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Jeunesse paymentmethodsfinal

  1. 1. PAYMENT METHODSBelow, you will find details on the various methods of payment accepted by Jeunesse. Please be sure toread this section carefully.Credit CardsJeunesse accepts the following credit cards: Visa (including gkard), MasterCard, American Express,Discover, and Diners Club.Wallet FundsYou may use Wallet funds in your Wallet account to pay for Back Office and Autoship orders.Back Office Orders–To pay for Back Office orders using funds in your Wallet account, simply select theWallet payment option upon checkout. If there are insufficient funds, an error message will appear,prompting you to select a different method of payment and giving you the opportunity to click the Backbutton to update the payment information.Autoship Orders–You may also use Wallet funds to pay for Autoship orders–this can be done from theAutoship Credit Card page. To pay for your Autoship orders using Wallet funds:1. Select the Autoship tab from the top menu in your Back Office and then select the Use Wallet FundsFirst box under Payment Method; select Save. If successful, it will state “True” for Use Wallet Funds Firstunder Billing Information.2. The Autoship program will attempt to use funds in your Wallet account first to pay for the Autoshiporder. If there are insufficient funds available then the system will attempt to use the credit card on file.3. Select the Continue button.NOTE: To pay for your Autoship using Wallet funds you must have a valid credit card on file in your BackOffice under your Autoship Management page.TokensUsing Wallet funds, ISRs can help new or existing members in their downline who do not possess creditcards pay for orders. The ISR uses funds from his or her Wallet account and places it into a spendableunit called a Token.It is important to note that you must have a minimum of $65 in your Wallet account in order to create aToken and that the funds are not withdrawn from your Wallet account until the Token is used by themember to whom the Token has been issued.
  2. 2. Creating a TokenTo allow a member to pay for an order using a Token, you must first create a Token for the member. Youcan do this in one of two ways:• Log in to the Back Office, select the Wallet tab in the top menu, log into the Wallet account, thenselect the Tokens icon.OR• Log in to the Back Office, select the Wallet tab in the top menu, log into the Wallet account, andselect Tokens from the Wallet tab.You will be prompted to create and name the new Token. To name a Token, create a name which isrecognizable to you between 5 and 50 characters and click on the Create button. If successful, themessage “Token added” will appear along with the Token number, name, and date created. To delete aToken, click on the Delete icon. Once the Token is added to the Tokens list located in your Walletaccount, it can be used by any member of your downline to pay for their order.NOTE: Token names must be unique. If you create a Token name that matches the name of an unusedtoken, you will be prompted to select another Token name. Also, Tokens expire after 14 days of not beingused.Using a TokenWhen a member chooses a Token as their form of payment, this Token pays for their entire order. To payfor the order using the Token, the member should do the following:1. Enter the site URL (username) of the Token issuer along with the name of the Token provided to themember by you (the token issuer) into the designated fields.2. Click on the Continue button.3. From here, the order will appear to be processed as normal with the exception of being paid for withthe Token.Split PaymentThe split-payment option allows you to use multiple payment methods for an order. This option is ideal forthose of you who do not have enough available money when making a purchase through your Walletaccount or for those who are using a Token that has an amount specified when setup by the issuer. Thisis also helpful if you would like to split a large order total between two credit cards.Please see below for an example of how to make a purchase using this new feature.1. Place your order and make a partial payment with a Token or from your Wallet account. If theToken issuer has specified a Token amount, this amount of the order will be paid for. If theToken issuer has not specified an amount, the Token will be considered unlimited and function topay for the entire order, as it always has
  3. 3. *If you are paying from your Wallet account you will be prompted for an amount to charge.2. Select a second method of payment for the remainder of your purchase.
  4. 4. 3. Your order has been successful!
  5. 5. Bank WireTo bank wire funds to or from Jeunesse, please use the corresponding information below:DomesticBank: SunTrust Bank25 Park Place NE, Ste 1600Atlanta, GA 30303ABA/Routing Number: 061000104Account Number: 1000083756154Beneficiary: Jeunesse GlobalInternationalBank: SunTrust Bank25 Park Place NE, Ste 1600Atlanta, GA 30303Swift Code: SNTRUS3AIBAN: noneAccount Number 1000083756154Beneficiary: Jeunesse GlobalPlease note that you must notify Jeunesse immediately upon wiring funds. You are also required to fill outthe Deposit Information form located in the Back Office under Distributor Information  Important Forms,and fax or email this form using the information provided on the form to ensure these funds are deposited
  6. 6. in a timely manner. If you are wiring funds to pay for an order, please make sure to reference your ordernumber on the form as well.NOTE: Your bank may charge a fee for wiring funds that could affect the deposit amount—Jeunesse isnot responsible for these charges. Please make sure to inquire about any charges that could be deductedfrom the original wire amount ahead of time.