How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. 2. How effective is the combination of yourmain product and ancillary texts? I think the combination of mymain product and ancillary textwas effective as I made sure thatsome of the outfits were the samein our music video and ourdigipak. I kept some of the outfitsthe same outfit as I wanted theaudience to realise the song bythe colour, she was wearing. Themain colour in our video was pink.We kept this consistent as thealbum cover was pink, advert waspink, Nicki Minaj was wearing pinkand the some parts of the videowere pink too. Pink also reflectsNicki Minaj as pink is seen to bevery feminine. This is effective asthe colour pink is bright andstands out. Pink was also seen onthe advert cover as well.
  2. 2. Our main artist was also inevery image on the digipakto emphasise that thealbum is about her and byher. I used different imagesfrom different angles for thevarious sides of the digipak.Having different angles forvarious sides of the digipaka bit more exciting andmakes the fan have moreimages of their artist.I used mid shots in thedigipak to show that theartist is centre of attention.This relates to our musicvideo which shows mid-shots of our artist/s.Full Digipak
  3. 3.  Some of the poses on thedigipak are similar to someof the movements in thevideo. We wanted to keepsome of the poses anddance movements similar aswe thought this make theaudience identify particularmoves which will make theaudience feel more involvedin the album and song. The word ‘CANDY’ and thecolour pink on our digipakreinforces the idea of havingfun and being colourful inour music video.
  4. 4. Annotated Digipak…
  5. 5. Front CoverWe added the explicitparental advisorysymbol as the songdoes have explicitlanguage. It is also awarning to parents.However, my targetaudience don’t mindthis.Candy=album nameNicki Minaj=ArtistSame pinkoutfit wornin the videomaking theaudiencerememberthe videoPink sparklybackground= targetingour girlyaudience.However,boys canlike this too.
  6. 6. Back CoverAgain sameoutfit=recognising the videoWe added theconventional tracklisting. These are thesongs that will be onthe albumA note tellingpeople that theRights arereserved bySony. All albumcovers havethis (I hope) asit stops peoplefrom sellingCDs illegallywithout beingcharged.Sony logo=showing thatthis CD hasrightsreserved.I addedtheconventional bar-code- sopeoplecanpurchaseit in store
  7. 7. Inside BookletPersonal message forthe fans -targetingmy target audience.CD of all thesongs including‘The Boys’-making referenceto the videoPicture ofartistHearts=Girly.Howeverboys canlike it too.Kisses= Girly.However boyscan like it too.AlbumTitlenameName of artist,Nicki MinajPicture ofartist-making theaudiencerememberher face
  8. 8. Spine for album coverCD codeAdded the name of the artist and the name of the albumon the edges/ near the edge, as this is for the fold,which is another conventional issue.
  9. 9. AdvertName of artistTellingthe fanswhat thealbum iscalledThe conventionalpoint of adding thedate of when thealbum will bereleased. Informsthe audienceName ofalbum- soaudienceknow thename of itITunes- makingit accessible formy targetaudience to buyit onlineFollow on Twitter,logo- targetingmy audienceusing a differentplatform such associalnetworking