3. what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why


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3. what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why

  1. 1.  Our film would be distributed by a major company because it mainly follows the codes and conventions of a psychological thriller film. E.g. Isolation. The codes and conventions I used will help produce a psychological thriller film that will appeal to the majority of the thriller fans. If it did not follow to the general form of a psychological thriller film then a smaller company may distribute the film and it would not be as mainstream. A media institution that might distribute our media product would be ‘Anchor Bay Entertainment’ (even though it is in the US) because it specialises in a lot of thrillers films like ‘’The Cat o’ Nine Tails, The Walking Dead ’’ etc. They also markets and sells feature films, series, television specials and short films to consumers worldwide. This would help our film to be published all over the world and enable other audiences to see our film too. Also, because it is in America, we can get more publicity with our film. I could also get Weinstein company (in America) to distribute my movie as they market the most popular films such as ‘Iron Lady. This would enable my film to be marketed around the world and hopefully be successful. The Weinstein is an American film studio created by Bob and Harvey Weinstein in 2005 after the brothers left the then-Disney-owned Miramax Films, which they had co-founded in 1979. Weinstein is popular for distributing award winning movies like ‘The Iron Lady and The Artist’.
  2. 2.  In the UK, the ‘Film distribution’ http://www.launchingfilms.co m/ could distribute my film as it is in the UK and specialises in UK movie.
  3. 3.  Filmdistribution is a British distributor of independent films in the UK and Ireland for various production companies; it is owned by Nigel Green who started the company in 1978. Their first big success was the successful horror Terror (1978) made by cult filmmaker Norman J. Warren.
  4. 4.  Film four could also distribute my film as it based in the UK and has done well known films such as 127 hours and Slumdog Millionaire. This could help my film to be well known in the UK and get good publicity. Film4 Productions is a British film production company owned by Channel Four Television Corporation. The company has been responsible for backing a large number of films made in the United Kingdom. The company’s first production was Walter, directed by Stephen Frears, which was released in 1982. We could also use our blog to advertise our media and allow people to send a link to another person. The blog is free to run, which means it is a very efficient way to promote our media.
  5. 5.  As our film genre is a psychological thriller, we found out that many psychological thrillers were targeted towards people aged 18+ due to the explicit scenes. However we decided to target our film towards a slightly younger age of 16+. The reason why our group decided to stick with 16+ was because we researched other successful psychological thrillers such as ‘Final Destination’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD_MAz96L70
  6. 6.  and ‘Disturbing Behaviour’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9zfBcp6AxA and realised that it attracted interesting commentary from the teenage society as young as 16. Furthermore, these films did not include any real explicit conduct in the film, it was largely based on violence, deception, betrayal etc. Also we aimed to attract an audience of 16+ because we wanted males and female of our age to enjoy our film. 4