demanding • More Discerning #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Did You Know: More than 80% of internet users search for health-related information?
  5. 5. Connected Consumers • Will share more if there is value in return • Make decisions differently • They influence and are influenced differently • MOMENTS OF TRUTH Read: Brian Solis What’s the Future of Business #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  6. 6. Social Presence DID YOU KNOW: 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations! Personal recommendations are the number one driver of consumer purchase decisions at every state in the purchase cycle. Sources: Search Engine Journal, Forbes, Social Media Today
  7. 7. Web 3.0 It’s already happening #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  8. 8. Definitions Web 1.0 – Library – source of information but you couldn’t change or contribute Web 2.0 – Connections with people - like a big group of friends. Get info and contribute to conversations. Richer and more relevant experience.
  9. 9. Web 3.0 “The Symantec Web” Source: How Stuff Works – Web 3.0, Wikipedia Coined by www founder Tim Berners-Lee • Personal Assistant • Predictive • Able to understand information on the web • Interprets context of the search request • Cosmetic / Cosmetic • Spit out the right answer
  10. 10. What will they find as they search for you online? (Will they even find you?) How will you convince them to choose YOU for a consultation? And then… to provide care? So…. #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  11. 11. Your Website • Computers “software agents” scan & interpret – is your site optimized for this? • Labeling and tagging – is your site readable? • Ontologies: A file that defines relationships among a group of terms. – Detailed and comprehensive • Metadata: Info included in code – readable by computers. Source: How Stuff Works – Web 3.0
  12. 12. Radical Strategic Visibility
  13. 13. Social Buzz… Things You Need to Know
  14. 14. Reviews: Create “Art” GROWTH TIP:
  15. 15. GROWTH TIP Pinterest – Create Boards for auto-pinning / IV drip method ;)
  16. 16. Keywords – FB About Section Put keywords in your About Section for better results when people search Click here to edit #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  17. 17. You’ve Got Mad Skills* *To be very talented at something. Source: Urban Dictionary NEW GROWTH TIP: FB Skills Section
  18. 18. Adding SkillsNEW
  19. 19. Click “public” to make this box appear It re-calculates reach as you change budget Set run time Promoted Posts (Reach More Fans) GROWTH TIP: Promoted Posts
  20. 20. Polls Promoted Posts (Reach More Fans) #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  21. 21. Notice baseline Engagement Rate Calculation: (MANUAL!) talking about / total “likes” 2% is average so anything over this is AWESOME 70% Engagement Rate #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  22. 22. Fan of the Week (rewards engagement!) GROWTH TIP: Contests
  23. 23. Google+ / Local
  24. 24. Case Study… Google Search
  25. 25. Search Like a Patient Would…
  26. 26. So What’s Missing?
  27. 27. Value of G+ • SEO Benefit • Rapid growth - 135 Million active users and 60% log in every day • Communities • Getting a +1 is like someone giving a recommendation for your practice – and it shows up in search • Posts show up in search too! • Local pages – part of Google search results. (You can merge your Local Page (aka. “places page”) into a new Google+ page • Reviews • Important Note: Authorship (not for pages – only personal profile accounts)
  28. 28. Full Google Integration Connect & Categorize Peeps into “circles”* Manage Events Be Aware: All content is indexed by Google – even communities that are private/invite only Discover trending topics and jump into the conversation *Nice for separation of your patients and personal life… This is you! Add your biz page here! #SDCMS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  29. 29. G+ Hangouts & YouTube Hangouts – Up to 10 people Then everyone else can be live broadcast / streaming on YouTube and recording saved for future views.
  30. 30. Be There or Be 4Square Haha! Add specials (up to two) to really help you stand out from the crowd to users #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  31. 31. • Organic Growth • Connect with businesses and events and interact with them, share their content • Settings – Set 13+, allow , comments, tagging, to post, etc. • Admins Additional Tips
  32. 32. STAY TUNED Get info about our upcoming Monthly Training Webinar Series…
  33. 33. Questions? Monique Ramsey Toll Free Direct Dial 877-401-5485 Email: