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What have you learned from your audience feedback
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What have you learned from your audience feedback



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  • 1. What have you learned fromyour audience feedback?From my audience feedback, I learnt by asking mytarget audience what they thought of the music video,I was able to edit my music video according to whatthey said. Adding more special effects helped me tomake my music video more poppy which helped achievewhat we wanted to do.Overall the feedback from my target audience wasgood, a lot of people had congratulated us with thework we had done from the start to beginning. Bygetting feedback (in general) showed us how toimprove our music video and make it better
  • 2.  Targeting our target audience helped us to gain a betterunderstanding of our audience and what they wanted tosee. To enable us to be successful in the making of ourmusic video, we had to do research into our targetaudience for us to get a better understanding of them.For example; I couldnt have done a pop music videowithout asking what my target audience wanted to make mymusic video better- if I had left my music video the wayit was the first time, it wouldnt have been a properpop music video. Researching my target audience hasshowed me that you need to listen to your target audienceas they are the key concept to your product as they arethe ones who are watching it.
  • 3.  The feedback, I received were both positive and negative.Having both positive and negative helped me to see what Ineeded to change and what I could keep. Negativecomments helped me to reflect on my work as I was able tochange and add effects in.