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For Sale by Owner listing power point slide show For Sale by Owner listing power point slide show Presentation Transcript

  • If youre like most people attempting to sell their home without professionalassistance, a desire to save the agents commission is probably the main reasonyouve decided to go it alone. Believe me, I understand the impulse well. In the current economy, every dollar counts.What you may not realize, however, is that professionally marketed properties routinely sell for more money than FSBO’s (for sale by owner). Which means that when all is finalized, all contracts are signed, the deal closes, and the commission is paid you will receive the same, often more money than if you had sold privately without any up front expenses for marketing or headaches throughout the whole process.As many Canadians, you are probably going to use the proceeds of your sale to purchase your next property, which is a very wise move.Home ownership remains one of the best long-term investments you’ll ever make. I can work with you to get top dollar for your property!
  • Company values Aim North Realty Ltd., Brokerage was founded August 27th, 2009. As our Northern Community isrich in minerals, our company is rich in experience and professionalism. Debbie Kolli, Broker ofRecord, and Diane Vallieres, Broker and Office Manager, have blended their unique talents to forma Real Estate Office that will provide ultimate results in providing excellent customer service to ourpresent, past and future clients. Debbie has 25 years of proven Real Estate Sales Success, andDiane brings with her a wealth of customer service experience from banking and the Timmins RealEstate Board Office.Together, they have grown their team to include 7 registered Sales Representatives and will traintheir team in providing the same unparalleled service to you!Our Mission StatementTo provide the most enthusiastic, dedicated, honest, and ethical service to all our valued clients.Our promise to you “ Our Buyers”We will find the perfect home for you.Our promise to you “Our Sellers”We will find the perfect Buyers for you.
  • I will offer you a FREE HOME EVALUATON!You will receive information on what comparable homes have sold for in yourneighborhood. This will allow us to price your home correctly right from the start.This is crucial. ~Overpriced properties often linger on the market for many months, eventually selling for less than they are worth. ~Pricing your home too low, on the other hand, may well result in a quick sale without the seller realizing that they could have gotten another $10k-$20k.I will launch an extensive marketing campaign in order to reach a critical mass of potentialbuyers for your property. Maximum market exposure results in maximum offers! And once an offer is made, youll be represented by an experienced negotiator able to getyou the best possible price.
  • There are several ways I will market your home in our community to help you find theright Buyer.11 Steps for marketing your property locally1. Aim North Realty Ltd., Brokerage website www.aimnorthrealty.com2. Local media including a consistent weekly full page ad in The Timmins Times3. Internet Marketing ~,; kijiji, zoocasa, social media and more4. “Showcase of Homes” Board – prominently displayed outside in front of our office5. Feature Sheets & newsletters6. Open House7. For Sale Signs – recognized throughout our area8. Open Sales Person Tour9. Communicate with prospect Buyers and Representatives10. Just listed announcements; delivered in your neighbourhood.11. DMS Network~ database of all listings in the area which is only accessible by registered members
  • How Long Does It Take To Market a Property?The length of time it takes to market a house will vary. Some properties will sell in just a few days, others may require several months. our property. read more at:
  •  Competition: Every buyer makes his decision about which home to buy and how much is it worth by his other choices at the time he buys. The supply of other choices the Buyer’s will compare with your home is constantly changing each week and month. The current competition always affects the Buyer’s opinion of your property and what he thinks it is worth. So, the question is: What will be the Buyer’s other choices at the time they are shown your property? Price: If the property has not sold after a reasonable length of time, but other similar properties have sold, then the price may need to be reduced. If this is true and the price is not reduced, a sale may be delayed or prevented. Property: If the property should show poorly or have major defects which cannot be, or are not corrected, a sale may not occur until the defects are corrected or the price is adjusted to compensate for them.
  •  Financing:The current cost of mortgage financing plays an important role in affordability to most prospective Buyers. If these costs are too high, then the financing may cause a delay or prevent a sale. Timing: Timing is the condition of the real estate market at the time of the sale. Supply and demand are the factors influencing whether it is a Seller’s or a Buyer’s market. Neither the seller nor the listing agent can change the market conditions at the time the property is for sale. It must be accepted for what it is. Marketing: Marketing techniques are being constantly tested and updated for the best results. But even expert marketing has limitations because marketing cannot overcome any of the first five factors if they are out of balance and remain uncorrected. You will be supplied with a constant flow of updated information which will help you determine the marketability
  • Why should YOU hire a REALTOR®?Youre trusting a REALTOR® with your most valuable possession, your home. REALTORS® take this responsibility very seriously. read more at:
  •  Your REALTOR® is a trained professional REALTORS® take extensive pre-licensing courses in order to obtain credentials for practicing in real estate. Your REALTOR® is continuously trained REALTORS® keep pace with the times by taking continuing education courses to upgrade their knowledge on a broad range of real estate related issues in order to be able to continue to provide consumers with current advice. Your REALTOR® does everything by the book A REALTOR® must be registered under provincial laws that govern exactly how real estate can and cannot be traded. These regulations are your legal guarantee of professional behavior.
  •  Your REALTOR® is an ethical businessperson REALTORS® must adhere to the extensive Code of Ethics of the Canadian Real Estate Association. Several provinces have additional codes of ethics governing real estate professionals. Your interests must always be put first. Opportunity for recourse Should you have concerns about the professional behavior of a REALTOR®, provincial regulators and your local real estate board or association take these matters very seriously and work quickly to resolve any issues. Your REALTOR® has access to a local Boards MLS® System A Boards MLS® system is the single most powerful tool for buying and selling a home. Your REALTOR® can provide you with exclusive features of the Boards MLS® System, such as immediate notification when new properties are listed. You dont have to wait for it to be posted on a web site.
  • Do YOU really need a REALTOR® to sell YOUR home?Many people who try to sell their own home end up using a REALTOR® in the end anyway. Before anybody decides to fly solo through this complex, time consuming and financially perilous process, they should consider these questions. read more at:
  • Will you really "save" the real estate commission? When buyers see a home for sale by the owner, they see a bargain. They imagine the REALTOR®s fee going into their pocket, not yours.How many potential buyers will you reach? Selling a home takes more than just hanging a "For Sale" sign. How will you promote your home? Will you buy ads in the local newspapers to promote your home? Which internet sites will you advertise on? How will you reach all the local REALTORS® and their buyers?Do you have the time? Promoting a home is a full time job, and you may already have one. Will you be able to take calls at any time? How about screening the callers to figure out if theyre suitable candidates? Not everybody who calls is even suitable to walk through your home, but how do you tell?
  • Do you know the market well enough to get the most for your home? Lacking years of experience, the average do-it- yourselfer is merely guessing at their listing price. Often they set the price too low and miss out on thousands of dollars, or they price their home too high and drive away willing buyers.Do you have the negotiation skills to keep a deal on track? When an offer comes in, emotions can run high with so much money on the line. This is why direct seller-to-buyer deals often end in disaster. REALTORS® keep it professional, unbiased and are indispensable when it comes to bargaining with buyers.
  • What should YOU expect when YOU enlist the help of a REALTOR®to sell YOUR house? read more at:
  •  REALTORS® help you get the most for your home and they remove stress and confusion from the process. Here are just some of the advantages. Your REALTOR® becomes your homes champion When you sign a "Listing Agreement" with your REALTOR®, this is their promise that he or she will use all their skills and resources to get the most for your home. REALTORS® know how to attract the most potential buyers Your REALTOR® is an expert home promoter, connected to a network of agents and their buyers. He or she knows how to write compelling ads for your home, and only REALTORS® can place your home on a Boards MLS® System.
  •  REALTORS® will help you increase your homes "sale-ability" You probably have an emotional attachment to your home, and therefore cant view it objectively. Your REALTOR® will help you present your home in the best light, so buyers will fall in love with it more easily. Market Knowledge - to help you get the most for your home REALTORS® are masters of reading the market and pricing your home for maximum return. A REALTOR®s experience literally pays! Negotiation Skills - to keep the deal on track REALTORS® are indispensable when it comes to bargaining with buyers. Tempers can flare and heels can dig in. Your REALTOR® is an expert at smoothing things out.
  • Questions to ask when hiring a REALTOR® read more at:
  •  How will your marketing plan meet my needs? Specifically, how will you sell my home? Where and how often do you advertise? Will you provide references? Ask if any of the references are related to the REALTOR®. Ask if you can call their references with additional questions. What separates you from your competition? Key phrases to listen for: assertive, available by phone or e-mail, analytical, able to maintain a good sense of humor under trying circumstances.
  •  Can you help me find other professionals? Your REALTOR® may be able to provide a list of service providers who can help with things such as home inspection, staging, renovations, legal and financial advice. How much do you charge? Real estate fees or commission are negotiable and may vary from broker to broker. Always make sure you negotiate your best deal with your REALTOR®. What if I’m unhappy with the service? If you sign a listing agreement with the REALTOR® and later find that you are unhappy with the arrangement, will the REALTOR® let you cancel the agreement?
