Using Social Media to Market Your Practice - C-Bones Presentation


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Social Media Presentation to California Orthopaedic Association - C-Bones Administrators Group April 20, 2012 // Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, CA

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Using Social Media to Market Your Practice - C-Bones Presentation

  1. 1. The Best Tips & Techniques for Using Social & New Media to Grow Your Practice Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  2. 2. Meet MoniqueFounder, Cosmetic Social Media• 20 years experience: medical practice management, marketing, training, and consulting• Certified Social Media Strategist since 2009• Panelist, Speaker, Trainer• Honors • Winner 2010 #influenceSD Award for Best Social Media in Business • Top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Fan Pages – AP/Alert Presence • 17 Impressive Small Business Facebook Pages You Can Learn From – Fluxe Digital• Interviewed by SmartMoney Magazine, American Medical Association, Dermatology Times, Administrative Eyecare• Contributor to Cosmetic Surgery for Dummies®, published by Wiley & Sons• Development and Implementation Team for Inform&Enhance® practice management software Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  3. 3. Referral Paths – Then & Now Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  4. 4. “The Internet has foreverchanged the way ourpatients will approachhealthcare. Digital orsocial media is NOT apassing fad… get pastthat.” Fast Fact: Nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online is- Howard J. Luks, MD now spent on social networking sites. Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  5. 5. The GoalTo build EVANGELISM and OWNERSHIP among your customers to drive more revenue. How? By Engagement! Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  6. 6. Radical Strategic Visibility
  7. 7. Facebook by the Numbers• Milestone: ½ BILLION people used Facebook in a single DAY• 845 million active users• 150 million accessing via their mobile devices (700 billion+ min/mo)• 30-45 age fastest growing• 2nd most trafficked site on web• 700,000 local business pages• 30 billion+ pieces of content shared each month Reach Local, Facebook, & f8 Keynote Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  8. 8. Twitter by the Numbers • 140 Million Daily Visitors • 340 million Tweets per day • 300,000 new users per day • Twitter search engine gets roughly 600 million search queries per day • 10th most popular website on the internet Sources: Reach Local, The NextWeb Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  9. 9. Pinterest by the Numbers 7.5 million visitors 12/11 11.7 million visitors 1/12 1.36 MILLION visitors/day on average Avg. time on Pinterest higher than YouTube, Facebook, & twitter More referral traffic % than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 Source: Mashable@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  10. 10. Monique’s Social Media High T’s• High Trust: Building relationships• High Transparency: authentic, genuine, humble• High Touch: # touchpoints / year• High Traction: more eyeballs! Use Twitter hashtag #SKMSD @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  11. 11. Trust Click thru rates via social via socialtwist networks outperform links shared in emails and blogs Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12
  12. 12. High Trust• 90% of customers identify word of mouth as the best, most reliable and trustworthy source about ideas and information on products and services.-Via NOP World Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  13. 13. High Transparency• Transparency leads to credibility• No hidden agendas• Be Authentic• Be Humble• Be Yourself• Controlling vs. Image Source: *influencing* Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  14. 14. Fresh Content Blogging Helps SEO Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  15. 15. More Website Traffic Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  16. 16. Who Should Blog?SEO/Webmaster Guy Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  17. 17. Elements of a good blog post Compelling HeadlineTells aStory Simple writing“SomeoneLike Me” Short &Optimizedwith links Sweet (350 words max)and keywords Source: La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre Blog
  18. 18. Mobile & Gamification of Culture31% of mobile users have asmartphone now43% of mobile users will haveone by 2015. That’s 101 millionpeople.183 million Americans reportplaying a game for an hour a day.That’s more than half of thepopulation. –Jane McGonigal Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  19. 19. QR Codes Effective gateways to: • Information • Data Exchange • Global Commerce Send them to relevant: • Videos• Store secure patient data for • Photos emergency responders • Website• Rx. Instructions • ―LIKE‖ on Facebook,• How To videos etc.• Order meals - hospitals • Biz Card Contact info
  20. 20. QR Codes The majority of QR scanning is Gender coming from individuals in the 35-44 years of age 34 Male bracket (25%)* 64 Female Steady adoption is being seen amongst all age brackets between 18 and 54 years of age (84%)* Free to create or get your own custom work of QR art!* Source: Mobio Study: July to Dec. 2010
  21. 21. FB Timeline Cover Cover image 851 x 316 pixels4/26 - Photo 160 x 160 pixels
  22. 22. FB Branding - Apps • Make landing tab fit your brand • Ask for the LIKE • Use resources such as WildfireApp and NorthSocial • Show them where else you are – other places to engage • Poll, contest, activity
  23. 23. Tabs, Apps, Widgets Check Your Messages Add Your eBlast sign up form Add Your eBlast archive Photos in logical albums *(and add fresh content frequently) Upload videos Point to other social platforms Contest/exclusives (product, special offers, white papers - educational content) Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media Seminars & other events
  24. 24. ContestsFacebookAds topromote
  25. 25. Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  26. 26. EdgeRankThe Pages with the freshest, most engaging content standto gain the most from this new product—since each trackplayed, video viewed, review written and event attendedcan generate News Feed stories that propagate throughthe social graph.…Whether large or small, all artists, businesses, and brandshave the potential for exponential distribution through thegraph if they can engage users. Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12 @MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  27. 27. Ask Questions • 932 impressions • 1.29% feedback • Get in the conversation in real (or semi-real) time Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  28. 28. Polls Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  29. 29. Timeline Elements Use Twitter hashtag #SKMSD@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  30. 30. Post You Want to See
  31. 31. Use Twitter hashtag #SKMSD@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  32. 32. Posts You Don’t Want to See You can: • Don’t delete (unless they are really belligerent) • Invite them to talk offiline
  33. 33. Volume Of Facebook Sharing By Day But… do what works best for you – whatever will give you the best chance of consistency (success) Use Twitter hashtag #CBONES12@MoniqueRamsey Cosmetic Social Media
  34. 34. Google+ Profile Photo Albums Hangouts(―Meetings‖ for Biz) Sparks (interests) Circles
  35. 35. Google+
  36. 36. Google+ and Search
  37. 37. Google+ and Search
  38. 38. Google Places Reviews
  39. 39. Social & SEO Source:
  40. 40. Final ThoughtsSocial media is no longer optional. You will reap therewards but need to invest the time to get the benefit.―When a brand does its job right, it creates an emotionalconnection.‖ - Brian SolisIts not about ROI - Its about creating awareness, havingpeople understand the brand will createengagement, which will lead to revenue.―If you arent constantly evolving along with yourcustomers you will be doomed to fail.‖ – SteveKaufer, CEO - TripAdvisor
  41. 41. Your Social Media Rx• Cannot “set it and forget it” – social media is engaging with people – not messaging at people• Content is King – commit to 10 minutes a day on creating content. Type it, dictate it or do an audible post at• An apple a day… you need to be posting every day (or 5/7)• Keep it professional – NY Times Front Page Rule• Social Media is not a quick fix. Don’t give up – it takes time to build communities!
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Let’s Connect!LIKE us on Facebook… on our wall one takeaway fromtoday’s courseEmail:Monique@cosmeticsocialmedia.comToll Free: 877-401-5485