  • Here’s my commitment to you!1. Get as many QUALIFIED buyers as possible into your home until it is SOLD!2. Communicate the results of activities weekly to you.3. Assist you in getting the HIGHEST POSSIBLE DOLLAR VALUE for your property with the least inconvenience.4. Constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your property to the potential buyer in the market.5. Suggest and advise you of any changes you might want to make to your property to make it even more marketable for the buyers.6. Immediately alert ALL REALTORS of your property.7. Immediately place our recognized sign on you property.8. If your home is listed on the MLS system, an open house for all REALTORS will be held at your convenience.9. Develop a list of features and benefits of your home, for the co-operating agents to use with their potential buyers.10. Advertise as necessary, through our many marketing sources.11. Follow-up on all the sales people that have shown your home for their feedback.12. Constantly keep you up to date on current market conditions.13. Represent you upon the presentation of ALL offers by the co-operating agents and to help in negotiating the best possible price and terms for you.14. Handle follow-up and keep you informed, after the contract has been accepted, on all mortgage and other closing procedures.
  • How to prepare your home for a sale. Your home is typically your largest asset. You want to make sure that your largest asset is in capable hands! At Aim North Realty, our Sales Representatives are trained professionals who know the market and will let you know how much your home is worth! Staging a home is a great way to attract buyers! 1st impressions are lasting impressions!Surveys show that Buyers will pay more money for a house which is “move- in ready”Our goal is to help you maximize the appeal of your home with our “room Move-in ready” check list Maximize appeal…..maximize $$$
  •  De-personalize your home so buyers can imagine living in it. Store pictures, awards, trophies, collectibles, and other personal keepsakes. Paint walls in inviting neutral colors to cover flaws and freshen rooms.  Create the illusion of space by rearranging the furniture. Try different combinations or Add small luxurious touches to bathrooms and remove and store pieces that make it feel bedrooms. Think plush towels, fresh crowded. flowers, high-end bed linens, and pretty bath soaps.  Arrange the furniture in living areas into intimate groupings that suggest entertaining Eliminate unpleasant odors and smells that and ideal conversational settings. can kill a sale. Fragrant candles, plug-ins, and home sprays can help, but nothing smells better than clean.  Consider rental furniture, especially when the pieces you have dont match, are badly worn, or are in any state of disrepair. Plants and or flowers add an aura of softness and warmth to any room. Large or small, real or silk-theyre a favorite of professional  Add decorative pillows and slipcovers in warm stagers. neutral tones to hide flaws and make pieces blend.  Eliminate clutter. Store or get rid of appliances, gadgets, newspapers, mail or anything that takes up space or distracts attention.
  •  The Top Seven Sales Killers That May Keep A Home From Selling! 1.An Unkempt Lawn 2.Chipping or Peeling Paint 3.Worn or Dirty Carpets and Flooring 4.Poor Housekeeping-Dust, Stains, and Dirt 5.Junk, Clutter, and Disorganization 6.Unpleasant Odors-Pets, Tobacco, and Garbage 7.Unusual or Odd Paint Colors
  • Should you encounter difficulties in selling your homewish to discuss how being represented by a professionalREALTOR® could benefit you please give me a callat the office 705-267-1717 or on my cell 705-363-7739.I can also be reached by email course, not all REALTORS® are created equal. I am anassertive, highly organized, bilingual professional with diverseskills and experience. I have strong work ethic and work with ahigh level of integrity.I WILL WORK WITH YOU AND FOR YOU!Sincerely,Monique MeunierSales RepresentativeAim North Realty Ltd.
  • To whom it may concern, As a first time home buyer I was both excited and overwhelmed with the entire process. After unsuccessfully searching for months for my perfect home, I was introduced to Monique Meunier. She took the time to listen and truly understand what I was looking for. She was consistent, dependable, and a joy to work with. Monique always went above and beyond just the job description. Not only did she find my perfect home she also talked me through the entire process of buying from beginning to end. She is a true professional and I recommend her service to anyone in the market of buying or selling a house. I am so excited to be a home owner and am grateful for all Monique has done to help me reach that goal.Sincerely,Trista Gough
  • I am dedicated to providing you with service that isprofessional, courteous and responsive in helpingyou sell your property. If you are unhappy with myservices for any reason, you can notify me and I willattempt to rectify the issue to the best of myabilities within 72 hours. If I do not live up to mycommitments, as outlined in our Service Pledge, youcan request that my Broker/Manager assign yourlisting to another salesperson within our brokerage.Sincerely,Monique Meunier
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